20 Characteristic Traits of Aquarius - Personality and Love

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In astrology, Aquarius is symbolized as the water bearer. It's actually quite an accurate representation of their personality which includes being calm and free. In case you're curious of their other characteristics and traits, you can read all about it right here.

1. Calm

A characteristic trait of Aquarius is that they rarely shows emotions. Aquarius always appear calm in any given situations. They are not too upbeat or show a lot of excitement either. For anything that they are facing in their life, they will handle it with a cool head. To other people, an Aquarius has a very calm personality.

2. Objective

Before making a full decision, an Aquarius needs to see from both sides of the coin. They don’t like to take sides because they tend to be more objective. Understanding something or someone from different perspectives is crucial for an Aquarius.

3. Creative

Aquarius are a bunch of creative people. They are very imaginative and full of ideas. Also, they often think outside of the box. Most of the time, an Aquarius will find it easy to find a brilliant and new idea due to their way of thinking.

4. Understanding

This particular trait is related to their ability in being an objective person. An Aquarius has an understanding characteristic. They are able to compromise with others who might have a different view. Instead of causing disagreements, they would rather take their time to understand opposing opinions. This is why Aquarius is the most considerate zodiac from all the other ones.

5. A Loner

Apparently an Aquarius likes to spend their time alone. They’re not fond of putting themselves in crowds. Some alone time is needed for this particular zodiac. They highly value their individuality and consider it as a privilege that they need to put into good use.

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6. Despises Criticisms

Unfortunately, it’s hard for an Aquarius to take in criticisms. It’s easy for them to be offended and get carried away with their emotions. Their sensitivity makes it hard for them to be open to criticisms. An Aquarius values their opinion about themselves more highly than how others perceive them to be.

7. Likes Freedom

An Aquarius is easily bored. The are always up for new challenges to relieve them from the boredom. It’s very possible for an Aquarius to face this problem in a relationship. Someone who is dating an Aquarius would need to make the relationship fun to keep them interested.

8. Hates Rules

Another characteristic of Aquarius is their hatred towards rules. An Aquarius finds it really boring to follow rules. If they find a rule to be unreasonable, they might have the urge to break it. It’s bothersome to obey a rule that doesn’t fit into an Aquarius liking. Aquarius likes to do things that they want because they don’t like to be restricted.

9. Unique

An Aquarius is very unique. They have an eccentric style that’s not very common in ordinary people. They find it very fun to play around with their looks. Changing up their hairstyles or clothing is part of their routine. An Aquarius believes that they live their life to please themselves, not others.

With all those characteristic traits of Aquarius listed above, you should also know the basic traits of an Aquarius woman and Aquarius man too. You can read about the traits for an Aquarius man below. 


Characteristics of an Aquarius Man

The following characteristic traits of Aquarius are the most common ones you’ll find in an Aquarius man:

1. Disagreeable

An Aquarius man finds it difficult to say ‘yes’ to other people’s wants, even to their partner. He’ll think about it first, objectively, before making a decision. He will also try to figure out the end goal and his expectations from the relationship with his partner.

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2. Falls in Love Frequently

It’s so easy for him to fall in love. The little things that his partner do can make him fall in love all over again. It’s also relatively easy for him to find a new partner in case his previous relationship has ended.

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3. Hard to Commit

The downside of an Aquarius man is their inability to commit. Commitment is not easy for him as he constantly thinks about whether or not his partner is his soulmate. An Aquarius man is filled with doubts. He often wonders the possibility of a better partner than the one he currently has. 

Characteristics of an Aquarius Woman

Here are some of the traits for an Aquarius woman:

1. Sensitive

An Aquarius woman is full of feelings. She is sensitive to the things in her life. It’s easy for her to relate to other people. But she might easily become offended to a lot of things. Her sensitivity could end up being an endearing or a bothersome quality in a relationship.

2. Caring

She is also caring and tries to help her dear ones when they are faced with problems. She won’t mind listening to your rants and will give you advice in case you need one.

3. Smart

An attractive characteristic trait in an Aquarius woman is her intelligence. She is smart and independent. She finds it comforting at the fact that she can rely on herself.

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How to Treat Aquarius in Relationships

Here are some of the things that you should do when you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius:

  1. Be romantic.
  2. Don’t control your partner.
  3. Show how smart you are.
  4. Respect their privacy.
  5. Take them to an adventurous trips so they won’t get bored.

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With all these basic knowledge on the characteristic traits of Aquarius, you’ll find it easier to understand them. You will also know how to keep your relationship alive by knowing what an Aquarius likes and dislikes.

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