How To Know If Your Ex Girlfriend Never Loved You Before (10 Invisible Signs)

Last updated on June 17, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you having thoughts about your ex-girlfriend and wondering if they ever loved you?

Do you feel a need to get closure on whether it was true love with this woman, or if she was being dishonest about her feelings?

Maybe you think this information could have an important impact on how you approach your next relationship. 

But perhaps you feel like she's not going to be honest if you ask her how she really felt? 

If so, this guide is likely going to help you. It explains a range of ways to discover whether your ex-girlfriend ever really loved you.

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Let's now take a look at some more clues that she was never really in love.


Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Never Loved You

1. Not Interested To Stay Longer

There is a way on how to know if your ex girlfriend never loved you. After break up, you realized that she isn't that interested to stay longer when you are going out. At first, you might think she just wants her time to be alone but it's not. She actually doesn't want to be with you.

2. Involved Less In Any Conversation

involved less in any conversation

You may still befriend her. You can see by the intensity of her at involve in any conversation. If she never loved you, she will do less.

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3. She Doesn't Do Much

Do you remember everything you did to make the relationship work out? And also, do you remember what she did? If you don't remember, it is not because you are such easy to forget something but she literally did nothing about it. Now you see that she doesn't do much in the relationship.

4. Never Do Romantic

Not only that, but she also doesn't want and never asks you to do such romantic thingy. It is simply because she doesn't want it from you.

5. She Doesn't Admire You

How to know if your ex girlfriend never loved you? Love starts with admiring. If she doesn't admire you, then she never loved you. As simple as that.

6. You Are Not Her Priority

To learn how to know if your ex girlfriend never loved you, you can see it by the number of the priority she puts you in. She might be busy with school or work, but if she really does love you, she would make a special time for you.

7. Her Friends Come First

her friends come first

Even though you were her boyfriend, she chose her friends over you. You could realize sooner if you know this.

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8. She Doesn't Respect Your Family

Another way to know how to know if your ex girlfriend never loved you. She doesn't respect your family as she supposed to do. There are possibilities why she did that, but still, if she loves you then she should love your family too.

9. Block All of Your Contact Immediately

There is no reason to keep in touch in you since you already break up. She doesn't want you to come back though that is why now she blocks all of your contacts as soon as the post break up.

10. Your Effort Worth Nothing

She didn't appreciate all of your efforts. That was easy for her since that effort worth nothing for her.

Why Your Ex Girlfriend Never Loved You But Was Still Dating You

why your ex girlfriend never loved you but was still dating you

After learning how to know if your ex girlfriend never loved you, you might wonder, if she never loved you why she wants to date me in the first place? Here is your answer.

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1. She Hates Single Life

This is one of the most common reasons why she would still choose to date you even though she never loved you. She already through a lot in her single life too long. Then, she might think that dating you can change that situation.

2. She Doesn't Want to Feel Lonely

When she is with you, at least she doesn't need to be alone all the time. We all know how awful the lonely feeling is.

3. She Tried But Failed

Or maybe, she did try to love you however she just can't. Don't blame yourself for this.

4. You Are Too Kind

She doesn't want to let you down because you are too kind. Even though in the end she did it since its only hurt you more.

5. She Is Using You

This is the worst case that could possibly happen. She only wants you for something or basically, you are being used.

Tips To Forget The Ex Girlfriend That Never Loved You

tips to forget the ex girlfriend that never loved you

Here are more tips to forget the ex girlfriend that never loved you.

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1. Only Waste Your Time

Being with her is already such a waste of time. Maybe you love her, but, think about it, she never ever loves you in the first place. Why waste more of your time thinking about her?

2. All the Good Things Are Fake

Remember that all the memories and every good thing are just not real. She is faking it all the time.

3. It Doesn't Affect Her Life

You can be sad and grieve about this fact, yet, it doesn't even affect her life. Time to to move and let it all go.

4. She Doesn't Care

She didn't care it would hurt you when she decided to go out with you even though she never loved you, and why would she care now?

5. You Deserve More

You can give your kindness to someone else that deserves it. Eventually, the good thing will happen to you if you keep kind to others.

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