Should You Ask Your Girlfriend If She's A Virgin And How To Tell About It

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For some people and in certain culture, virginity matters. While in the modern society people are not concerning whether a girl is still virgin or not, some man become curious when he start dating. It could only out of curiosity but the simple question means a lot to a woman. In an Islamic culture, for example, a woman should keep her chastity until the day she legally married and all the Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Virginity has made clear.


Should You Ask Your Girlfriend If She's A Virgin

When a man start dating, he can’t help but become curious at some point whether his girlfriend is still virgin or not. It could be by seeing how good she is on the bed or how flirtatious she is that make him think maybe she has many experience already with other guys.

Unless you are finding the ways How to Get a Muslim Girl Interested in You, the question is taboo. A true Muslim girl try her best to keep herself virgin so asking that question will offend her. Even though she is not a Muslim, you better not directly ask about it.

What She Might Think When You Ask About Her Virginity

If you still wondering should you ask your girlfriend if she’s a virgin or not, here are what she might think about when you ask her:

1. You Judge Her Too Quickly

One of the best Husband Material Signs every girl wish to date is the one who loves her for who she is. Unless all the sensitive topics are naturally flowing through conversation, bringing up virginity on purpose will make her think that you judge her too quickly. Don’t leave any impression that virginity matters that much.

2. You Are Someone From The Past

Some women think that virginity doesn’t matter anymore. It due to their modern way of thinking and open-mindedness. If she is one of those modern woman, she will assume that you are old fashioned and it could be a huge turn off for her.

3. You Have No Respect For Her

you have no respect for her

Love is where a relationship start. But to make it last you need more than just love. Paying respect to each other is something that has to exist in a relationship. Questioning her virginity is definitely not the way how. After that, the next thing come into your mind is Should You Ask Your Girlfriend How Many Guys She Has Slept with.

4. You Don't Really Like Her

If you are questioning her virginity, she will be questioning your feeling for her as well. Even worse when she doubts about your real motives in dating her. Do you really like her or you’re just curious about some things about her?

How To Tell If A Girl Is Still Virgin Or Not

It’s not wrong for you to wonder if your girlfriend is still virgin or not as long as it doesn’t make you judge her in the wrong way. Instead of directly asking her and might hurt her feeling, here are some tricks to find out about her virginity on your own:

1. She Doesn't Know How To Flirt

An experienced woman knows how to hit it right on you. She is so good at flirting that you are unable to resist her somehow. She seems to mastered the Ways to Flirt without Coming on Too Strong.

2. She Has This Penetrating Stare

If you find a woman with a sexy, killing look so inviting you can assume she is not virgin anymore. Or at least she has a lot of experience before. She can match your stare and doesn’t even blink a second. Going out with an experienced woman is never a bad thing, though.

3. Her Way Of Walking

This is one old thing, very very old but many people still believe in it until today. You can tell whether a woman is still virgin or not from the way she walks. It is believed that a woman’s vagina opened wider after having sex which resulted in her walking a little broader.

4. She Is More Brazen

she is more brazen

An innocent woman who is never hooked up with a man will not be so opened in trying new things. She tends to hesitate and wondering whether it will turn out well or not. While an experienced one would not be playing safe and rather adventurous.

5. She Knows What She Wants

Sex has a magical effects on a woman, one of the, being her having a high self-esteem. She is no longer finding the ground where she stands. She knows who she is and what she wants. This kind of woman is actually more fun to be dated with rather than a girl who is at loss at herself. Woman who leads the way is sexier.

6. She Knows How To Turn You On

Well, again and again she knows where to hit the target. Remember that she is no longer someone innocent. She knows how to turn you on very well. Right from the start.

7. She Is Too Easy Going

An experienced woman tend to be more open mind and easy going with everything. It shows that she is more flexible in some way and, of course, she knows how to have fun.

Virginity remains a sensitive topics even for a modern woman, so that you must weigh carefully should you ask your girlfriend if she’s a virgin or not. It’s all up on you but if you truly love her for who she is now, you should leave her past behind just like how you wish her to do the same to you.

Whether she is virgin or not, it doesn’t define who she is and has nothing to do with her feeling for you.

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