How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When He Broke Up with You

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To absolutely lose the boy that you love is something that any loving girlfriend will try to avoid, the sweet memories that you spend with him together, the drastic change to be a better more matured person that you both went through together, the future that you both have set out together, you don't want to lose all of that do you?

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When He Broke Up with You

If so by reading this article you will be able to get him back, fast. Your success rate will be about 98% if you are able to follow these steps and control all of your emotions so you will not make any haste decisions which will have bad outcomes. Without further ado lets make a plan to get your ex boyfriend back in a zippy.  (read also: What to Do When You Feel Like Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Care About You)

  1. Give Him The Silent Treatment

Your ex boyfriend expect that after a broke up you will call him repeatedly in desperation because of the overwhelming sadness that you feel from breaking up with him. Instead of doing that, try to do the opposite, what I mean by this instead of blasting through his phone by your text and call, try to refrain yourself from contacting him every now and then, you want him to be curious and wondering how you have been all this time since breaking up with him. (read also: How to Make Your Boyfriend Understand That He Hurt You Badly)

Also limit your post on your social media, this will add to your mysteriousness, he will dig up some information about you from your friends don't forget to tell them also to not tell a thing about you. He will eventually contact you in person to see how you are now, if you are wondering what should be your respond, read the next point.

2. Play It Cool

How to get your ex boyfriend back when he broke up with you? Don't go straight jumping up and down feeling happy because he finally contacted you as a sign that he miss and still care so much about you, play it cool and act as if he is just another friend to you. Controlling your emotions is key in this step, you don't want to instantly falling back into his arms because it will not make him think over, regret and learn from his mistakes. (read also: Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants to Get Back Together)

3. No Stalking Allowed

When you broke up with someone that you love you won't be able to forget his presence that easy, it will take a long period of time. Broke up and no contact is like butter and bread, cannot be separated. And when you are no longer in contact with your boyfriend who is currently your ex now, curiosity will be running through your mind.

You will do anything to get the latest information on your boyfriend, you don't want this to be happening because it will only drown you deeper and deeper in sadness knowing the fact that he is no longer yours anymore, what even more hurt is to see him being happy or with someone else that is not you. This is why I advice to you no to stalk on him, try to control all of your emotions because being drown in it will not help even a tiny bit. 

4. Be More Beautiful 

Spend time to have a makeover into a more beautiful version of you, get a new trim, have a facial treatment, shape up your body by going to the gym and if you are already done the things that I mentioned, I think its time for you to end your social media break.

Starting posting your new looks, your new hobby, your new friends, your new hangout spot, everything that is new about you to make him realized that he just thrown away a diamond and get him to crawling back to you. (read also: Simple Ways to Look Naturally Beautiful on A Daily Basis)

5. The Little Tease

After you have improved your overall looks and he didn't contact you yet because of his ego, try to contact him first. Not something that is long and spot on but something that makes him want to know more, this will give him the sense of security and insecurity at the same time, he now knows that you still have interest towards him but your texts also making him think about it's meaning and do you still want to get together with him, this will  making him thinks about the wrong decision that he made over and over.  (read also: The Legit Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You after Break Up and Want You Back)

6. Arrange a Little Meeting

Try to find a mutual reason to have a meeting with him, this could be a business matter, a music festival of you both's favorite band, a voluntary project that you both are currently enrolling at, pretty much anything beside that "we need to talk" situation.

This will helps a lot because you will be able to reconnect with each other in this kind of situation after not seeing each other for a while, this will help you to get along to a brand new start to build up the things that you both have lost, just try not to jump the gun and try to control all of your emotions. 

7. Be Seeing Him More Often

When he now realize his mistakes, apologize and promise to not repeat the same mistake, you should be more opened to him. Your main goal when you starting to read this article is to get your ex back not only to make him desperate wanting to get someone who doesn't want to get back with him.

Start to see him more often, go with him to a date like what you did before the break up and when he already gain your trust and you see a change in him then things will be back to normal like it used to before.

8. Congratulation

Now you have done the steps that I have told you before, things will be back to normal. The great thing about getting back after a break up is that you and your boyfriend will understand each other more deeply while being a more matured person than before. This is great for your own and his self development also for yoou relationship.

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