Best Thing to Do to Get Your Girlfriend Back in These 3 Stages

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Men often got a headache from thinking how complicated women can be. You feel like you have tried your best but it doesn't make her happy somehow. There always something's missing. Before you know it, she asked for a break up.

There are million reasons why you should never get back with your ex, but none of them applied to you. Enough said, you fail to move on and eventually want get her back. There's nothing wrong with that since all is fair in love and war. Make sure you are doing it right this time so everything won't be gone in vain.

Best Thing to Do to Get Your Girlfriend Back

When break up happened, something must be wrong in the relationship. You need to find this out first before everything. And the next is to step into the real world. What are exactly the best thing to do to get your girlfriend back? It can be divided into three stages:

The Preparation

Deal with yourself first before you do the things to get her back.

1. Accept the Break Up

Go back to your sense because the break up was real. You need to accept the fact that she is no longer yours. It seems simple but it's the most important thing. That is how you can clearly think about what has happened and what to do next. You could also reflect on why would she want to break up with you.

2. Work Up on Your Life

Life is not only about her. Even though she's gone, life goes on. Live your life to the full and work up on it. Remember to be happy and don't hurt yourself. Among the Best Thing to Do After Your Girlfriend Breaks Up with You is to travel alone somewhere. Hanging out with your best friends is not a bad idea as well.

3. Don't Contact Her at All

You will be missing her for sure but don't contact her and don't make any attempt to. You need your space and she needs her. If you become persistent in calling and texting her right after the break up, instead of getting back together, she will find you as an annoyance and getting back is a dream that is hard to reach.

4. Show Your New and Happy Life

You deserve to be happy. Don't let your life going downhill just because she's no longer there. Before showing her how happy you are with your new life, you have to be genuinely happy first. Do the things you like, find a new hobbies, and don't forget to post it on your social media. She definitely the first one who should know that!

The Meet Up

You will eventually meet your ex. Whether it's a short bump on street or when you attend the same occasion together, your mutual friend's birthday for example. Get ready as if you're going on a war.

1. Look Good

Do you know the Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You After Break Up? After she sees how good you look after that. Your appearance has a big thing to do with her second first impression to you. Seeing how good you look right now, it's hard for her to get you out of her head. Try a look you never have done before.

2. Don't Look Clingy

You miss her, right? But keep your pride as a man by playing it cool. Just because you finally meet her, doesn't mean you have to follow her around all the time to make sure she see all the changes in you. Do it short but leave a big impact.

3. Be a Man You Have Never Been Before

Beside the outer appearance, you should change inside too. Make up for the mistake that caused the break up, be a better man so that she know you have changed. You don't have to try too hard to show them, since she can see it right through you. Even when she's not impressed, it's still good for you.

4. Keep the Poker Face

Control that expression! Don't wear too much smile but don't look sulky either. Smiling too much makes you look easy while looking sulky annoys her. Keep the face straight and under control. In fact, don't show any expression at all. Maybe a one simple smile will do. Just once.

The Aftermath

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The defining moment is what happen and what to do after you met her. Let's move on to the next stage, the real best thing to do to get your girlfriend back.

1. Get Back in Her Life

Of course you need to get back in her life. If calling or texting her seems extreme, you can start by liking her photos on her social media (this is why you shouldn't unfollowed her in the first place). Once or twice, leave a comment via direct message since public comment will be burdensome for you.

2. The Push and Pull Technique

No matter how much you want to get her back at the moment, don't look too easy. You need to do some push and pull as well. Take some time to reply her messages, don't always pick up her phone right away (even though you currently doing nothing). It will make her wants you more.

3. Don't Rush Things

Keep everything slow but still on the right track. Even when she is your ex girlfriend you're trying to win back, you need to make sure you have the Signs You are Ready for a New Relationship in you.

4. Rediscover Each Other Once More

The best Ways to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Fall in Love with You Again is by letting her know you once more. Let her see by herself the better man you have become.

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