Hurtful Signs Your Crush Just Friendzoned You

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It's common for everyone to have crush on someone else. Say it celebrities, famous people, or with your fellow friends. But things get weird when they show no intention to take the relationship further. Everyone start asking whether you have some romantic involvement with him, but you can't say yes. All of your friends told you that it's the Signs That She Friendzoned but you don't want to admit it.

While you want to be more than friend with them, it's possible that they don't want the same. Maybe they just feel comfortable to stay friend with you. Let's take a deeper look at the signs your crush is just friendzoned you.


1. They Refer You As "A Good Friend"

When someone has crush on you or even falling in love with you, they will never refer you as their friend even for once. But if they are letting you know how good of a friend you are for them then they feel comfortable to stay that way with you.

2. They Date The Other Person

they date the other person

You may get very close to them all along, but it's no guarantee they will ask you out. Not until you realize that they are going out with the other person. Isn't it clear that of they like you, why would they date other person?

3. They Never Get Jealous

Isn't jealousy is like an icing to your relationship cupcake? Try to flirt with other and see how will they react. If they do like you, they'll get jealous and it shown through their face and behavior afterwards. But if they're just okay with that, it's a clear Signs He is Friendzoning You.

4. They Set You Up With Other People

Maybe as the time pass by, you miss many Signs Your Crush is Interested in Someone Else that they show all along. But you're too focused on your feeling that you haven't got a clue. So that they put an act by setting you up with other people, hoping that you will know they don't like you somehow.

5. They Talk About That Person A Lot

So you spend most of your time together with them, but they always their heart and mind in some other place. Their body is with you both their mind is on that person. All they talk about is the other one. They even asking for your advice how to ask them out!

6. You Are The One That Trying Hard

For a relationship to make it, both person should working on it equally harder. But it's not what you see in your crush. It was always you who make the effort while they seem to take you for granted. What're you waiting for? Go find the best Ways to Forget One Sided Love with the.

More Of The Signs That They Friendzoned You

more of the signs that they friendzoned you

As you wish to date them, only little signs won't be enough for the evidence that you are being friendzoned by your crush. Maybe you will convince after reading more of the signs your crush is just friendzoned you:

  1. They give short responses in any kind of communication. Say it through the text, via phone calls, or when you talk directly to them.
  2. Or they don't even give any response at all. Well, they simply don't care.
  3. They never say yes when you ask them to hang out or lunch together.
  4. They always delaying their response to you by saying, "Let me check on my schedule first."
  5. You have done all your best to flirt with them, but it never work.
  6. They don't notice the change you make on yourself. Such as when you juts cut your hair.
  7. No deep conversation between you two. When you speak out your heart through the lengthy talk, they doesn't show any sincere respons.
  8. The same thing when you compliment them. They should be very happy with that but all they give is a simple thank you then they walk away.
  9. They consistently disappear and not contacting you for a while. However he will show up to you as if nothing ever happen.
  10. They never want to hear your opinion, nor they ask you for advice when they about to do something. 

Why They Don't Want To Be With You

why they don't want to be with you

Being involved with someone who doesn't give assurance to you is not good. Morevoer when you noticing the signs your crush is just friendzoned you after you do your best to do the Ways to Get Closer to Your Crush. In case you are curious, here are what may the reason why they don't want to be an item with you:

  1. You may be smart, funny, cool, and having a great personality, but they just don't see you attractive in some ways.
  2. For them, you are obnoxious. The way you follow him around and clinging onto them is just annoying and that's what makes them refraining from dating you.
  3. You are fun as a person and friend, but not as lover. Maybe they find you sociable and rather keep you as a friend.
  4. You went out with one of their friends and it makes you less attractive in their eyes. People tend to avoid going out with their friend's ex.
  5. They just want to have fun and not ready for some serious commitment.
  6. Or they think you're interested in them. So that they stop from trying to make you their partner.
  7. Your friendship is too precious for them. They don't want to ruin it.

After reading all the signs your crush is just friendzoned you, it means the time to move on has come. Stop clinging and hoping for someone who has no intention to commit a more serious relationship with you. There are better people deserve your love out there.

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