5 Classy Ways to Make Your Ex Regret Breaking Up with You

Last updated on June 4, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Having to go on a break up with someone that you love is not a pleasant feeling to have, even a breakup for something that is better for both of you will leave a mark and a break up or should I say dumping you for no apparent reason will also leave a deeper and more bloodier mark.

When you think that you don't deserve to be treated that way you don't just accept the fact or even begging him to comeback because you will seen as a weak and needy individual who can't live without him, if he is showing Hurtful Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Stops Loving You I think it is time for you to move on.

Don't just blindly accepting guys to be yours as a form of a rebound relationship because instead of having the sweet revenge that you are hoping for, you will be seen as a cheap and slutty individual by him. You need to control your behavior and emotions towards everything. Just be yourself and read through my tips on 5 Classy Ways To Make Your Ex Regret Breaking Up With You to find of way of having the sweet revenge that you dreamed about.

  1. Keep In Touch With Your Mutual Friends With Him

When you broke up with your boyfriend there is no good reason to cut off any relation with mutual friends that knows the both of you so well. Keep hanging out with them and just be yourself, don't go hanging out with his and yours mutual friends spreading bad things about him to him in order to make them hate him. Some of them may know him longer and closer than you, so making the mutual friend hate him is a no no to do.

Instead of doing that just be yourself and keep being fun person that they know off. Your positive approach towards social life after the break up helps curing the wound a lot and also there is a chance of the mutual friend telling your Ex Boyfriend that you are a welcome and fun addition towards any hanging out session, this will sparks jealousy because you still get many attention, love and care by someone that is not him and jealousy is something that can sparks up regret like a gasoline to a fire.

2. Have Fun and Expose It On Your Social Media

Locking yourself in your room while having many depressing thoughts clouding out your mind will not make him regret breaking up with you, he himself could be showing Signs Your Ex Boyfriend is Seeing Someone Else and why couldn't you despite the freedom that you currently have.

Instead of feeling lonely and broken because the person that you love so much is no longer with you anymore, stand out on your two feet and throw all those depressing thoughts away, do something fun with your friends such as hanging out at the coffee shop, partying at the club, working out at the gym.

While or after you thing the things that will put you in a good mood post a picture, have a status update, record a video and post it on social media with a comment that represent the feeling of overwhelming happiness, you can use social media such as whatsapp to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous on WhatsApp, Jealousy is one of the most obvious thing that will sparks up regret. When you ex boyfriend see the picture on social media he will feel very left out and empty, because you seen having so much fun and able to carry out your normal life without him. 

3. Post Positive Social Media Update 

Social media once again you can put up to a good use as a weapon to make your ex boyfriend regret breaking up with you. This is another classy way To Make Your Ex Miss You after Break Up and Want You Back, How? just post as many update of your positive change in life after breaking up with him.

These updates can be when you are currently taking new classes that will add up your CV, or when you are going to a gym to reshape your body into a better form, or maybe when you are getting a new promotion for doing a splendid job at your work place, it could be anything that bring up positive change since you are breaking up with him. This will make him regret throwing away a diamond and crawling back into your feet begging for you to comeback.

4. Don't Spread Bad Things About Him

To think that this is one of the way that you could do in order to achieve the sweet revenge that you are hoping for, you might want to think this decision over. Not only it will do a significant damage towards your reputation this will also make people want to avoid you because of this toxic behavior. 

Stay positive and be mature, whenever someone ask you the reason of your break up answer it without spreading bad things about him. When people see you as a more mature individual after the break up they will spread this positive change around and eventually reaching both of your ex boyfriend's ears. He might be proud of you for being mature towards it and regret breaking up with you.

5. Avoid Rebound Relationship

A rebound relationship is when to try to be in a relationship with a new partner not long after your previous relationship ends, it could be with someone as close as your Ex Boyfriend's best friend, you need Know If Your Ex Boyfriend’s Best Friend Likes You to avoid some worst possible outcome.

The reason why you decide to be involved in a rebound relationship may vary, it could be a way for you to find a replacement in order to move on, it could be your emotional escape, it could be a way to make him jealous, but if I can sum it all up in 3 words the main reason why you decide to be involved in a rebound relationship is, you are confused.

Losing someone that you deeply in love with will means into a sudden change of mood and routine into a whole new one, you may not be able to adapt living without him and decide to find a replacement for him, he could be replaced but not that quick, and you need to be more selective when choosing a new partner because you don't want to fall into the same hole over again.

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