24 Best Ways to Forget Your Ex (#1 Move On Fast!)

by Michelle Devani

"How to forget an ex?" After all the happiness that you pass through, sometimes this will be happen. Yep, that is a broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe you broke up with all of these reasons: Maybe you cheat on them while he or she not know, or maybe he or she cheated on you?

Maybe you do some mistakes that can't be intolerance? Or maybe he or she do some mistakes that can't be intolerance? Maybe you feel bored with him or her? Or maybe he or she feel bored with you? Maybe you do awkward things? or maybe he or she do awkward things? Maybe both of you is not respect each others?

Maybe both of you is not trust anymore? Hey, friends. If this happen, better you are broke up with him or her. In the relationship if there is no trust anymore, it will gonna be a chaos between you and him or her. Both of you will have a very bad experience and hatred deep inside your heart. Or maybe you want to keep it and fix it? It's up to you, friends. If it is, try to build trust again each others.

Maybe both of you have problems with each parents? Maybe both of you have tired of all this relationship? Relax, readers. Don't decide to break. Just rest of your relationship, and talk your problems and find a solution for it. Remember trust and honest will be give a good things. Maybe both of you is not understand each others? Maybe it's the last choices?

Okay! Whatever the reasons, it was happen. Just let it go. But don't sad. Maybe it's better way. Maybe you now is sad, it's okay that is normal reaction. Or maybe you was broke up three months ago or six months ago or maybe one year ago, and you still sad about it? Do you still reminds of him or her? Do you still shed a tears when remember him or her? Wait. Stop. Don't do this anymore. It will damage your mentality. Now it's the time to take a move on, time to serious to forget about him or her. I will tell you the steps.

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1. Stop Curious About Him or Her

By the time, after you broke up you will still reminds off him or her. With it, curiosity about him or her will grow up. And you wanted to more know about him or her. What he or she is doing right now? Is she or he eats normally? Why that is happen to us? Is he or she cheated on me? Is he or she okay right now? If you doing that, that will give you more regret and pain. So, please stop it. By the time, you will forget about him or her.

2. Don't Stalking!

If you still curiosity about him or her, you will try any ways to get information about him or her. One of it is stalking about him or her. If you stalking on him or her, trust me, you will not forget about him or her. You will always sad and regret about it. So move on, my friends. Don't let your emotional control you.

One of the stalking in this age is stalking in social media. Because with all the technologies, all the information, from normal information until private information, will easy to get. This steps need a little courage. Yep. You have at least turn off all your notification in all social media or reports as spam in all social media.

3. Pack All of His or Her Stuff Away

This means is everything, that he or she gives to you, pack it. Don't miss a single thing from him or her. It will helps you to erase all the memories from him or her. If you still have it, it can be an obstacle to move on from him.

4. Don't Go to Places You Used to Hang Out with Them 

This means is the place you and your ex always spend a lot of times. Don't go there. It will shock your emotions and you will be in shed tears. If by accident you go there, prepared your mental or go somewhere quickly. Be strong and passed it. Just let it go, baby!

5. Forget All the Good Memories

It's mean with all in the relationship, you always have a good time with him or her and forget about it. Add to your mindset to "remove" it. For now, you will not need it. Because it will hurt you and your emotional if you still have it. Maybe you still see in mind, the good scene and memories with him or her. Forget it now. You have wake up yourself to not daydreaming about it.

6. Remember Why Your Relationship Ended

Despite of you think all the good memories with him or her, I guess, just think about these: the moment both of you start fight, who start first?, why both of you want your relationship ended?. Remember all the bad things that has done. Remember everything that reminds you to a bad memories in your relationship.

Remember: who start not keep promise? or who left you behind? or who is incompatible? or something like that. It will give you some reason why not to miss him or her. Keep telling to yourself why you should forget about him or her although you may miss him or her.

7. Just Let It Go

Maybe after you remember all the bad things, this will gonna be happen. Yup. You will blame yourself. Because you think not at all his or her fault. Most of all is my fault. Sometimes I cannot keep my words. Almost everything I start the fights. Sometimes I am too much complaint about him or her. And the others.

It's normal if this happen to you. It proves that you still have a pure heart to reflect about yourself. This is good, but just don't blame yourself. If you blame yourself, are you think it can turn back the time and not ended like this? Hey friends, wake up. Maybe almost is your fault, but you can not turn back the time. What has done, just accept it. So you can forget about your ex. Yes, the best ways to for get your ex.

8. List Your Positive Character

In this step, you will need two papers and a pencil or pen. Just write down in list all your positive character in first paper. Maybe have a bright smile, always smile, patient, and others. In second paper, just write down all about the negative about your ex. After that, compare the two of it. Give a conclusion about it. With this step, you will feel glad about your break up. You can see all the bad things that not suit with your character. There is a great valley about you and him.

9. Your Life Is More Precious

This step is to reset about your minds. While in your relationship, you think he or she is everything. After broke up, you have to re-thinking about it. Yup. Just think your life is more precious. Maybe there will be a great people around you. Your life is not over if you lose him or her. Add this to your mindset. You have a wonderful life and don't waste about it.

The purpose of this step is your concern of minds is not in him or her anymore. With this you can see many great things around which you waste it when with him or her.

10. Spend Your Time With Family

If you feel something that still unpleasant deep within your hearts about your ex, try to talks with your family. With your honestly, they will give you some support. And lighter your problems. Spend this time as long as you can. With this, you can find a little happy again. So you can forget about him or her.

11. Hang Out With Your Best Friends

Why have to best friends? Because best friends is someone is closer to us despite of our family. They know all the bad and good about us. With them, you can enjoy your time like it was. You can feel free again. You will free from your negativity. Go anywhere that makes you and your best friends happy and can spend a lot of times. Do this steps continuously. So you will find your freedom once again and lift up your emotional, blown away your depression.

12. Write A Busy Schedule

This is so simple and easy to do it. Yup. It means that you have to not give a time yourself to think about him or her. You must write your own schedule with your hobby and you most like wants to do. With this, you can give lift up your spirit and emotional. You can concern about your daily activities. It can backs you to the way you was when you still single.

13. Intense with Your Hobby

With this steps, we warn you to have a hobby that worth do it. Because if you have it, it can guarantee your future. Back to the topic, why have to intense hobby? Because if you do, you do it without any pressure. It can remove all your sad, ease your tears, ease your bad emotions from break up with your ex.

14. Go for Vacation

No matter with whom you go, just plan a vacation and do it. Just go to spend a more time. Waste your time a little with activities that really worth it. Maybe you can go with your family to strengthen family bonds. Maybe you can go with your best friends. Whoever you go with, just doing a vacation. The objective is replace all good memories with your ex to a new one.

15. Stay Away from Social Media

Why? Because there is a possibility your ex is active on social media or some information about him or her will show on your first page. That will reminds you to him or her. It will hurt you again. And one again, if you spend much time in social media, you can not free yourself from bad mood which caused by break up. Your life is really more worth than social media. So if you do, your mood will change at least and not bore.

16. Stop Talking About Him or Her

After all of this steps, your emotions will be cool down. So stop talking about him or her in anytime or anywhere. Whenever you meet with his or her friends, just say hi and little chit-chat. Don't ask about what he or she doing. If you ask about him or her, it will give you a obstacle to forget about him or her. The purpose of this is to forget him or her for a while, until your emotions stable. If your emotions is stable and you don't have any feeling about him or her, you can ask about him or her.

17. Stop Chat With Him or Her

This situation will only happen when you break up without a fight and anger. The meaning of this step is just don't reply back all of his or her message. Ignore it as long as you can. The more you ignore it, the easy way you to forget about him. It can train your mentality if suddenly you meet him or her. So your sad feelings and emotions, will stay calm.

18. Rearrange Your Environment

Maybe if you were with him or her, your environment full with specific colors. But after break up, you still feel his or her presence is still in there. If yes, you need to rearrange it to something new. Change color of your wall with wallpaper. Change position your bed, desk, wardrobe and others. If you have furniture from him or her, don't use it again. Give it back or give to people whom need that furniture. With you do it, some people believe that will change your mood.

If You Still Think of Them: Do These Things!

Meanwhile, maybe there is no good ways to forget your ex because she/he is too sweet to forget. Indeed, do these following tips to save a life.

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19. Eat A Lot 

Maybe you can't let them go, still think about them, and the stuff. As many sayings, food can heal broken heart. So, eat chocolate as much as you can. That will make you feel happy. Ice creams? Why not. Ice cream can heal too. What's next? You can do a culinary tour around your town. By then, you may try new food and meet new people to be your next hot lover.

20. Set A Happy Playlists 

After all these steps, you will feel ease and forget your ex. While you doing all these steps, don't forget to regret it and don't do some revenge to him or her. Your life is really worth more than it. After forget your ex and terrible relationship with him or her, you will have a new page to write it, don't you? I will give you some advice with your new page.

21. Find Your New Passion

Maybe as long in your last relationship, you get warn not to do this, not to do that, etc. But now, you are single. It's your time to dig deeper to a new passion which maybe was prohibited for. Try something new, just like an adventurer, photographer, etc. And don't forget to tell your family and best friends to gain some supports from them. It will give you a little happier that you have someone whom support you.

22. Enjoy Your Status a Little Longer

After all the terrible things, you have a new status. Yup. Single. Single it's not mean always to something alone. Remember you have a best friends, a family. Just be thankful to what you are now. Now you don't have any restriction about relationships. Feel free to take advantage about it as much as possible.

23. Enjoy Your Time

Maybe in your last time, you don't have a time to take care of yourself. Now you have it. Do whatever you want to treat yourself as long as you can. Maybe you were not have a time to do some physical exercise, now you have it. Just do it. Maybe you were not have to read a novel or a book, now you have it. Enjoy this time as much as you can like this is your last time alone.

24. Think Twice About New Relationship

After all the happiness in be a single, maybe you want a new relationship. But think twice about it. Maybe if you fall in love with him or her, it will erase your bad memories about your ex. But think about this: What if you do it, to show off your new relationship to your ex? it will looks like you compare the relationship between the two of them. You will feel an awkward. And what if the truth is you still reminds your ex? What if you not truly in love with your exists boyfriends or girlfriends? It's not good relationship after all.

25. Be Happy

There are many ways to forget your exes, but the best ways is let yourself to be happy. Maybe, you need to remember what you can't do when you were with them. Maybe, they don't want you to be happy. Then, now they are gone, your door to be happy is wide open. Just let yourself do whatever you can to feel like yourself again.

26. Sleep 

If you still think about him/her and there is no ways to forget your exes, then the last thing to do you may need a sleep. I mean, a very goodnight sleep. Maybe, you can feel something else in your dream. The, once you wake up in the morning, you will have some brand new days. Also, you may think better about love and life.

27. Wake Up

If you have been sleeping for so long, then it's time to wake up! Wake up! That ex might just not right for you, not fit in. There will be someone else better, somewhere, that will come along to your life bringing you a true love. So, wake up and start a new day!

Just be what you are. In the time, you will get someone whom better. In that time, you will feel a more than this. While waiting that time, improve yourself with all the good things and learn from your past, so you have a little sure of good relationship. In the time, hope you meet the right person that suit on you, guys. So that's all my advice and I pray all the best for you. In case you ever heard, always spread love on every corner!

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