Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Keep The Conversation Going And Not Boring

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During the first few months of a relationship, maybe you don't face any problem at all. Everything seems going smooth.But after you've been together with your partner quite a while, small problems start to occur.

One of the prolems is boredom. And to tackle this, there are some recommendation on things to say to your boyfriend to keep the conversation going.


1. Sport

The first topic that you can being to keep your conversation going with your boyfriend is about boys interest. It will be either games or sport. But, let's just focus on sport while knowing more things on what to do when your husband is obsessed with video games.

There are a lot of questions about sport that you can ask to him. For example: what is your favourite sport, what you usually do to keep your body health, since when you do a certain type of sport?

2. Similarities


Based on some physiological research, we will have the tendency to get closer easily with someone who has the same interest with us. In other words, we will prefer someone with more similarities like ourselves.

So, when the conversation gets boring, you can start to talk more things to say to your boyfriend when the conversation gets boring by talking about your similarities with him. As an example, you and your boyfriend are a bookworm. Then, you can start ask: what books that he likes, favourite genre of books, and etc.

3. Deep Talk

If you don't go deep then you will not knowing more things about your boyfriend. And if you and him are wanting to get more serious in a relationship then you will need to have the deep talks topic to talk to.

Since you want to be serious with your boyfriend then start to set aside the how to start a conversation with your crush for the first time conversation. Start to get to know more deep talks topics to talk too such as: the economy, the world, and more things.

4. Family

As someone who cares about your boyfriend, you surely care about his family too. Family topic will always be an interesting topic to talk to while you learn to get to know his family better.

By having this kind of conversation, later on you will also be able to notice the signs your boyfriend family doesn’t like you and knowing how to react. Some basic question about family that you can ask will be: how any siblings he has, what kind of family routines that he loves to do together with his family, and etc.

5. Friends

Knowing more about his friends is as important as knowing things about him. By getting closer to his friends you will know more information about him through his friends.

There are some simple question you can ask about his friends such as: who are your closest friends, do you usually go out regularly with your friends, and many more.

Things To Do With Your Boyfriend When Bored

Isn't it better to do more things aside from only knowing things to say to your boyfriend to keep the conversation going? Sometimes it is hard to be insipred and knowing what kind of things that we can do within the relationship so it won't go bored.

To inspire you, here are some recommendation on things to do with your boyfriend when bored.

1. Start Exercising Together

Alright, let's set aside the negativity that might comes up to your head when you read the characteristic of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship. There is no need to worry about it as long as you try your best to maintain the relationship.

And it is better for you and your boyfriend to be physically healthy. Why don't you try to start exercising together?

2. Movie Date

movie date

Movie date is one of the ideas that you can do in order to make your relationship more fun. You don't have to see the movie in the cinema. You can simply watch movies at home.

3. Cook Something Together

Who doesn't love food? I guess, none. Moreover, nowdays many men can cook. So, why don't you ask your boyfriend to cook something together with you. During the cooking process must be a lot of fun going on.

Aside from the things to say to your boyfriend to keep the conversation going, you still can do a lot of things together with your boyfriend. Do not giving up on things, but try to figure out more things that you can do together with him.

This will help you to enrich the relationship that you have.

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