How To Make Your Boyfriend Understand That He Hurt You Badly

Last updated on February 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Hey, baby~ this time, let me ask you some questions. How often do you hurt because of your boo? And, what you always do when you feel hurt? Tell him that you’re hurt? Or you just keep silent? Pleaseeeee~ ugh! If you’re hurt you need to tell him, don’t just keep silent or try to be a drama queen that needs him to notice about it first. Nah~ that’s not good. I might call you baby, but you’re not a 5 years old little girl.

Tell him, baby. If you’re kinda sensitive girl, you will get hurt at everything easily, even if he didn’t mean to. And you don’t want to be blue for a long time because of your soft heart, right honey? So, being honest is the best way. And, the important thing in relationship is honesty.

It means that you have trust each other to know more about each other. So, how to tell your boo if you’re hurt because of him? But, don’t use it on very small matters. Please don’t be a drama queen again. Okay, again. So, how to tell him when you’re hurt? Here's the ways on how to make your boyfriend understand that he hurt you!


1. Think About It Before You Tell Him

think about it before you tell him

You don’t want to hurt him either, do you? So, you need to make an analysis on it. What is his purpose? Why would he do that? There must be something in everything. First, you need to chill. Chill~ do yoga~ you need to calm, be positive. So, that you can think clearly.

Don’t be rushed and don’t be negative. In some case, it’s just about the character. You know, people have different characters. Some of them are tough, and some of them are soft. We can blame them for it, baby. Sometimes we just need to get use with it. Don’t take it seriously, just let it be. They will not even understand if you try to explain it to them , because they will think it’s normal. Normal for them. So, just let it be.

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But when it comes to an act, you need to make analysis and if you’re already quit sure about it and find it really bother you, you need to ask him. Why did he do that? You want to explain to him that you’re hurt first, do you? Start it with a simple conversation, and then start to say that you’re hurt because of him, with a low tone. Please don’t raise your tone.

He will misunderstand about it. Or, he will try to deny it (if he has tough personality) and raise his voice too. I bet you will not be able it if you are soft-hearted person. It’s too risky. So, just explain it nicely. Explain why you’re hurt and tell him that you’re sorry for couldn’t take that too, cause you’re a soft-hearted girl.

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2. Self-Introspection

How to make your boyfriend understand that he hurt you? It needs to done even before he says sorry to you. Why? Because your “sorry” has a big power. It can melt his heart, and it can show that you’re not fully-blamed him. It’s okay even if he’s really wrong. I’m sure if he will not do the same mistake again next time, cause his heart is already touched by you and he knows that you’re a soft-hearted. Congratulation! 

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Also, it can be a sign that you’re already mature enough a. k. a not a childish girl. Men like a girl who can understand him. So, girl from now on! You need to understand his situation, try to get in to his point of view, and you will get a plus point from him. He will think that it’s worth to stay with you. 

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3. Ask For Someone’s Help

ask for someone's help

Okay, plan B. If he doesn’t want to say sorry, then you need someone to help you. Ask someone to tell him that you’re hurt too. And you need to ask for someone’s help too, if he just play victim in everything that actually hurt you. You can’t just stay there while you’re burning because of his game. 

No! Please, c’mon! You can just break up with him if you want, but if you still love him, then do something! Ask for someone’s opinion, whether you really need to hold on to it or just break up with him. You know, love is blind. Sometimes people will just hold on to it because of love, even if it’s hurt as hell! Ugh! Don’t torture yourself, baby. 

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You deserve love, you’re not a soldier that needs to be train to have a tough heart everytime. Please don’t do Harley Quinn role this time. If it’s too much, I suggest you to stay away from him. Say bye – bye to him. If he refuses to break up, explain it. If he gets mad, press him! I mean, his baby boy mental. Tell him, he can’t be like that if still wants to be with you. You’re not a call center that always get a protest from someone! I know it’s not easy, especially if you love him.

But, try this mantra. “I will love someone that really loves me” that’s it! You deserve a love from someone. So, you will not feel like you talk with a wall. You don’t want to feel lonely while you’re having someone that stays beside you, right?

Yeah. So, that’s how to make your boyfriend understand that he hurt you. It’s not only for your boo, I guess it can work for anyone that hurt you. The important thing here is self-introspection. Be positive even if someone give you some negativity. Ugh, this is live. I know it’s hard to stay positive. That’s why, sometimes being ignorant can give you a big benefits, it helps you to stay survive in this negative world. 

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But, don’t worry~ maintain your stress with food, it’ll help. Especially chocolate, girls! And drink matcha tea, because stress can affect your skin badly. Okay? Stay beautiful, honey. Don’t let this negativity affect you, baby.

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