Ways To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Regret Dumping You (19 Smart Ways)

Last updated on July 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you just been through a rough break-up?

Are you hoping there’s a chance of rekindling your romance? 

Or, do you at least want to get some revenge on this woman? 

This guide should be able to help. It features 19 clever ways to make your ex-girlfriend regret breaking up with you.

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Our comprehensive list of ways to make your ex-girlfriend regret the break-up should provide plenty of inspiration.


19 Smart Ways To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Regret Dumping You

Most times, people (especially women) like to think men are unfeeling beings who can just move on after a bitter breakup. While many men seem to prefer the single life to being tied down to one woman, is it true that all men can easily shake off the pain of a bad breakup? 

Even if you are naturally a fun-loving guy, it is okay to go off the grid for a while to recuperate. 

However, you shouldn’t stay down for too long, else, your ex-girlfriend will think she has the upper hand. No, you shouldn’t see making your ex regret dumping you as a competition. You should see it as a process of healing and making her regret leaving one of the best things to ever happen to her.

Again, many people consider it normal for women to act petty while trying to make their ex regret dumping them, but they frown at a man doing the same. Should you act petty as a woman would? 

Maybe not. Should you try to make your ex blame herself for dumping you? Yes, if that’s what will help you heal.

Rather than listening to people who try to make you feel less of a man because of the mending process you choose, consider the following 19 ways to make your ex-girlfriend regret dumping you. They are healthier ways to heal and move on with your life.

1. Stop idolizing your ex-girlfriend in your mind 

The first thing you should do to make your ex-girlfriend regret dumping you is to remove her from the pedestal you’ve placed her in your mind. She used to be the most important person in your life, but now you have to take that position. 

No matter how amazing a person she was to you, she no longer sees you the way you see her. As such, you need to land on your own two feet without her presence influencing any of your decisions again. Now, you need to be the center of your world. Stop idolizing her and give yourself all the love you once channeled towards her.

2. Stop calling her

The first few months of the breakup are the hardest part, and it will take sheer discipline to stay away from someone you still love. During these first weeks, you might lose track of the fact that you’re not together anymore because it’s hard for you to accept it. You will wonder how something so beautiful can end so suddenly, and you’ll need closure.

Most times, you won’t get the closure you need until much later after you’ve moved on. Trying to get answers when your emotions are still too raw can make you act rashly. Instead of trying to make your ex regret losing you, you might end up begging her to take you back. As such, avoid calling her unless it’s extremely necessary. 

3. Don’t reply to her text

The truth is, your ex-girlfriend might be regretting dumping you too, and she will do her best to get you back. However, if you feel like she’s burnt that bridge with you and there’s no going back, you need to completely avoid her. She will reach out to you via text, and other instant messaging apps. 

She will create reasons for you to see, she will even tag you in her posts. However, it’s better if you pretend not to see your ex's posts or engage with her messages. It will be hard, especially if you still have feelings for her, but it will be in your best interest if you don’t reply to the messages. Soon enough, she’ll realize her desperate attempt to get you back isn’t working, and she’ll leave you alone.

4. Let her see your social media feed

Another way to make your ex rethink dumping you is to have a strong online presence as much as possible. Going out and posting pictures on your social media can be difficult during this period, especially if you are a genuine person who cared a lot for her. However, it is one of the ways you can show her you’ll do excellently without her.

As such, post pictures of yourself doing fun things with your buddies, going on a vacation, and simply experiencing life with zero worries. When you post positive updates, it will either make your ex-girlfriend jealous or bitter over not experiencing those everyday moments with you anymore.

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5. Avoid her at all costs

avoid her at all costs

Another way to make your ex-girlfriend regret dumping you is to stay away from her. If you still feel strongly about your ex-girlfriend, it is best if you don’t see her at all. It might be hard to completely avoid her if you live in the same city or town, but you can limit your run-ins. You knew her for a while, so you will know where you might easily run into her.

For the first few weeks, you can even ask friends and family members to help you buy your groceries if you cannot stomach the idea of being on the same aisle as her. If you know you’re not yet strong enough to resist begging her to take you back, don’t bother trying to see her.

6. Show up in places she frequents

When you feel like you’re a bit more in control of your emotions and getting over her, you may start showing up in places your ex attends. If you want to be more efficient with your tactics, be deliberate about the places you go to and why. If she is trying similar post-breakup techniques on you, she might be avoiding you too. 

As such, you need to be in her face as much as possible. Let her see how good you are without her. Don’t fabricate your feelings or actions. Instead, act as you normally would so she doesn’t sense part of you is all bravado.

7. Reestablish old connections

While in the relationship you probably had to limit how much time you spent with friends and family. Being in a serious relationship meant you had to prioritize your partner over other people, even your close friends. Now that you’re single again, you should consider reconnecting with friends. 

Spending time with people who know you will shift your focus from your ex-girlfriend to building great memories that will help you forget her faster. Also, you will passively drive regret to her when she becomes aware of your recent actions.

8. Make new friends

Apart from reestablishing old connections, you must create new ones. Sometimes, it might be difficult to reconnect with old friends, especially if you ended them because of your ex-girlfriend. As such, it might even hurt going back to such friends because they remind you of the mistakes you made while dating your ex.

Therefore, making new friends would be the best thing to do in this case. Life is too short to live in regrets, and you don’t want your ex to have the prize for destroying your chance of building friendships. When she sees you hanging out with new people, she will regret letting you go.

9. Attend new events

To make new friends and connections, you need to attend new events. Go to programs, conferences, or hangouts that will allow you to mingle with new people. You won’t only be making your ex jealous of you moving on, but also doing yourself a lot of good.

You’ll learn new things, make valuable connections and gradually let go of your hurt. Ensure the events you choose have a direct impact on your career, mental health, or even finances. The most important thing is, are you healing and living life fully? If you’re doing both, you’re probably on the right track.

10. Build a sexy new body image

build a sexy new body image

One of the most popular ways to make your ex regret dumping you is to work on your body. Yes! It is so cliché that it would be obvious to her, it works anyways. This method would be even more effective if she used to complain about your body.

However, don’t lose weight just because you want to impress or make her jealous. You should shed weight because you want to be healthier, and of course sexier. Keeping fit post-breakup should be more to your benefit than trying to impress your ex. This way, you achieve your body goals effortlessly. 

11. Work on a longtime idea

Post-breakup is similar to an old person looking back on their life to weigh the achievements against losses. After your ex broke up with you, you might first break down, but you’ll also have a lot to think about. 

One of the ways to get through this period without reaching out to your ex is to start a new project based on a longtime idea you’ve always had. You may or may not experience massive success through this one idea, but the process alone will give you something to be proud of. Your ex will most likely regret seeing you doing amazing things without her. 

12. Improve your fashion sense

The idea of making your ex long for you because you look better isn’t restricted to women. Men can also make their exes’ mouths water just because their fashion sense improved. You should consider switching up your looks and closet after your ex dumps you. If you used to only be a denim and plaid shirt kinda guy, introduce three-piece suits or leather outfits in your wardrobe. 

Ensure you wear them to places she is sure to see you or upload dazzling you in those amazing outfits online. If she thought you were an annoying boyfriend because of your poor dress sense, your ex-girlfriend will start to wonder if she shouldn’t have tried more to make the relationship work.

13. Don’t entertain thoughts from the ex's perspective

It is easy to still have leftovers of your ex's mindset influencing your thoughts and decisions. However, it is very much possible to remove yourself from her thought pattern. When you find yourself entertaining thoughts from her perspective, quickly reroute your ideas.

Of course, she isn’t a terrible person, but you need to protect yourself at the early post-breakup stage. When you’ve sufficiently healed, you will find it easier making fun of how you were a sucker for the way she did things. Before then, protect yourself as much as possible by relying on different approaches to doing things.

14. Develop old and new hobbies

If you had abandoned some fun activities just so you could focus on your relationship, this is the time to pick them up again. If you cannot engage in the same hobbies you shared with her, you should try forming new ones. When your ex's habits have melded into yours, it’s time to set new ones. 

You can start by creating new habits that involve activities only you find interesting, not the ones influenced by her interests. For example, she will expect to see you at the same tennis club on the same days both of you used to go. However, you’ve probably switched to fishing with new buddies she doesn’t know, and that will throw her off.

15. Avoid talking about her too often

avoid talking about her too often

Staying in the same city or sharing mutual friends with your ex can make moving on a bit challenging. However, it isn’t impossible to avoid talking about her if you’re conscious about it. Whenever the conversation moves towards topics related to her, gloss over your response and steer the conversation away from her.

You will find yourself making references to things that remind you of her; it’s normal. However, try to limit such references so it will be easier to create new memories. If you find yourself in her presence, it’s even more paramount that you make fewer references to her.

16. Create new plans that don’t involve her

If the relationship was very serious and you saw your ex-girlfriend as your future partner, it would hurt even more to forget her. Now that your plans with her are in the dust, you need to create new plans that don’t include her. Plan your vacation, retirement, and other things without her in the picture. 

When she knows that you’re canceling your plans together, she’ll probably reconsider her decision. Hopefully, you don’t have joint assets. Joint assets make things even more complicated, especially if you weren’t her legal partner.

17. Get emotional support from reliable friends

One thing you shouldn’t underestimate is the power of external support during this period. Most people expect men to be all strong and macho, but that’s just a toxic expectation. If the breakup is hard on you, lean on the support of people who’ve made themselves available to help you.

Your ex-girlfriend might misconstrue the kind of help your female friends are offering, and that’s simply a plus in your plans to make her regret dumping you.

18. Don’t start a rebound relationship immediately after your breakup

Rebound relationships happen when you’re looking for an alternative outlet for your emotions. While it isn’t bad to have a rebound partner, it isn’t the best thing to do. Not only is it not fair to your rebound partner, but it is also a temporary fix that might make you feel worse after the fact.

As such, even if you’ll be entering a new relationship, give it time.

19. Try dating new women

The most obvious way to make your ex hate dumping you is to start dating again. Your other actions might still give her hope that you’re not yet over her, but the moment you start seeing other women, she will realize she’s lost you.

Take your time but when you’re ready to date again, you’ll know. 


How do I make my ex regret breaking up with me?

Ignoring your ex after she broke up with you is one effective way to make her regret breaking up with you.

Will my ex ever regret dumping me?

Yes, your ex might regret letting you go if you were amazing to her. She'll miss you if you treated her like a queen and she was the one who took advantage of you.

What do you do when your ex-girlfriend dumps you?

You mourn the loss of the good thing you had, then try to move on, no matter how long it takes.

How do you know if your ex regrets losing you?

She will try to restore communication between both of you. She’ll show up in your house and other places so you don’t forget her.

How do I show my ex I don't care anymore?

When you don’t give any outward jealous reaction the way you used to when guys stared at her in your relationship, she will know you’re over her. 

In Conclusion 

The idea that a guy shouldn’t bother making his ex hate dumping him isn’t right. If a woman can put so much effort into becoming a better person her ex will desire post-breakup, a guy should be able to do the same.

Did this post help you in any way? Please leave a comment below if the answer is yes. Also, share this post with others. 

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