This is How to Tell Your Ex His New Girlfriend is Cheating On Him

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Break up could be the hardest thing in a relationship. You have to cope with the reality that you can't be together with him anymore so you have no choice but finding the best Ways to Forget Your Ex and start a new life after. Accepting the fact that you are not meant to be together is the best part of move on. So when you hear that he already going out with some other girls, it doesn't bother you that much.

How to Tell Your Ex His New Girlfriend is Cheating On Him

What a shame for him that he dates the wrong girl after you. She turns out to be cheating on him and you're the one who knows that fact. Uh oh. You must be itchy thinking about how to tell your ex his new girlfriend is cheating on him. Before putting it into action, you have to make sure that you have succeed doing the Ways to Deal with Your Ex Moving on with Someone Else.

1. Make Up Your Mind 

Before telling him, you have to make up your mind about two things. First, that she does cheat on him. Be careful about the Signs of a Fake Girlfriend in her and make sure that you caught her red handed. It's better if you have proofs. Second, be objective about this. Don't tell him right away if you still have something left for him. He will only think you made things up since you want to reconcile.

2. Try to Reach Him First

So you're the one who's going to tell him of course you should reach him first. It takes a lot of guts to contact your ex boyfriend first, since you never know how he's going to respond. And you must prepare yourself about this. The feedback might not be so good.

3. Ask for a Meeting

It's impossible to tell him through texts or call. Request for a meeting with him. To avoid his suspicion, let him set the date and place. Tell him it's something important and it has nothing to do with you. Don't pick a place where you have lots of memories together.

4. Clear Your Intention

Tell him about why you want to see him. It's important because you don't want him to think that you want to get back together.

5. Do Not Flirt!

If you don't want him to have a false alarm, then don't do things that may trigger it. Such as flirting! Who will believe about what you say if you flirt to him just way too much. He will think that it all your drama and you want to screw up his new relationship.

6. Be Honest About What You Say

Tell about everything fairly and honestly. You don't need to add some here and reduce some there to make things more interesting. This is not a soap opera, baby. Be honest about everything you know. But remember to stay objective.

7. Don't Cornered His Girlfriend

At the point you tell him about it, he will be really surprised. Don't add spices to the situation by cornering his girlfriend, pointing out to her flaws, and even worse comparing herself to you. It only makes you look cheap. Also, avoid all the Things to Say to Your Ex to Make Him Regret Leaving You because he already feel that way.

8. No Need to Advise Him What to Do

After you have done telling him, let his mind work up on its own. You are not in a position to tell him what to do so there's no need to advise him. If he ask you for it and to avoid some judgement, tell him that you're not supposed to do so.

9. Don't Contact Him Any Longer After You've Done

You have done with your business so there is no more reasons to contact him any longer. You have to stay as you are before because you don't want him to think that you do it on purpose.

10. Tell His Friend

If you have not enough guts to tell him in person, you can ask help from his friend that you know. Ask him to pass on the news and to help you to verify if it's true.

Reasons You Should Tell Him

Not only you need to work up on how to tell your ex his new girlfriend is cheating on him, you also need to understand why you should tell him. Set your mind right in this!

  • As a friend. So you have broke up and now you're friend. It's okay to have that in mind so that you do all this under a conscience of a friend. But if you haven't let go of him yet, this could be the best Ways to Get Your Ex Boyfriend from Another Girl.
  • He deserves better. Even though your feeling for him has long gone, you still think that he is a good man and he deserves someone better than a cheater. You can use this as revenge too, that he left you for the worse.
  • Imagine you're in his shoes. Nobody wants to be cheated. Maybe you still have this ill feeling left from the past, but imagine if he is the one who caught your boyfriend cheats. Wouldn't you want him to tell you regardless of the past?
  • It's only right to do. Everyone could have a bad break up, and yours was probably one of those. But telling him that he has been cheated is only the right thing to do as human. You can laugh all you want over it but be sympathetic.
  • Maybe nobody else going to tell him. If it's not you then who else? What if no one ever caught her cheating? You will be haunted by guilt until you tell him the truth.

You have to be so careful dealing with an ex. If you happen to still love him and want him back, this could give you a new chance, isn't this?

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