6 Reasons Why Break Up is Actually Good for You

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

What do you think about break up? Broken heart? Nightmare? Sadness? Lonely? Well, maybe yes or maybe no. Love is blind, no matter how much he or she hurt you sometimes it is still painful to let your lover go. Like what we said on tips on how to end toxic relationship, it feels weird for the first time because there was someone who accompanies you every day.

Texting you, asking about your condition, give some hug, and kiss. Moreover, you will struggle to release the memories you were made together. In the next few days, you have to adapt to a new situation where you all alone. Maybe you will feel lonely, sad, or even cry. That is a normal condition and you do not need to be worry because times will heal you.

In this situation, we usually focus on the suffering that we feel and forget something matter. Just because you facing a bad condition, you may forget that something never happens without any meaning.

Even though you think that he or she is the perfect person, even though you love him or her so much, you need to realize that she or he brings negative vibes to you and not supporting your development. You do not need to be sad that long, you need to get up and make your day better than yesterday. This is the reason why break up actually good for you :

  • Walkout from a Cage

Not every relationship is good, some of it bring many bad effects because it was a toxic relationship. Having broken up with your toxic partner gonna be like you are walking out from a cage that locked you for a long time.

You can find out if your partner is a toxic person or not through reading signs someone is toxic for you. You do not need to be stressed with what your ex does because it is not gonna affect you. You are finally able to live your own life that not depends on someone else.

No need to worry about your toxic partner responses cause you know it will slow down your progress on career or education. After break up with a toxic person, you have to put your chin up and walkout proudly.

  • Time to Change

We always make some resolution every year is changing, and so is love. One of the reasons why break up is actually good is you can make your new resolution because it's time to change! You have to calm your self first and start planning what will you do in the next step of your life and live it passionately.

Use break up as your momentum to be a better version of yourself and proof what you can do to the world. Make them know, make your ex know that you are more than they were thought. All you need is a willingness to change. 

  • More Family's Time, More Friend's Time

Stuck in a relationship, like it, or not will take your time. It takes your me-time, your family's time and your friend's time and you gonna miss them so much. Even for some people, they will rarely meet their friends after going into a relationship because it very takes their time.

Your burden will be doubled if you get an overprotective partner that getting jealous easily. Having a break up will give you more family time and more friend's time. This is your time to get back to socialize. You can learn ways to become a great friend.

  • More Time to Focus on Self-Development

This is the most positive effect that you will get after a breakup, me-time. You can stay focus on yourself, your hobby, your dreams, your job, and whatever you want to do. You can use this opportunity to improve your personal development by taking some courses may be, volunteering, or involved in church activity.

You can grow your quality and make you a better version in the eye of the company, school, university, society, friends, family, and even God. Making a relationship with God is never that boring instead of having a relationship with humans.

  • Healthier, Wealthier

Be single after break up means all your income will come to yourself. No need to share anything because you are all alone. You can utilize all of your salaries to keep yourself in a productive way such as buy your favorite food, your favorite shirt, or maybe donating.

Buy what you like, keep your mood in a positive trend so you can focus on what you do right now. No need to buy foods for someone else, no need to buy a present, no need to prepare money for dating. Allocate all of your money to your own happiness.

  • Be Free to Look Someone New

Single is not lonely, a single is free because you can look for someone new. No need permission to hang out with friends, no need to text him or her first before you have to meet someone else, etc.

Yes, you are no need to be a hurry about looking for a new girlfriend or boyfriend but it is a privilege as single. Just enjoy your single time and chase your dream and maybe, if you find someone interesting later you can try your luck once more. If you are break up with your husband or wife and wanna start new dating you can read helpful dating tips for single parents.

There are a lot of positive things about breaking up. You do not need to focus on the bad effect of it. Someday, in the future, you will regret it because you were crying for someone who is not important for yourself.

On the other hand, you will be grateful because you were standing up from adversity. If you are doubt about are you ready to start a new relationship or not, you can read signs you are already ready to start a new relationship after a heartbreak.

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