Obvious Ways To Get Him Back After A Breakup

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Everyone wished their relationship to last. But you can't help it when things doesn't go on as you want. You can't avoid break up. After going through the stormy days after break up, you'll realize that you miss him. You think it's normal because you haven't yet get used to it without him in your life.

As the time pass by, turns out things doesn't get better. You miss him. You want him back. In fact, you still love him. How to deal with all these feeling? How can you get him back?

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Well, it's nothing impossible dear. You just have to know and later take the right step so he will find his way back to your arms. Let's check all the ways to get him back after a breakup!


1. Don't Try To Get Him Back

The first way to get him back is never try to get him back. When you are overwhelmed with missing him, you seems to can't control yourself. You call him, you asked to meet him, you do anything to chase him. It will make you lose your power and dignity, girls. He will think you psycho instead.

Don't chase him. Just don't do anything to keep in touch with him. Because what you need to do first are down below the list, which brings us to the next step.

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2. Reflect Deeply Why You Break Up

Calm your mind and take some time to think deeply why did you break up with him. Ask yourself, are you still in love with him? Are you ready to accept all the difference that cause you to separate?

Before thinking to get back with him, made up your mind first. Be sure of what you really want and don't fall into the same hole twice.

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3. Be A Better Person

Even if you love each other, break up is unavoidable when you find some personal difference. Maybe don't like this and that about him and vice versa. So change yourself to be better. Fix anything that he doesn't like about you. It's okay as long as its good for your self improvement. Show him how much better you get and make him impressed.

Seeing to becoming better and better will make him fall in love with you over again and he will start to find a way to get you back. Hey, he didn't deny that he still love you though. Well, that's the wisest ways to get him back after a breakup.

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4. Change Your Look

change your look

Make over never goes wrong. Do make overs to your look. Try a new haircut you never have before, change the way you dress, put on some bold red lipstick. This will make you feel freshened and ready for a new start. For a bonus, you will surprise your ex upon seeing this revolution and hey, he might fall for you once again.

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5. Build A New Lifestyle And Show Him

Everyone will have a hard time during their break up, but you have no choice beside move on. Face ahead the days without him, and think of what you can do to improve yourself. Make a new lifestyle because your daily life is indeed different than it was. Now you have free weekends and spare time at night when you used to call him goodnight.

Create a new activities to spend those times. Meet your old friend on the weekends, enjoy a solo trip, go to bed early, read books, and everything you'd loved to do. Posts them onto the social media and let him know how you enjoy yourself now.

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6. Make Your Absence Costs

So your ex contact you again after a while after break up. Seeing it as a green light to your desire, you snatch the opportunities. Well, it's not always a signal that he wants you back. He maybe just want to cope with heartbreak and want you to help him.

Make him feel your absence by being unavailable for him. Do not reply his message for a while and see how much he will try. If he did want to get back with you, he will do everything by any means possible to reach you. But you also have to be ready if he didn't call you again. Accept the fact that he just miss you without any intention to getting back together. Indeed, you know it better to find more ways to get him back after a breakup.

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More Tips To Get Him Back

As if those were never enough, here are more ways to get him back after a breakup:

more tips to get him back

1. Don't Exist In Social Media 

Cutting off all communication included cutting your existence in the social media. Shortly after break up, stay away for a while from your Instagram. Resist the urge to post anything. Make him wonders how are you.

2. Make Him Curious About Your Whereabouts 

Do not give him any information about where and how are you. This will make him calm down after the break up, but he will gradually miss you as well.

3. Show Up To Him After You Do Make Over To yourself 

If your appear in front of him the same way you were before the break up, it will do no wonder. Not only you feel refreshed after make over, him as well.

4. Focus On Improve Yourself, Not Him 

So let's say it's you who wanted to get back with him so badly. This is why you have to focus on yourself, not on him. You can't control other people's heart, you only can do things to make it change.

5. Don't Be Too Aggressive Or Else He Will Lose His Feeling For You 

I know how you miss him and want things to go back the way it was before. Calm down yourself, don't rush things, don't be aggressive. You really need to calm down.

6. Don't Make Revenge By Flirting With Other Guys 

How do you think he will feel if he sees you get close with other guy after break up? Probably you expect him to get jealous and snatch you back, but it's not gonna happen. He will take steps back, girls.

7. Talk To His Friends, Try To Find Out Whether He Still Love You Or Not 

You must have some mutual friends or become friend with his friends. Talk to them and you may find out how did he feel after the break up.

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How To Cope After Break Up

how to cope after breakup

Before getting back together, first thing you have get through the storm after break up. You may depressed, devastated, and lost. However you have to get on with life and this is how you can cope with the break up.

1. Talk To Someone 

Do not keep everything all by yourself. Share how sad you are with someone close to you. Best friends, sisters, mother, or whoever you feel comfortable with.

2. Take Care Of Your Body 

No matter how sad you are, don't ever sacrifice your body. Make sure you eat well and healthy.

3. Exercise 

Take a cardio every morning to reduce your stress level. This is also a good distraction from sadness.

4. Remember All The Good Things You Have 

Breaking up doesn't mean the end of the world. He is not the center of your universe so your life still goes on without him. You may lose him but remember that you still have your parents to support you, brothers, sisters, and friends who will always there whenever you need them.

5. Enjoy Yourself 

What things could make you at ease? Traveling? Eating delicious food? Meeting the old friends? Whatever it is, do it. Make yourself enjoy and forget about the break up.

So those are ways to get him back after a breakup. Breaking up however is a phase of a relationship. If you are meant for each other you will find a way back no matter what. But if you have try your best but still can't get back together with him, don't worry because surely you will find someone better.

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