How Can You Tell If an Ex Still Loves You after Months of a Breakup but is Just Hiding It?

Last updated on July 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Thinking about whether your ex still loves you is normal after a break up. Regardless of whether you are biting the dust to get back together or would prefer to remove your left thumb than date them once more, you cannot just resist searching for signs with respect to how they are actually feeling. How can you tell if an ex still loves you after months of a breakup but is just hiding it?

Sometimes, not all separations ought to be permanent. On the off chance that you figure you and your ex may have a strong future together; you will need to find out how they are feeling. To better understand it, look at our list of signs if your ex still loves you after months of a break up but is just hiding it.

  1. Always There on Your Phone

Regardless of whether your ex basically calls to make proper acquaintance or comes up with a rationalization for calling you, this is a sign they have not let go. Nobody needs to talk on the phone with somebody they as of late said a final farewell to.

  1. Number One Fan on Social Media

An ex who is staying away will abstain from liking every one of your posts. An intrigued one, then again, will make sure you know they are seeing and burrowing all your most recent experiences and selfies. You may also read how to get your crush's attention on social media.

  1. Keep Your Stuff

Much the same as you might not have any desire to restore that comfortable sweatshirt that scents like your ex, they may be hesitant to give you back your stuff too. In the event that you request them and they do not want to turn back, then they unquestionably still have sentiments about the relationship.

  1. Curious about Your Love Life

When you are getting over a relationship, the last mental picture you need subtleties on is your ex's current flame. By getting curious about your love life, they are indicating they do not want you to proceed onward.

  1. Let You Know about Exciting Things

When you are dating somebody, they are the one you first need to call when something extraordinary occurs. In the event that they are still treating you along these lines after you separate, take note.

Regardless of whether it is to play or simply because they want to impart a pivotal turning point to you, you are still that special person for them.

  1. Cannot Go a Day Without You

After a separation, numerous people start a no-contact rule. Regardless of whether only for the primary short time, it is simpler to proceed onward when you do not converse with an ex any longer.

In the event that they cannot quit reaching you, then they are experiencing considerable difficulties finishing the detachment.

  1. Always React When They See You

Watch their response when you stroll in the room. Try as their might; people are generally really terrible at concealing their sentiments from the people who know them best. Is it accurate to say that they cannot avoid sneaking glances toward you or directing toward where you are in the room?

  1. Not Moving On Yet

On the off chance that they demonstrate no enthusiasm for dating any other person, they are showing that they are not prepared to move on from you. Now and again it requires some investment for an individual to get over a relationship, however in the long run, everybody does.

In the event that your ex appears to be unequipped for doing as such, they are still hung up on you. You may also read how to move on from a breakup.

  1. Seek for Your Advice

We all have people we hold in high respect and look to for assistance throughout everyday life. When you cut off an association with somebody, they formally get checked off that rundown.

By connecting with you and requesting your recommendation on their life, your ex is demonstrating to you they are not prepared to release you and that despite everything, they esteem your assessment above anybody else's.

  1. Hot and Cold

It may seem confounding when an ex is caring one day and seemingly apathetic the next day. One day they ask you how you are doing, yet the day after, they disregard your writings. You may also read how to know if your ex still cares.

As a general rule, this is a long way from baffling. They have such a large number of feelings whirling around about you that they do not have inkling how to carry on.

So, those are signs telling that your ex still loves you even after a break up. I hope this article will give you clarity on how your ex feels, and if they still love you. The chances of you getting them back are very high though it is not a guarantee.

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