Signs A Nerdy Girl Likes You But Is Too Shy To Tell

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Did you know that nerd is the new sexy? Guys found nerdy girls to be more attractive somehow. Let's say that nerdy girls were diamonds in disguise. They didn't know how attractive they were before someone found them. While it seemed hard to get a famous, talkative girl with and open personality, nerdy girls would never going around and talking loudly.

So did when she likes someone. The one she liked will probably unaware of it because she would never tell. Here are some tips for all guys who often bumped with a nerdy girl everywhere in anytime. Well, she probably liked you but because of her nerdiness she would never (or maybe didn't know how to) tell you.

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You have to be aware of the signs a nerdy girl likes you, because this will come in handy when someone really did. What are they? Read the list below carefully.


1. She Focused Her Gaze Only To You

Words didn't work with a nerd. They were typically shy, introverted and didn't talk much. She spoke through her body. That's how she told someone she interested in hi. She would look at you. All the time. If you bumped with her eyes multiple times than it should be, something must be going on. There was no thing such coincidence in this world. No one can help themselves when fall in love, including our nerdy girl we talk about. Because she was just too shy to tell you, she direct the gaze only to you.

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2. She Smiled At You More Than She Does To Other People

she smiled at you more than she does to other people

Smile has a thousand of meanings behind. Smile was not always means interest. It's the same with the nerdy girl who always smiling every time she walked past you. Smile is a generally polite attitude, and she might do it to everyone she met.

You have to look deeper to make sure of the meaning behind her smile. Did she smile as much to everyone else? You can do a simple test. When you were together with a bunch of friend, and she walked past you. Pay attention to whom she was smiling. Look at her eyes, to whom it directed to. If her eyes were fixed at you, well... it might be a real signs a nerdy girl likes you.

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3. She Would Turn Around When You Caught Her Watching

Do not expect you will engage in an intense gaze with a nerdy. It's almost impossible because she was too shy. She would turn around in a speed of light once you caught her. Actually, it was a positive sign that she liked you.

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4. She (Surprisingly) Laugh At Your Jokes

Nerdy girls only get along with their peers. Not that they were antisocial, but given their introverted nature, she can't be opened to people she was not close to. She often wore this poker faced, flat face expression around other people. It would be a good sign if you find her laughing at your joke someday.

She might not laughing very loudly, or even throwing compliments, but a small laugh means a lot. She was paying attention at you. Mostly nerdies were living in their own world and not giving too much attention to her surrounding except when she interested. So, you were interesting to her.

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5. She Offered Some Help To You

Nerdies would likely conceal their feeling as much as possible. But sometimes their instinct came out and she couldn't help but want to get close with the one she likes. This tactics was very, very nerdy. She would offer you some help.

Let's say you were in school or college, she would help you with those difficult assignment and didn't mind spend some extra time lessons with you after class. Or if you were at work, she didn't mind to worked overtime to help you finish your report. She was sweet in her own way.

6. She Was Nervous Around You 

A nerdy girl would be at loss and not knowing what to do when she suddenly bumped into you. She became clumsy, dropping her stuff on the floor, bumping the chair or the table as she walked by, and so on. She also seemed to be in a hurry when you try to talked to her. She behaved really strangely that would make you think whether you did something wrong to her. Do not worry about it too much. She was dealing with the shyness in herself.

How To Flirt Back To A Nerdy Girl

how to flirt back to a nerdy girl

Dealing with nerdy girl was indeed different than with any other girls. If you are too open and straightforward, she would run away because she didn't know how to handle it. Here are some useful tips you can do if you want to reciprocate her feeling.

  1. Do not rush, you have to do everything slowly. A nerdy girl needs to adapt with a new situations, and you trying to appeal her is a whole new world to her.
  2. Do not break an eye contact first. When you caught her looking at you, do not turn your glance quickly. She would secretly gazing at you, looking whether your eyes still on her or not. And if she found out that you have looked away, it will breaks her heart.
  3. Throw her a compliment. Such as, "You are very much like Hermione Granger," after she helped you. Or to be more precise you can add, "I feel like Ron Weasley now." There is no way she didn't get your meaning!
  4. Talk about something she likes. Sharing a common interest is a genius way to pull out the real self of a nerdy. Have a conversation about a book she read or her favorite movie. Instead of shy, she would find you more attractive.
  5. Pay a lot of attention than usual to her. If you never spend a lunch time together, ask her to. Or offer her a ride on the way home. She would feel that things start ti change and slowly she will understand that you like her too.

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How to deal with a nerdy girl if you don't like her

As every other girl, a nerdy girl has a soft heart and you shouldn't treat her harshly if you don't like her. She has a exceptional low self esteem, and she would be feel really down if you straightforwardly told her you didn't like her. Then what did you have to do to tell her about your feeling without hurting her? Here are what you can do...

  1. Reject her help politely, say you that you are fine with yourself. You can also tell her that maybe she can help next time.
  2. Do not pay close attention to her. She would take the attention in another meaning. If you never ask her whether she has eat or not, then never ask. If you never offer her a ride to home, then never do that.
  3. Do not look back at her. You may aware that she was stealing gazes at you, but never look back. Make her understand that you never know her existence around you. She would take some step back.
  4. Make her know that you treat her equally with other girls. So if she thinks you are nice to her, make her know that you are nice to every girl. This will make her feels so special and she will gradually forgetting her feeling for you.

So those are the signs a nerdy girl likes you plus the tips and trick of what to do to deal with her. As nerdy girl was shy most of the time, she would only talk through her body language. You can't expect her to make the first move, but she also wanted you to know that she likes you. That is why she behaves unusually in front of you.

If you like her too, start off as her friends. It's always a good thing to date a nerd. She will brings you into a world you never know before. Besides, nerd is the new sexy, isn't it?

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