How Can I Forget My Ex Boyfriend as I Really Love Him and Miss Him Desperately?

Last updated on June 9, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Breakups aren't easy, especially if you two spent years of memories and history together. Everything you see, every place you go, every scent you smell reminds you of him, so much that you can't bring yourself to get over him and desperately want to call him and ask him to get back together.

However, that's just the little devil whispering in your ear trying to tempt you. So, how can I forget my ex boyfriend as I really love him and miss him desperately?

  1. Accept It

    It's normal to dwell on the fact that your entire relationship is over, so much that you might go from feeling sad to feeling angry at yourself or even at the world. But what's most important is that you need to accept the fact that the relationship is over and that it is not worth your time to try to pick up the broken puzzle pieces and put them back together. Move on with your own life.

  2. Don't Think "What If..."

    Don't look back at all the possibilities that might have happened instead of breaking up. Sure, there may be multiverses where you didn't break up and stayed together for a long time, but in this universe and in this timeline, the relationship is over because it didn't work out for a reason. Let it stay that way. You are not a time traveller who can go back to the past and change things.

  3. Instead, Remember Why

    Even though you loved him, you two ended up breaking up. Even though you thought that he was your entire world, there was a reason why things were over. Grab life's remote control and rewind to the exact moment you two decided you were better off seeing other people and why it was a much better solution than staying together. Here are several reasons why your boyfriend wants to break up with you.

  4. Schedule a Me Time

    There's nothing better than a little "me time." Schedule yourself for a movie and some popcorn, treat yourself to a spa or buy new clothes. Do anything that can make you feel good and can distract yourself from your current situation.

  5. Get Rid of Him

    Not in a literal physical sense, but get rid of anything you might have that reminds you of him. It may be the bigger things like gifts he gave you for your birthday to the little things like the movie ticket you still keep from your first date. It's not easy, but once you've collected all of them in a box and get rid of them, it'll help quicken the process of getting over him.

  6. List the Bad and Good

    If you're still dwelling on why you broke up and why you probably shouldn't have, list down all the pros and cons of dating him as well as the pros and cons of not dating him. If the cons of dating him outweigh the pros just as the pros of breaking up outweigh the cons, then that sounds pretty self explanatory!

    Here are just several reasons why you might have wanted to break up with him.

  7. Love Yourself Above All

    As a wise person once said, you cannot love others if you haven't loved yourself. Reflect on yourself, think about whether you really loved him or if it was just something temporary to fill the void in your heart. Before you move on to love someone else, learn to love yourself first, as it is the most important part in falling in love.

  8. Let Go

    Just let go. It sounds a lot easier than it may actually be, but it's the truth. Let go of the past, don't think about all the memories with him and the history you shared. Close that door and open a new one, one that will lead to new opportunities and a kind of love that will actually make you a better person.

Getting over your ex boyfriend may sound like something easier said than done, but if you really put your mind and heart into it, it's possible. Everyone goes through bad breakups, and it's not worth your time and energy dwelling on the past and trying to get back together with him, especially if the relationship was toxic (here's how you can tell whether or not it was toxic.) Instead of constantly asking "how can I forget my ex boyfriend?" start actually doing it.

While you're still in the process of getting over him, think about all the things you can do without a boyfriend and see that your entire life doesn't have to revolve around him. Enjoy the time with yourself and improve yourself to be a better person while you're at it.

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