What Are The Signs Of A Rebound Relationship? Well, Here They Are

Last updated on April 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Talking about romantic relationship means nothing can be certain about. Things were beautiful when you fell in love, but it looks like your world is undergoing a catastrophe once the breakup occur. But that’s what a relationship is, right?

However, some people having a hard time handling it and they go for a rebound relationship. Because nothing is stronger as a medicine except for the presence of other person. You might unfortunately find yourself trapped into one. Also read Signs of An Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend

Like a double-edged sword, a rebound relationship can either be beneficial or toxic for you. You can have it good when you’re on the same page with them. But if you’re not, you’re going to get hurt really deep. So what are the signs of a rebound relationship? Find the answer in this article.

  1. They Totally Fall In Love With You In A Short Period Of Time

It sounds nice when someone said they’re falling in love with you head over heels. But, like, suddenly? When they barely know you? Could it be real love? Before you think you’re so loveable or anything, think about it once again.

To decide whether someone is “the one” or not, it takes time. There’s no way anyone knows someone is the right person within a week! Everything proceed too fast it feels unnatural. Don’t be too happy about it, you might be at the start of a rebound relationship.

  1. You Date In A Short, Short Time

Not only that they go out after a short time, your relationship doesn’t seem to last for a long time. They’re never serious from the beginning because they didn’t fall for you. You are just a rebound, no more than a “one night stand” for them.

The same thing goes for you, if you are the one having rebound. You expect to see you ex in them, only to find they have a totally different personality.

  1. Relationship Is Only For Attention

The biggest thing one lose after a breakup is attention and reassurance. It often happens when you are being too needy and dependent to your ex. When you are left alone, you feel lost with nobody to lean on to.

The best option is to find another person. You basically pick anyone who’s passing by, without really paying attention to their behavior and personality. You feel safe when you have someone beside you.

  1. You Need Them Only When You’re Sad

When you love someone, you immediately think of them when you’re happy and vice versa. But if you’re not, then it’s not love. If you ask what are the signs of a rebound relationship, then this is it.

You remember them only when you feel down, sad, and in need of support. So do them. But when you’re happy, they never come into the picture. Its shows that you don’t love them, you just need them. Also read Signs of Conditional Love

  1. The New Relationship Is A Revenge To The Ex

Another clear sign of a rebound relationship you have to be careful of, you want to date someone soon after the breakup because you want to show it off to your ex. This often happen when you separated in a bad terms.

You still have the emotional baggage and you still denying the breakup itself. It leaves you to a complication and need to look better (or so you think) than your ex. You’re desperate to show your ex and anyone who knows them how happy you are. While you’re not.

  1. Expecting The New Partner To Be Like The Ex

This sign of a rebound relationship is not quite common, but it can occur. If you are the one who have a rebound, you will subconsciously expect your new beau to be like your old one. For example, you just broke up from a musician, so you look to date another musician as well. Though this is very rare. Also read Ways to Forget Your Ex

  1. Your Ex Is The Imaginary Third Wheel

This is very dangerous and perfectly unhealthy. Everyone who is in rebound relationship brings a heavy emotional baggage to their new one. Which means they will always see their ex everywhere. For the new partner, this is unfair.

But it will keep happening since that person is basically haven’t over their ex yet. At least their feeling still lingers as they didn’t have time to move on.

  1. The New Partner Is Hidden From The World

If you are dating after a short time of courtship and they seem to hide you from their inner circle, you should be suspicious. A rebounding person might hide their new partner for the world since they know that they’re not really into that person. Also read Why Do My Boyfriend Never Takes Me Out But Goes Out with His Friends?

  1. Something About The Communication Is Strange

When something is too perfect, it feels not right instead. When suddenly someone who is perfectly match with you come and they make you feel very comfortable, it’s really strange. Everything needs process. Even when you clicked with them, you’ll need some adjustment here and there.

Nobody would match 100% with another. When you start wondering that everything is too good to be true, then there is the danger comes.

  1. Things Moves Speedy Fast

So you know each other, like, 7 days, but they have declared their love and you spend 24/7 with them. Seems like moving in together is only an inch away. But as Taylor Swift wisely said, when you pace your Maserati so fast you never know there is a dead end and you have to stop abruptly.

When thing goes too fast in your relationship while you barely know them. You can be 100% sure you are in a rebound relationship.

A relationship has their own dynamic. Even though all the answers to what are the signs of a rebound relationship sound scary, it’s not always the case. There are some rebound relationship turn out to be the best romance ever. Of course if you’re lucky enough to find someone who’s willing to change and move on.

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