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How to Make Leo Man Fall in Love with Aquarius Woman

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Leo and Aquarius has their own charming way about how they can make their inner circle loves them. If we see the zodiac compatibility, Leo and Aquarius might not the best match but they are still fit each other really well. However, it doesn’t mean that it is not require an effort to make it.


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Here are how to make Leo man fall in love with Aquarius woman

Both Leo and Aquarius have strong will in their own way. These will of them represent individuality and how great they are in living life with dependency. It is exactly like we all know, everyone seems to love Aquarius, and in the other hand, Leo made a great leadership that can also attract everyone attention. But still, there is always obstacle to obtain the love you’ve been dream of.

So, to easier your way, here are how to make Leo man fall in love with Aquarius woman.

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1. Out of The Comfort Zone

How to make Leo man fall in love with Aquarius woman? As an Aquarius woman, you must be really know how boring being ordinary is. Aquarius need to show her rebellious act and out of the comfort zone to attract a Leo man, because Leo loves things that catch their attention.

2. Be Creative

Leo basically has creative soul and loves art that much. To make a Leo man fall in love with you, an Aquarius woman should show him that you are interested in the same thing, which is art. You need to be creative! You can show him that you can do some arts and upload it on Instagram.

3. Show Some Admiring

Some people might feel unease if they know someone admire them. However, it is not for Leo. They love being admired well we can guess with their natural born leader that craving for admiring. Then, you better show it some!

4. Laugh at His Joke

Leo is a funny person that can always make everyone around them easily happy. How to make Leo man fall in love with Aquarius woman? You could try by laughing at his joke and it would make him feel appreciated.

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5. Be Funny

Now you already know that Leo has a good sense of humour. If you want to make Leo man fall in love with you, Aquarius woman, you can try to be funny and throw the best joke you can make when he is around.

6. Spend Time On Weekend Together

Leo must be a busy body because he loves getting involved in several activities and probably become a leader in one or two of them. That is why they like taking holiday and enjoy it as long as he can. How to make Leo man fall in love with Aquarius woman? Aquarius can try ask him to spend time on weekend together.

7. Hang Out with Him and His Friends

Socialize is close to Leo. They are basically an extrovert that really love being active in community. If an Aquarius woman wants to get closer to his Leo man crush and even make him fall in love, try to hang out with and his friend.

8. Try to Be More Confident

Aquarius is often overthinking everything. However, confidence is the key if you want to make a Leo man fall in love with you. Don’t doubt about unrelated thing like is he going to accept your existence or not, because he is! Leo is passionate after all.

9. Never Ignore Him

How to make Leo man fall in love with Aquarius woman? Actually it could turn out to be really simple: don’t ever ignore him. Leo is such attention seeker and wants to be the center of it. So, you better not!

10. Be Yourself

Actually, the Aquarius traits itself already can attract a Leo man. It is a good news for you, isn’t it? Now be more yourself and show your worth!

Substantial Signs Your Leo Man Attracted to You

It is normal for an Aquarius woman to thinking about even a little thing that is on her mind. However, you need to wonder no more about does your Leo man crush notice you or not. Here are substantial signs your Leo man attracted to you.

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1. Your Attention is What Matter Most

We all know a Leo is always searching attention and they love to be the center of it. When a Leo man attracted to you, they do something for catch your attention because it is what matter most.

2. Try to Be Funny In Front of You

If a Leo man attracted to you, he always try to be funny in front of you. Well, it is not hard for them since they born with natural humorous gift.

3.  Never Let You Down

As a leader, Leo always hold their responsibility up. And, they bring it onto their life too. They want people around them to be happy. Especially you, if they fall in love with you, they would never let you down.

4. Learn More About What You Like

Leo would never give up until they get what they want. If a Leo fall in love with you, they will give all they had to catch you. One of them is they will try to learn more about what you like.

5. Create a Deep Talk

Aquarius loves a discussion. If a Leo man fall in love with Aquarius woman, there would be a great conversation between them and also Leo can create a deep talk to be on the topic.

Bonus Tips About How to Make Leo Man Fall in Love with Aquarius Woman

Here are bonus tips about how to make Leo man fall in love with Aquarius woman to easier your relationship way.

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1. Leo is Generous Person

You want to make a Leo man fall in love with you? As an Aquarius woman, first of all you need to know that Leo is a really generous person. Take and give is unable in their words; it is always give and give. So, you better treat them the same.

2. Make Leo More Productive

We must know that Leo is often a leader in certain group he had. However, he still has flaws and that is sometimes he can be very lazy. You need to make him more productive!

3. Hang On with Leo’s Arrogance

Being a “king” sometimes makes Leo arrogant too. You better hang on with it, Aquarius!

4. Give Leo What He Wants

If you want to make a Leo man fall in love with you, you can try by giving Leo what he wants. However, don’t push yourself into the edge because you could end up hurting yourself.

5. Save Some Money

One things you should know, Leo loves expensive thing so much. If today is his birthday, you better prepare something nice to give. And, save some money too.

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