7 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You When You Live Together

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When you and your boyfriend moved in together, everything will not feel the same again. You are seeing each other everyday and every night, communicating via chats will no longer be a primary way of communicating, whenever you or him come home there will always be questions going to be asked and plenty more new aspects that you and you partner will experience.

Of course, boredom will show up because you are seeing each other every single day and night, the "fire" of your relationship wont burn as brighter as it used to, but it doesn't have to make it dim to because when you lose the spark in a relationship, that is when problems going to show.


Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You When You Live Together

Of course this will work if both sides wanted this to work and have the will and effort to make it work, here are ways that you and your partner can do to keep your boyfriend misses you when you live together.

1. Flirt Like You Used To

Before you and him leave the house before going to work or having other activities to do, make sure to have a coffee or breakfast together, and while doing that make sure both of you have some sweet intimate conversation to start each-other's day with that is ended by goodbye kisses and hug before leaving the house.

Whenever he is away text him something sweet to make him feel loved without bothering him and text him something naughty to make him eager to come home early so he can see you, read All the Sexiest Things to Text a Guy to Make Him Want You More  to get some ideas.

2. Learn How To Cook

learn how to cook

Here's the ways to make your boyfriend miss you when you live together. When you move in with your boyfriend whenever he is hungry his mom will no longer be the one that cooks for him, it will be you who will. This is important because you don't want him eating take outs or having a dinner with someone else, all you want is him to miss your cooking and take it whenever he is away.

Make a energy fueled breakfast, pack him a lunch that will make him thinks about you whenever he is eating it in his office, and make a delicious lunch that can take his tiredness away from a rough day at work.

3. Do Some Routine Together 

Staying all day watching TV with your boyfriend is a common thing to do when you moved in with him, but if you keep doing that over and over either one of you will get bored of the activity or the person that you are doing that with. You sure don't want this to happen, because as I said before, boredom can cause relationship problems, try your best to avoid it.

One of the fun way to avoid it is to plan something routine to do together, from taking foreign language courses, exercising in a gym, having nature walks and so on. Not only it will keep boredom away, doing something routine will make him misses and keep thinking about you because by the activity your doing together and the memories that he gained from it. 

4. Spend More Time With Friends

What's the best ways to make your boyfriend miss you when you live together? Moving together doesn't mean that you are going to have to spend 24/7 with your boyfriend. Try to spend more time with friends and spending time with friends doesn't mean that you must leave the house, just invite them over and do the thing that is said in Things to Do When Bored with Your Best Friends at Home to have fun with them.

Show him that you are also have a life and can have fun without him, by doing this will give a psychological effect where he will feel left out and craving to meet you as soon as possible, just make sure that you don't make him feel unloved and insecure because that thing only leads to a fight.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Moved in with your boyfriend doesn't mean that you can do whatever you please like what you do at home before you are moving in with him. It is okay to get comfortable, but not "too"comfortable. Wearing yoga pants and worn out high school reunion t-shirt sure is a comfortable thing to wear, let out a messy ponytail is sure doesn't take a lot of time to pull, and taking baths are something that you rarely do, sure, that will get you comfortable, but is it comforting for him?.

The answer is no, by getting too comfortable in your own zone by being too egoist will putting him off because you are no longer the gorgeous girl that he want to move in with. Take care of yourself, dress up, and make him miss your scent, this surely will make him see that you are still the beautiful girl that he want to move in with and misses you whenever he is not with you. 

6. Never Ever Delay The Sexy Time

never ever delay the sexy time

When you moved in together what are the first thing that will comes into your mind? more sex of course. But this is not always right because it is hard to make time and mood to have a sexy time with each other when you moved in together. When you and your boyfriend haven't move in together you will always make time and  easily get in the mood because you didn't see each other that often and you will feel the crave to do it.

Seeing each other everyday and every night itself already decrease the mood sometime, activities and routines will drain your time and energy also (read more: Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Sleep with You ). Never ever delay the sexy time whenever you get the chance, keep him surprised and happy with your 'performance', this will surely make him crazy over you.

7. Don't Text To Often

When you moved in together with your boyfriend make sure that face to face talks are the primary way of communicating. You are no longer living in different places together, make a commitment with him that you want more talking less texting. This doesn't mean that you don't text him while he is away, because it only get him feel worried about you.

By texting less, he will easily misses you because he is away and wanted to have more interactions with the girl that he loved so much, just try to find the right combination between making him misses you and worrying and making him stressed out because of the lack text that he get.

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