This is What to Say When Your Crush Asks You If You Like Him

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When you've been crushing on someone for some times, you would be taken aback when your crush suddenly ask you this important question. It's like it comes out of nowhere. He asked whether you like him or not.

What an idiot. Of course, the answer is yes. Because why else you've been crushing on him, right? He's a crush for a reason. And that reason is simply you like him.

But of course, we won't let him know that. Let's be playful a little. It's one of the things to make your crush falls for you. Spice things up with one of these responses.

Before moving on further, you have to remind yourself to keep it cool when he asks you that question. You don't want to look nervous, agitated, or surprised. Instead, you would want to look confident and calm.

Here are things you can say when your crush asks you if you like him:

Playful answers

1. Well, who knows? Wanna find out with a date? I have tickets for a movie this weekend.
2. Who told you that? Don't get your hopes up. (While laughing)
3. Maybe yes, maybe not. Spend time with me more to find out.
4. I don't know I'm confused. Help me to not get confused anymore by agreeing on a date.
5. Well, do you like me? The answer depends.
6. Hahahaha. What? (Pretend you can't hear him)
7. Only if you like me back. Do you like me?
8. Yes, I like you. You're an idiot for not noticing.
9. What do you think? (Don't forget to wink)
10. I'll answer that next Saturday if you would have a date with me.
11. Hmm? (Pretend to be thoughtful). You're cute, funny, and smart? Do you think I will like you?
12. Well, I've been hanging out with you a lot, texting you until late at night. 13. If you can't take a hint, you're an idiot, aren't you? A cute idiot.
14. You're an idiot aren't you? Of course I like you!!?
15. Are you seriously asking me that? Can't you take the hints?
16. No, I don't like you. I'm just crazy about you.
17. Totally, I'm in love with you. Well, joking. Let's start things slowly.
18. I don't know, Paul. Will you reject me if I confess to you?
19. Hmm? Do you like the thought of being my boyfriend?

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Straightforward answers

In some cases, a straightforward answer is needed if the situation is really serious. There's no time to joke, and he wants your clear and precise answer.

For example, he's your best friend whom you want something more from.  Or your crush has a girlfriend already. During such a situation, you can look him in the eye and here's what you can say:

20. Yep, totally. I will be a good girlfriend to you.
21. Yes, let me be your girlfriend!

22. Yes, I've been for a few months already.
23. I tried to tell you but you never believed me.
24. Yes, I believe we can be something more.
25. Yes, I've been feeling that way for some times. I'm scared and don't want to think too much about it. But it's been occupying my mind a lot lately.
26. Yes, I like you. I hope it doesn't ruin our friendship.
27. Yes, I'm sorry I feel that way. I know I'm not supposed to but I can't help it.
28. Yes. What should I do? You have a girlfriend already. I feel really bad liking you.
29. Yes, I want to be more than friends. I've been thinking a lot, I think we can do it.
30. Yes, what do you think about being more than buddies?
31. Yes, people think we're so close and some mistook us for a couple. Why don't we just make it official?
32. Yes, let's be girlfriend and boyfriend. I'm excited about us being a couple!
33. I think it's a good idea. We're so good together!
34. I like you, but do you think it will ruin our friendship if we actually date? (Ask for his thought and opinion)
35. I definitely like you more than just a friend. I want something more.
36. I'm doubting everything. I like the idea of you becoming my boyfriend but I don't know if we can be a couple.
37. Yes, but I don't know if you like me back. You know, more than friends.
38. Yes, I admit I've been crushing on you for awhile
39. Can I not answer this right now? I will tell you in a few days. (This will give you time to think).

Not only that, but you can also learn what cute messages to send to your crush to keep him interested. It will make them enticed to you more.

When you think the courting period is over and you want to it to the next level, you should know how to tell your crush you want to be more than friends. Good luck on your love journey, girls!

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