This is Why You Should Never Date an Ex (Again)

Last updated on February 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

For every people in the past, there’s a good reason they didn’t make it to your future. If you believe in those words, you’ll know why you should never date an ex again. People said that dating an ex is like watching the same movie where the ending is just the same.

But others who are getting back together with their exes said, as they are older and wiser, their exes wouldn’t be the same person again. Who can guarantee?

If you did become older and wiser, you’d never thought of getting back with your ex again. Especially when you do it out of loneliness and don’t seem to find anyone good to date. It’s a major blunder you will have ever done. Life goes on, people come and go.

The thought of dating your ex again only prove that you’re still living in the past, swarming between painful memories you had with them. The fact that you haven’t been able to let go means you are not growing up yet. You should know that the lonely time will pass and you will no longer feel nostalgic.

You will know you don’t need them back after you read all the reasons why you should never date an ex again:

1.Remember Why You Broke Up

Nobody had it easy on a breakup, and you are no exception. There were good reasons why you chose to end your relationship with them. You gave it a try and you failed. Every time you want to get back again with your ex, revisit the reasons why you broke up at the first place.

2. You Still Have the Emotional Baggage with You

It’s only normal if you’re still got carried away with the emotion you have had in the past. It doesn’t mean anything but bringing you down and pulling you away from moving on. Letting go of this feeling is the hardest, yet you shouldn’t think about getting back with them. It’s only temporary and it will gone before you know it.

3. You Can’t Fully Trust Them Anymore

Just be honest, the fact that you broke up with them means you have lost trust to them. And you would never give them back when you get back together. Trust is one of the most important thing in a relationship and it’s not easy to build one. Once you lose it, you’ll never recover. And where would a relationship without trust go? You shouldn’t start anything with lack of trust. See also Ways to Tell If Your Ex Still Has Feelings for You

4. Stick with Your Decision

You have made up your mind to split with them. It wasn’t a rush decision you made overnight, but you have given a deep thought regarding the matter. You had a hard time because things are not going right that you thought it was better to be put into an end. Now you have to be consistent. You can’t change your mind as you please.

5. Things Won’t Go As You Expect Them to be

If you think that things are better when you get back again, you’re too naïve. Nothing is getting better. They probably still the same personas before and there won’t be much change this time around. You still haven’t get over them, obsessed with them instead of loving. It’s why you should never date an ex again. See also Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants to Get Back Together

6. A Better Person Will Come Along

Never, ever think that the ex you’ve dumped is the best person in your life. This thought only makes you harder to move on. You deserve someone better and they will eventually come along. Loneliness is not a reason to get back to your ex. Remember that once they’re gone, your chance to find a better lover is increasing, not the other way around.

7. Learn to Love Until You Find the Right One

Your ex left leaving a good lesson for you. Being in a relationship is another learning process, whether it’s fail or make it to another level. To be able to find the right one, you have to become the right one for other person yourself. The only good thing you ex gave you is that you learn about love by loving them in the past. You will meet the right person after loving enough. See also Signs of Good Husband Material to Marry

8. Your Life is Not Moving Forward

Do you realize that taking your ex back doesn’t bring you anywhere? Your life isn’t moving forward because you keep looking at the past: your ex. Getting back again with your ex means you are moving backwards and even further backwards if you fail again this time.

9. Old Sentiments Never Die

It’s impossible to love your ex to the full in the second try. You gave it a try once and you have known enough about them. All the thing you hated remains, as well as your sentiment towards it. The fact that you can’t change the way you look at them may cause trouble in the future (again). See also Ways to Forget Your Ex

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10. Your Self Respect is Gone

If you are the one begging for your ex to come back, you simply have no respect to yourself. You let them to look down at you and you unconsciously giving them power over you. Even when they agree to give it another try, your relationship would not find balance. In fact, they have more power over you.

11. Accept the Reality That You are Not Meant to be

Why the persistence? Like it or not, you are not meant to be together with them. Embrace it and move on.

Has the urge gone? Of course all the reasons why you should never date an ex again comes as an enlightenment to you, who is probably occupied with sadness and loneliness in this cold weather. Just like how you were sure when you broke up with them, better love with a better person are coming. You deserve so much more.

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