How Did You Get Over Your Worst Breakup? How Long Did It Take?

Last updated on June 17, 2022 by Michelle Devani

To go through a breakup has never been easy. It is hard to let go of someone that we loved where we used to spend time together for so many things. But, this does not mean that it is impossible to move on.

How did you get over your worst breakup? How long did it take? Based on a study, it will take at least 11 weeks for us to recover from a breakup. During this time, we also need to practice ways to forget your ex. Doing more effort to move on will surely help, here are some.

  • You do you

You do you. This is the first and the most important things you should always do when you breakup with someone. There is no need to rush or to pretend like you are okay when you are not.

The more you pretend, the more emotional burden that you will pile up in your unconsciousness. The longer you keep it, the more burden you will feel. A direct impact that can be seen is an unstable mood. And this is not good for you, and it won't help you heal yourself faster.

  • Throw away all the things that remind you of him

Do not control what you can't control, but control what you can. Let the time heal you and in the meantime, you can start helping yourself by throwing away all the stuff that he gave you.

This will help you to not get a reminder of the memories that you had with him through that stuff.

  • Get yourself more activities outside

To stay at home and let the sadness feed on you is not a good thing at all. All you can think when you are alone in your room will still about him and the memories that you had with him. If it's hard to start, you can try how teens hang out and stay in touch with their closest friends.

It is better for you to spend more time outside, try new different things. There are a lot more things that you can see outside that will help to distract you from thinking about him, it helps.

  • Spend more time with the people who love you

Once you get hurt, a heartbreak, it is hard for you to feel happy somehow. You feel like there is a hole in your heart because one person is gone. This is a very fragile moment that you need to go through.

It is important to spend more time with the people who love you, your family and friends. By spending more time with them, you won't feel lonely, and you will feel loved. You can start by knowing cool ways to enjoy Valentines Day date without spending too much with them.

Signs that you have moved on

How did you get over your worst breakup? How long did it take? You already knew what you need to do. The second things that you need to do after that is to know whether you already moved on or not. Here are some hints that you can notice.

  • You found yourself in peace and happier

You already knew the ways to love yourself and be happy with the world. Because of that, you found yourself in peace and you feel happier compared to the time you just breakup with him.

This is a good start since you already allowing yourself to feel happy and not think too much about him. You don't let sadness feed on you anymore.

  • You don't think of getting back with him

Another signs you are ready for a new relationship is you don't think of getting back together with him. You already in the positive mental state where you are happy with the present and you learned your lesson from the past.

  • You start to open yourself for a new relationship

By the time goes by, you become happier and more positive. You become more open and you don't hold yourself back for love. Until one day you realize that you are ready to open yourself for someone new, and you try to know how to get your crush attention on Facebook.

I hope you have learned how did you get over your worst breakup? How long did it take?

Aside from focusing on actions that you need to do, it is also important to make sure that you already ready for a new relationship. Because it is important for you to start new, to be open, and give yourself a new chance to be happy.

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