31 Horrible Signs Your Girlfriend Still Has Feelings For Her Ex

Last updated on January 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When you move into a new relationship, you will have to invest all of your heart, time, and thoughts into making it work. You have to stay present and to rejoice. There could be one thing blocking this, which is being stuck in the past.

It feels horrible when you have someone that is not giving all their love to loving you. Instead, they use it to still be stuck to their ex. Here are the horrible signs your girlfriend still has feelings for her ex;


1. She Kept Stalking His Ex Through Social Media

Many people say that stalking is a sign of caring. So when you see her still obsessively checking out her ex’s social media, ask her to stop it.

2. Talking About Her Ex Is A Part Of The Conversation

Somehow, the prospect of her ex always drift into your conversation with her which in the end makes things weird.

3. She Still Regrets What Happens With Her Ex

Regretting how things turns out in the end is a Signs Your Ex Wants You Back.

4. Often Comparing Your Action To Her Ex

Whatever you do will be compared to how her ex used to do it in the past. In the long run, this can be so painful for you.

5. Rarely Being Satisfied By You

rarely being satisfied by you

Comparison blocks the road of satisfaction. This makes the relationship slowly deteriorates.

6. She Still Keeps Things That Reminds Her Of Her Ex

Whether it’s his jacket or a gift from him, she still keeps it and put it where she can see it.

7. Still Texting With Her Ex

Her love leads her to still text her ex. To determine if there is a lingering love, check if the text shows the Subtle Signs Your Crush Likes You Through Texting.

8. Sometimes Calling Her Ex For A Casual Call

Your girl is definitely still stuck in the past if she still calls her ex all the time.

9. Her Family Still Wants Her To Be With Her Ex

The family of hers still want her to be with her ex and she seems to follow their wish. Her family even shows the Signs a Family Member Doesn't Like You to you.

10. Still Hanging Out With Her Ex’s Family

When she hangs out with his family still, that means that she still hopes that she can get back together with him.

11. Keeping The Text She Had From Her Ex

Texts she had from him is still kept because she still likes to see it and reminisce over it.

12. Having Photos Of Her Ex In Her Phone

This is another secret signs your girlfriend still has feelings for her ex.The photos with him is not erased and won’t be erased by him even if you want her to.

13. Still Praising Her Ex Romantically

Showing the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush to her ex is a definite sign of interest from your lady to his ex.

14. Often Daydreaming When With You

often daydreaming when with you

Her daydreams doesn’t consist of you. Instead, it is about her and her ex.

15. Keep Bringing Her Ex’s Name Into Your Fight

She randomly compares you to him in between the fights that you have with her which is completely unnecessary. 

16. Threatening To Go Back To Her Ex

If things go bad, she threatens to go back to her ex.

17. Still Hanging Out With Her Ex

Hanging out with her ex means that they haven’t completely cut their ties.

18. When They Meet Each Other, They Show Intimacy

She even shows the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy.

19. Often Leaving You Out When Hanging Out With Him

When hanging out together, she completely put her attention to her ex.

20. Jealous Of Her Ex’s New Life

It seems that she is always jealous of her ex’s new happiness.

21. Still Wanting To Control His Life

From her jealousy, she starts to be controlling even if she doesn’t have the right to do so.

More Ways To Know That She Didn’t Forget The Past

The past should stay behind you, but not for your girlfriend. These are more ways to know that she is still stuck in how life used to be ;

1. Still Comparing Herself To Her Ex’s New Girlfriend

Her insecurity comes from the presence of a new girlfriend in her ex’s life.

2. Still Nervous Before Meeting Him

Nervousness means that you care a lot about something.

3. Not Being As Close To You As She Is To Him

not being as close to you as he is to him

Your intimacy could never compare to her intimacy with him.

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4. Putting His Ex As A Top Priority

Instead of putting  you as her priority, she cares about her ex’s happiness more than yours. 

5. Not Wanting To Be Too Committed To You

Commitment seems outrageous when she still wants to get back to him.

6. Lying About Her Feelings Towards Him

If she is not completely honest, there is something she is hiding.

7. Wanting To Get Her Ex’s Attention

Doing crazy things will be done as long as her ex shows the Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Fall in Love with You All Over Again.

Tips To Make Her Feelings Go Away

You might wonder how could you get her out from that state of mind. Here are the tips on what to do:

1. Make Her Talk About The Problem

Talking about the problem truthfully is the only way to move to the next step.

2. Figure Out A Way Out Together

Now that you know what the problem really is, you need to figure the way out together as a couple.

3. Continue To Prove Your Love

Prove your love by showing the How to Know He Loves You Even When He Doesn't Say It.

Sometimes we don’t know why our relationship is failing. But it could be because of the signs your girlfriend still has feelings for her ex. Because of this, your relationship never progresses. To overcome that problem, you need to do the tips we have provided to make it all work again in the end.

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