Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend In Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationship are known to be the biggest thing that can change a relationship. It can either make your relationship grow stronger and more compassionate or make it fall apart in an instant. With the distance, worry, and the growth of the different life you both live, your relationship are destined to be on a rocky road.

So what is that thing that can make your long distance relationship stronger and better? The key is you need to keep constant communication so it does not break apart. Why not do it in a sweet and unique way? Here are cute things to say to your boyfriend in long distance relationship:


1. You're Always On My Mind

Being on someone's mind is always a special thing to say that will light up his day.

2. I Want To See Your Face

Seeing someone's face is a comfort and in a long distance relationship, it won't happen much.

3. I Miss You Being Beside Me

Physical presence means a lot in growing a relationship. Saying this means you miss that.

4. I Want To Meet You Now

This is another sweet and passionate way to say that you miss him being with you.

5. How Was Your Day?

Saying this shows him the subtle Signs That Someone is In Love With You because it means that you love to hear everything about him.

6. How Can I Help You?

how can i help you

Sometimes your boyfriend will get overwhelmed in that place. Saying this will melt his heart and make him love you more.

7. Call Me, I Want To Hear Your Voice

Saying this means that you absolutely miss him and love him. Besides, hearing his voice will for sure calm you down and make the pain in your heart less painful.

8. Tell Me About Anything

When you just love hearing about him,everything will excite you. Saying this will make him miss you more and love you more.

9. I Love You

Saying I love you is always a great thing to lift up everyone's spirit

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10. I Will Always Be Here For You

Sometimes it can get lonely, saying this will remind him that you will always be here with him

11. I Always Wait For The Time To Meet You

It's a pleasant and beautiful thing to say that you miss his presence with you

12. Be Patient

Sometimes waiting to be together is painful. Saying this will calm him down, it's a good Things to Say to Help Someone Who Is Stressed Out.

13. Nothing Is The Same Without You

Tell this to him so he knows how much you really miss him and appreciate him in your life

14. This Reminded Me Of You

Showing him something that remind you of a side of him makes him know that you think about him all the time. This will make him smile from cheek to cheek

15. We Can Get Through This

Sometimes a long distance relationship will feel impossible. Once you both feel like it, it will go downhill fast. So that is why in that time you need to say this to him so he have the strength to go on. 

16. Let’s Promise Not To Give Up On Each Other

let's promise not to give up on each other

In a long distance relationship it will be easy to give up on each other because of the unbearable pain both of you have. These words will remind him of the strength of love you guys have.

17. Call Me Whenever You Need Me

Calling is an important media of communication in a long distance relationship. When you allow him to call you whenever you are showing your love as a girlfriend

18. I Can Not Wait For The Day When I Finally Meet You Again

Get him all excited for the day when you can finally meet each other again. That way you can build up the love and excitement while lessening down the missing

19. You Are The First Thing On My Mind Every Day

Although you guys are torn apart by the distance, saying this will make your heart go closer to each other so that the love will strengthen

20. You're Worth Every Pain

Of course this long distance relationship is full of pain. Saying this reminds him of the big love you have for him. That's the cute things to say to your boyfriend in long distance relationship.

More Tips On Cute Things To Say In LDR

Cute things are endless. So here are words that could strengthen and make the relationship grow despite the distance;

1. Distance Doesn't Matter

I love you and that's all you need to know.

2. Wish You Were Here, I Will Hug You Deeply 

wish you were here i will hug you deeply

Tell him that you really want a hug.

3. Countdown To The Day Until I Meet You!

Say the actual number of days and he will get all excited and happy when he hears this.

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4. Good Morning From This Side Of The World

A good morning text means that he is in your mind first thing in the morning.

5. This Is Impossible

Remind him how strong this relationship is despite all the circumstances.

6. This Pain Will Pass

Tell him that all this feeling of missing each other will pass as the relationship grows stronger.

7. You're Being Cute Makes The Distance Feels Worse

When you say this he will definitely chuckle a little and think that you have all the Wife Material Signs.

Signs That The Relationship Is Still Hanging On

signs that the relationship is still hanging on

The signs that the long distance relationship does not break your love towards each other;

1. He Still Get Excited When He Hears From You

He still gets all pumped up whenever he hears your voice or get a text from you.

2. He Is Open About Everything

He does not try to hide anything.

3. He Tells You Everything

Your boyfriend doesn't want you to miss out on his life.

4. He Is On Video Call All The Time

Cause he just want to see your cute mess.

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Long distance relationship is not the best thing you will go through as a couple. But with these words and constant communication, your relationship will bloom. To see if the relationship is still great, you need to see the signs above. If everything checks out, you and your boyfriend will be more in love with each other.

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