5 Unknown Reasons Why Pisces Girls Are the Most Difficult to Understand

Last updated on June 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Pisces are one of most difficult to understand among the twelve zodiac signs. They are also mysterious folks that are clever to hide everything that is on their minds from the outside world. They are actually soft and loving people who care a lot about everyone around them.

They are often in the hermit mode as most of the time they like to contemplate and technically live inside their heads. They are dreamers who fancy exploring their own inner world as a form of escapism from the harsh boring world, the reality. It is no wonder that Pisces have creative trait as one of their positive attributes.

Unfortunately, their own thoughts and emotions often clashing that causes pisces to get trapped. This makes them frequently misunderstood by people around them. Pisces is also known as the most sensitive zodiac sign. That is why people whose zodiac sign is Pisces are easily get hurt and depressed when they are being ignored or not being heard.

Reasons Why Pisces Girls Are the Most Difficult to Understand

If you have a friend who has pisces as his/her zodiac sign, and you feel like it is hard to read him, do not force yourself to do so. It is because sometimes, pisces are having a hard time to understand and to handle themselves, which is why it is even more difficult for other people from other signs to understand pisces. There are actually some Reasons Why Pisces Are The Most Difficult To Understand:

  1. They are Dreamers

Pisces are often diving into their own inner world. They sometimes do not realize that they are zoning out. They can be thinking of anything else for a good five minutes while they are in the middle of something. This is why they have trouble to distingush between reality and fantasy. This is also one of Pisces Woman Weaknesses

Most of pisces asume that the reality is so exhausting for them, so one way to deal with the reality is by traveling to their little dream world to find the comfort. Hence, if you find your pisces friend go off into their fantasy world, just understand them that it is their way to cope with the cold, harsh reality. That way, you will have easier time hanging around with your pisces friend.

2. They are Naturally Introverted

Pisces love meeting new people and new friends. That's why most of them are outgoing introvert, and there are Reasons Why You Should Date the Outgoing Introvert. However, they need some time to recharge their energy after meeting and socializing with many people, which is one typical trait of introverted people. It is hard for them to be just the way they are around people they don't feel like close with. Therefore, they are frequently misunderstood as fake or not genuine.

Moreover, Pisces are also often in autopilot mode when doing a conversation. Their bodies might there listening to you, but their minds are somewhere strolling around their inner world. Because of this, they may come off as rude. But in reality, Pisces are one of the nicest signs.

3. They Need to be Alone a Lot

Because they are inherently introverted, they need to be alone a lot. Their energy easily get sucked up by today's world. Hence, to freshen and calm themselves down from all the conflicting draining energies out there, they need plenty of alone time.

Even so, they still want their alone time and social time to be balance, but most of the time they do not know how to balance between the two. This gets them irritated and lost. This condition can make those around them left with confusion, and one of Reasons Why Pisces are Hard to Keep

4. They Cannot Find a Word to Express Themselves Often

The next reason why Pisces are the most difficult to understand is that Pisces want to express what they feel, because they want to be heard and be understood by others. Nevertheless, they are often having a hard time just to choose the right words to convey it.

Therefore, they would rather to keep it to themselves, which will not help to make others understand them. Moreover, pisces love to spend their times inside their head. This makes other people even more difficult to get in touch with them.

5. They are Indecisive

Anything simple can be complicated for Pisces since they are indecisive. It is hard for them to figure out what they really want. Choosing what food they want to eat or what clothes they want to wear today can be a difficult battle for them. Since they don't want to bother others, in the end they choose something that they regularly eat or wear. If you give them enough time, however, they will eventually decide what they want.

These are some reasons why Pisces girls are the most difficult to understand. Pisces might be difficult to understand, but you will understand them easily if you give them enough time and understand them by heart. This way, they will eventually open up with you. You also will have strong bond and connection with them that you can comprehend your pisces buddies easily.

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