How To Make Him Love Me When He Loves Someone Else?

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It's very unfortunate when you like a guy who is in love with someone else. Not necessarily his girlfriend but it seems like you have lost half of your chance. But you still have plenty of time, really plenty actually, to make him loves you instead. You just need to know how.


How To Make Him Love Me When He Loves Someone Else

Everything is legal when we talk about love. So you like this guy and the other girl he's in love with shouldn't be any obstacle at all. You can learn how to make him love me when he loves someone else. It's by focusing on yourself, not her.

1. Get Close To Him

get close to him

If you haven't know him yet, then it's time to enter his circle. Start off by becoming his friend. It's the fastest way to get him know you by spending time with him. Even though he is not interested in you yet, it could change over time.

2. Find Out Why Does He Like Her

This is important. Only possible when you have become his friends. Talk about her in a casual manner to ask him why did he like her. You can learn all the Wife Material Signs he sees in her.

3. Don't Speak Bad About Her

She is your opponent and you want to win him at all cost. But don't speak ill about her. It'll only make you look really bad in front of him since you are very negative about others.

4. Flatter Him

Instead of talking bad about her, why don't you just find the best part of him and flatter him with that? You can talk about how he's worth and how he deserve a good girl, suggesting that he should be really careful to choose about who will he date.

5. Be Playful With Him

Remember that you are still his friend. Don't be overboard and just have fun with him. Joke a lot and laugh together. Make sure he has fond memories with you. Guys don't like woman who is too serious.

6. Do Fun Things Together

You have learned about his likes and dislikes while you're friend with him. Make the most of it by doing all the things he likes together. You can also send the signals that you like him through the shared activities.

7. Keep The Friendship

Keep him close and don't lose the friendship. You have to make him realize that you like him little by little and let him know you have the whole package as a girlfriend.

8. Be The Real You

You have found out about what he likes from the other girl and what kind of girl he would love to. But don't let it steal the real you. You have to be yourself, show him your charms and make him fall in love to you with it.

9. Dress Yourself Up

dress yourself up

Men are physical being. If we talk about liking someone, it's probably something to do with looks. You must know the Good Ways to Make a Good Impression by dressing up yourself properly whenever you see him.

10. Flirt With Him

Now it's time for the real deal. Flirt through words and physical contact. Lean on him whenever you talk, touch him lightly when you laugh, etc. You can also learn all the Best Pick Up Lines for Your Crush That Will Make Him Smile.

11. Listen To Him

When you are spending time with him and get to know each other, remember not to dominate the conversation. Let him talk too and listen to him well. It's How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You without Talking.

12. Show Your Confidence

Don't lose yourself to the other girl just because you are overshadowed by her. Show what's your worth too. You really need to be confidence. Let your charm out and fearlessly approach him.

13. Smile And Laugh

If you want a guy to notice and eventually fall in love with you, smile and laugh are the ultimate weapon. Would you think he will fall in love to someone who looks sulky all the time? No!

14. Take And Give

Don't just demand things for him, show him you care too. You don't want him to think that you're after his something without really love him. It actually increases the chance for him to forget her and fall for you instead.

15. Let Him Chase You

You shouldn't have to be the one who make the effort anyway. Give him chance to realize what's you worth and chase you. Yes, you need to know the ways How to Make Him Crazy in Love with You.

16. Be Understanding To Him

Men want to be understood. It may looks simple but many women are unable to do it. They're so focused on herself that the forget what men want. Be the one who understand him dreams and passion and support him all the way.

17. Don't Push Him

don't push him

Going after someone who already love someone else is tough. It requires a lot of patience and effort. Give him time to erase the other other girl out of his mind while you're trying your best to catch his attention. Don't force things to happen when the time isn't right yet.

18. Show Him What You're Worth

Show him how different you are from her. Show what's your worth and why you are better than her. Not just by words but through action. Do your best to make him change his mind and finally sees that you're the one he's looking for.

How to make him love me when he loves someone else is not that hard when you know how to do it, right? Wishing you best luck!

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