10 Wisest Things To Do When Your Boyfriend Keep Talking To His Ex

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When you are in a relationship, you should accept your partner past and vice versa. Yet sometimes we can't deny that it is hard especially if they had a long dating time. Moreover, you somehow despise his ex-girlfriend without any good reason. Also you need to know about this What to Do with Your Ex Boyfriend’s Hoodie and Other Stuffs.

There are many cases when a girlfriend hates his boyfriend exes because of jealousy. It sounds funny and really childish but you that is the truth. Especially when your boyfriend and his ex is still in a good term. That situation might bring up an awkward moment between both of you.


What To Do When Your Boyfriend Won't Stop Talking To His Ex

You know your boyfriend just won't leave his ex after their breakup. It obviously because they decide to remains a friend. However, of course, it is not good for you since that action bothered you every time they are contacted. Day by days he does talk to his ex more and even in front of you. So what to do when your boyfriend won't stop talking to his ex? This is your answer.

1. Avoid Insecurity

It might be hard but if you want to know what to do when your boyfriend won't stop talking to his ex, you shouldn't overthink about this. Nothing good comes from overthinking it brings only insecurity and you have to avoid that.

2. Analyze The Situation

In case you get insecure by thinking about your boyfriend that still talk to his ex, you need to analyze the situation first. Does it make your boyfriend behavior change? Just get more information about it before you decide to do something. Learn about this too What to Do When Your Ex Calls You After No Contact.

3. Cool Down Your Temper

cool down your temper

You might feel jealous we all understand that. However, you should keep calm and cool down your temper. Don't make a decision while you are angry.

4. Ask Him What's The Reason Directly

Why keep wondering if you can ask him directly? You will know the answer sooner by doing this.

5. Consider Ask His Ex Too

If your ex can't give you a satisfying answer, consider asking his ex too. But don't do it by letting your anger blow up. We believe his ex would understand though.

6. Try To Understand

What to do when your boyfriend won't stop talking to his ex? Maybe you lack understanding and too selfish. You should try to understand him more. Check this also How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Need More Attention.

7. Trust Your Boyfriend

Love in a relationship is building by a trust. As long as your boyfriend doesn't lie about anything and open up to you, you should just trust him.

8. Give Your Boyfriend Chances

What to do when your boyfriend won't stop talking to his ex? We all know to forget someone that once you've been in love with is hard. Maybe that is what happens to your boyfriend. Give him more time and chances.

9. Make A Commitment

But don't just let it slip! You should ask him to make a commitment with you. You obviously don't want your boyfriend cheating on you in the future, right?

10. Tell Him You Don't Like Him To Do That

Maybe it is time to tell him what you feel. If you don't like the way he still talks to his ex, then just tell him so and explain your reason. You are his current girlfriend after all you deserve more.

Signs Your Boyfriend Might Still Have A Feeling To His Ex

signs your boyfriend might still have a feeling to his ex

After knowing what to do when your boyfriend won't stop talking to his ex, you should act and pay attention more carefully to your boyfriend too. There is a possibility maybe he might still have felt to his ex. Here are the signs or you can check this How to Make Your Ex Fall in Love with You Again Through Text.

1. Talks About Her All The Time

This is the huge sign. If he talks about his ex most of the time, he might still love her. You should stop this.

2. Accidentally Calls You By Her Name

It might really hurt you when he accidentally calls you by her name. It is a proof that he still thinks about her.

3. Compares You To Her

Nobody wants to be compared to with anyone. If he did that, then you need to think about the relationship you are in with him. This probably won't last long.

4. Likes Her Photo In Instagram

This might be a bit extra. However, with this you also know that he still looks at her picture even though from social media.

5. You Are the Reason They Broke Up

Maybe you are dating him while they were still on a relationship or even the reason? Then there is possibility he might still love her.

More Tips To Make Your Boyfriend Stop Talking To His Ex

Just because he won't stop talking to his ex, doesn't there isn't a way for you to make them stop. So here are what you can try. Don't forget to learn about this too How to Tell a Guy You Miss Him.

1. Tell Him That Makes You Hurt

Does his action make you jealous and uncomfortable? Then tell him to stop. Explain to him that it makes you hurt because a good boyfriend would understand.

2. Ask Him To Delete Her Number

Ask him to delete her number after that. The reason they still talk to each other is because they still have the contact.

3. Make Him Promise

make him promise

If you don't want him to do that anymore, make him promise. A man won't break his promise.

4. Let Him Decide

When you already tell him your feeling and he still doesn't stop talking to his ex, then it is time to let him decide what he really want to do. If he still wants you in this relationship, he won't do that anymore.

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5. Be More Strict

Maybe he did that because he thinks you are fine with it. Try to be more strict from now on!

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