18 Ways to Keep Long Distance Relationship Exciting

Last updated on April 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Most couples go through a long distance relationship. It can be tough as it requires ultimate patience, commitment and trust. A strong foundation and understanding need to be established in the relationship to keep it alive. Many long distance relationships eventually die due to many reasons. But you cane read the tips and trick below to save yours:

1. Maintain Communication

Communication is the key to any relationship. A good communication will make a relationship become stronger and more harmonious. The more often you spend time to communicate with your partner, the less chance there is for a misunderstanding to arise. Your relationship will last too. Saying cute things may make your boyfriend happy. That's the best ways to keep long distance relationship exciting.

2. Understand Each Other

A long distance relationship will work out when a couple is willing to understand each other. That way, small arguments and fights can be avoided.

3. Trust One Another

Building trust is important in a long distance relationship. Doubts and suspicions can arise. They cause fights and many misunderstandings. Try to trust your partner, even if it becomes difficult.

4. Strong Commitment

What's more ways to keep long distance relationship exciting ? Having strong commitment is a must. A long distance relationship will not survive without it since a couple will rarely hang out together. Without a commitment, the relationship will be meaningless.

5. Don’t Be Possessive

Being possessive can ruin your long distance relationship. Once someone is acting too controlling to the other partner then it may cause fight. It shows that someone in the relationship does not trust the other person. Read this: Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend in Long Distance Relationship

6. Be Disciplined but Patient

Disciplined yourself in the relationship. Make sure that you know your status and actions to avoid which may cause heartbreak for the other person in the relationship. Other than that, be patient too. Patience will make the love stronger. Also read Ways to Bring Back Love in a Dying Relationship.

7. Stay Within the Limit

During a long distance relationship, you may be tempted to become wild and break all the rules. However, always remember to stay within your limit. If you ever try to do unusual thing then your partner may not like it. Your partner may think that you are up to no good such as cheating.

8. Don’t Be Suspicious

Being doubtful and suspicious will cause a mistrust in the relationship. Suspicion could appear since you might be worrying too much. However, it’s also a big sign that you do not trust your partner.

9. Give Updates

Stay in touch and always give updates to your partner. Giving updates about your daily activities will show that you care about your partner and wants him/her to be involved in your life. But also read about Signs He’s Cheating In A Long Distance Relationship

10. Always be Supportive

Being supportive is important within a relationship. It boosts confidence. In a long distance relationship, you have to show your support in any way you can. Giving advice, and listening to your partner are some forms of support. Your partner will end up feeling comforted even though far away from you.

11. Be Positive

Avoid trying to cause fights or small arguments with your partner. Don’t become easily jealous which might not end up very well in the relationship. These things might be small but they are important enough to avoid so that your relationship don’t suffer.

12. Give Presents or Surprises

Presents or surprises are nice gestures when you are in a long distance relationship. It shows that you care enough about your partner to spend some of your precious time to plan it all out. Read the Ways to Make Him Feel Loved without Even Saying It.

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13. Go on Holiday

Going on holiday together is a great way to bring that love spark back again in the long distance relationship. Plan a time when both of you are free. Decide on a perfect destination and pack your bags. Don’t think too much about it because you might end up cancelling it due to other things that you have to do.

14. Don’t Restrict

Don’t be too restrictive with your partner. Give your partner a much needed space to do his/her own thing. The best thing to do is to give support and positive vibes. Never forget to always trust your partner.

15. Don’t Feel Lonely

Try as much as you can to not feel lonely. Loneliness may tempt you to find someone else to fill that emptiness. You may end up cheating on your partner. A better way to handle your loneliness is to spend some quality time with friends or family. Here are some Signs Your Girlfriend Would Cheat that you can read. 

16. Find a Hobby

Take on a new hobby to fill your days. It’s great to gain new skill as well as keeping you busy. Being busy won’t make you feel lonely and you can show off your new skill to your partner.

17. Set a Schedule

Set a schedule with your partner. It could be a calling schedule or a video call schedule. During that time, both of you must talk and spend time with each other. The schedule will ensure that both of you won’t have any excuses to skip.

18. Avoid Fights

Avoid fights at all cost. Fights can only cause emotional distress in a long distance relationship. It can be quite hard to resolve big fights in this situation. When you have small fights with your partner, quickly talk it out instead of holding grudges. In the long run, this will save the relationship. Also read Ways to Handle a Long Distance Relationship.

As hard as long distance relationship can be, you will always need to do that extra effort to keep it alive. Without any efforts, the relationship will become meaningless. There are many things that you have to do but it will all be worth it in the end. Try those ways to keep long distance relationship exciting for love sake!

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