My Leo Man Broke Up With Me, Will He Come Back?

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Many women will ask, in case my Leo man broke up with me, will he come back? This is not only a question since it happens in some relationships. Of course, it will be a difficult phase for several people. Therefore, to deal with this issue is not an easy matter. Some woman expects too hard on how to get back your ex-boyfriend after he dumped you since they still love him and wish to make things better. If this the same case as yours, then it will be better to check all the possibilities and tips when my Leo man broke up with me, will he come back?


Reasons Behind Leo Man Breaking Up 

There are several reasons why a man is broke up with his girlfriend. Sometimes it can be a personal matter, but sometimes it just because he starts losing his attractiveness with you. Therefore, knows better some of the reasons why my Leo man broke up with me.

1. Need Time

need time

If he decides to broke up with you, he might have a reason too needs more time. Whether for his family, or his study, or even for something else important. Therefore, it will be better to ask him about the problems and try to figure out a good solution for this issue. If he needs time to study abroad, then support his decision but ask him to keep commit to you rather than leaving away. This might not easy on how to make a long-distance relationship work with a Leo man. But, there is no such better solving rather than trying it.

2. Another Person

Mostly man breaks up due to another woman. This is common to happen, either he gets more attention, or if he's feeling attracted to another person that looks better than you. If this the reason, it will be better to talk with him about anything you can do to have him loves you again. Ask for a chance to change yourself to make him feel comfortable and love you again.

3. Not Ready To Step Further

Other reasons are because he might feel worried that he can not stand as your best man. He might worry about the signs he's thinking of a future with you. If this is the matter, it will be better to talk with him and show that you fully support all he's done for you.

4. Specific Reasons

Some reasons might be quite specific. Whether he just wants to be alone, or he needs to think again whether he will get serious with you or not. It will be better to give him some time to think. Later on, try to ask his final decision. Convince him how you love him so much so that he will not let you go, but still able to reach his purpose.

Tips To Get Your Leo Man Come Back

tips to get leo man come back

If you want your Leo man to come back, several tips can make this happen. However, it needs the effort to convince a Leo man that you still want to have a serious relationship with him. Therefore, it should be done slowly to make sure he is not offended and willing to coming back with you. Take a look at the following tips.

  • Show him how you respect his decision, but also tell him that you lose him and feeling empty living without him. Ask him to think about it twice, since you still doubt how to know when your ex is truly done with you or not.
  • Give him some time to thinking rather than making him mad because you keep texting or begging him to come back. When he has time to think clearly, he might realize that it is not easy to lose you in his life.
  • If another woman is the problem, then you should straight away ask this woman not to disturb your relationship anymore. Ask your Leo man about his needs and what is your lack, so that you can fix your self and be accepted again into a serious relationship.
  • Try to attract him again like the first time you attract him. It might be because you lose your attention or makes him boring. Therefore, try thinking about why am I suddenly not attracted to my boyfriend and try to fix it.

Those are several explanations about my Leo man broke up with me, will he come back? There will be two main possibilities, whether he will come back, or he decides to let you go forever. Therefore, make up your mind. If you still want him to be with you, then do the above tips and make him keep loving you. It might not be an easy way, but you will never know until you have tried. Fight for it!

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