How Do You Tell If A Sagittarius Man Is Interested in You Secretly?

Last updated on April 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Being a mysterious and reserved sign, Sagittarius is hard to read. It's difficult to tell whether or not a Sagittarius man is interested in you.

You might be searching for those signs of interest so you can decide what to do next and how to approach the possible relationship.

To unravel his mystery, we need to find out what are Sagittarius basic traits, first and foremost.

Sagittarius men are the best lover out there. In general, Sagittarius is:

  • Adventurous

They like new things, being spontaneous, and they're always up for fun. They are exciting, and that's what makes them irresistible.

  • Hard to pin down

Sagittarius adventurous trait shape how they view a relationship. It's hard for them to settle down to one thing when there are many opportunities out there. Sagittarius will take time until they are sure a certain person is what they really want in the long term.

  • Unemotional

Aside from happy or any other positive emotions, you can't really know when a Sagittarius is being emotional.

Sagittarius prefers to keep their feeling to themselves. This also what makes them hard to read.

  • Social

Sagittarius men are extroverted, love being social, and friendly to everybody.

They like to be the clown of the party too. They are the master of telling witty jokes. They like the attention, and pride themselves for being funny.

  • Honest

Sagittarius don't really think when they talk. They will blurt out any idea comes to their mind. The downside of it, some would thing Sagittarius is too blunt and straightforward.

Other traits are: Passionate, confident, optimistic, independent, smart, curious. While their bad traits are: Irresponsible, confrontational, easily bored, impatient, indecisive, restless.

Now, after looking at Sagittarius personality, we can make assumptions for the signs of a Sagittarius man being interested in you. There are also unknown signs when he likes you.

1. He watches what he says when he's talking to you

Yep, no more blunt Sagittarius. When he's interested in you, he will carefully filter words coming out from his mouth.

His goal is to make you attracted to him. A harsh sentence taken out of context could possibly drive you away. he would not take that risk.

Important to know some things before dating a Sagittarius.

2. He wants to make you laugh

When he tells you a joke and you can't stop laughing, a Sagittarius man will beam with pride. He will make sure you can't stop laughing when he's around.

A conversation might have been ordinary before you come, but once he sees you trotting in, he prepares himself to the clown mode.

3. He makes compromises

Sagittarius are stubborn and like to do things in their own way. But skies fall apart when you become his love interest.

He will be willing to put aside his wants and needs to cater yours. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?

4. He listens

He usually has a short attention span. But when you start talking, he will be the most attentive man on earth. He'll listen to every word you said and respond accordingly. That's one of the signs of interest.

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5. He's being patient to you

He's willing to wait while you take your time getting ready. He goes shopping with you and doesn't complain. A Sagittarius is usually impatient, unless when he's attracted to you.

Why you have to love a Sagittarius unconditionally.

6. He's extremely curious about you

He wants to know everything about you. Your hobbies, your life, your likes, and your dislikes.

He wants to hear your opinion about everything, especially on matters he cares about. If he's being all nosey toward you, congrats, he likes you.

7. He brings you to an adventure

Two is better than one. A Sagittarius man loves exciting things. But what's better than sharing it with the one he likes?

If he drags you out of the comfort of your home to some wild adventure, be glad. He wants to share happiness with you.

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8. He wants to help you

Sagittarius are kind-hearted by nature. But especially toward you, he will put an extra effort to show his kindness. He will be the first to come when you're in distress. He wants to be the knight in shining armor for you.

9. He's straightforward about his feeling

The last but not the least, when a Sagittarius man likes you, he's simply being straightforward about it, as it's in his nature.

After all, he is also confident. He will tell you in the face that he wants to go out with you and see what happens. This is the clearer and the most ultimate sign when a Sagittarius man is interested in you.

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