Best Pick Up Lines For Your Crush That Will Make Him Smile

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Pick up lines are a fun way to make someone smile and even get them to be attracted to you. But not all pick up lines are created equal. Do you know the best pick up lines there is?

Men are hard to get and in order to get them, you need to whip up a few tricks, including some pick up lines. If you can’t wait to get your guy crush to like you even more because of your flirtatious pick up lines, know the Best Pick Up Lines For Your Crush that will make him smile;


Best Pick Up Lines For Your Crush

best pick up lines for your crush
  1. You Know What You Are Made Of ? You Are Made Of My Next Boyfriend Material
  2. You Look Like You Can Do Magic, Because When I You’re Around, I Can’t See Anyone Else
  3. Are You A Candle? Because You Light Up My World
  4. Are You An Alcohol? Because I Am Completely Addicted To You
  5. People Say You Need Oxygen, But I Think I Need You In My Life
  6. Did The Sun Gets Brighter, Or Is It Just Because Of You Shining A Light In My World
  7. People Say That Disneyland Is The Happiest Place On Earth. Apparently, They Have Never Been With You
  8. I Keep Thinking That I Am A Snow Because I Constantly Fall For You
  9. Are You A Fire ? Because You Make Me All Warm Inside
  10. Did It Hurt When You Feel Down From The Heaven?
  11. How Could An Angel Like You Not Have Wings?
  12. I Think When I Met You I Instantly Grow Wings. Must Be Because I’m Ready To Fly Into Your Life
  13. I Think I’m Lost. Can You Guide Me To Your Heart?
  14. My Phone Is Missing A Number, Yours.
  15. I Think I Know Why Your Phone Is So Silent, Because It Doesn’t Have Me Texting You With Love
  16. Are You Not Tired? Because I’m Pretty Sure You’ve Been Running Through My Mind All Day
  17. Are You A Hotel Room? Because I Want To Check Into Your Heart Everyday
  18. I Know What My Life Is Missing Now, You As My Boyfriend
  19. Woah, Do You See That? That’s The Image Of Our Future Together And It Is Beautiful
  20. Can You Check The Material Of This Shirt? I Think It’s Made Of Girlfriend Material For You
  21. Would You Take A Picture With Me So My Friends Know I Met An Angel
  22. What Do You Do Best, Other Than Being Smoking Hot
  23. Are You A Barbeque? Because You Are Smoking Hot
  24. I Think I Need To Check Your Temperature Because Standing With You Gives Me The Heat
  25. Hey, Kiss Me If I Am Wrong But Dinosaurs Still Exist, Right?
hey kiss me if i am wrong but dinosaurs still exists right
  1. Let Me Check You Out From Top To Bottom, I’m Pretty Sure You Have All The Husband Material Signs
  2. Look At Me Long Enough And You’ll See That I Have The Wife Material Signs
  3. Are You A Star ? Because You Are Shining All Night Long
  4. I Think I Am A Time Traveller Because I Can Definitely See You In My Future
  5. Look At The Constellation Tonight, It Spells Out Will-You-Be-Mine
  6. Is The Bar Empty Or Do I Lose The Capability To See Anyone Else But You
  7. Is It Just Me Or Do You Also Hear People Cheering For Us To Be Together?
  8. Your Hand Looks Cold, Can My Hand Warm It Up?
  9. Your Lips Looks Sad Can I Kiss It For You?
  10. Are You Born From A Pile Of Sugar? Because You Look So Sweet
  11. Are You Born From A Rack Of Spices? Because You Definitely Spice Up My World
  12. Give Me A Map, I’m Getting Lost Looking At Your Eyes

Tips On Flirting With A Guy

tips on flirting with a guy

Flirting with a guy with the pick up lines might seem easy but sometimes our courage stops us from ever using it on anyone. That is why you need to use these tips on flirting with them;

1. Be Confident

People who are not confident definitely doesn’t make a guy show the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say. You need to believe in your own worth and throw away all the shame in using that pick up lines.

2.Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Do not be too bummed when you got rejected when using these pick up lines. You are meant to carry these lines with a humour and charm. If you try and try again, you will find someone who will like you for it.

3. Read The Situation

Make sure that you are in a casual situation so the pick up lines fits.

4. Show Him Your Other Side

Don’t only use pick up lines, also tell them about yourself and other things. 

Signs That You Caught Him With Your Charm

signs that you caught him with your charm

If you have done the right thing and do it with the right attitude, you will see these signs that you caught him;

1. He Doesn’t Shoo You Away

This means that he doesn’t mind you flirting with him. By this time, you need to do more tricks to make him impressed.

2. He Flirts Back With You

A guy that is into you will start to reply to your attempt to get him with his own Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong.

3. He Wants To Take Things Further

He doesn’t want to keep conversating, not that he hates it, but he is interested to take things further with you.

With the right tools,which is the Best Pick Up Lines For Your Crush that will make him smile,you will see the signs that they absolutely adore you. This is why you need to try it in your next attempt to be with a guy!

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