What To Do When Your Boyfriend Breaks Up With You And You Live Together

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What to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you and you live together? Both you are in a long-term relationship, you and he live together in the same house within three years. However, when your relationship going to enter the third years, it seems your boyfriend has changed of his behavior. You caught him to sneak out often he comes late, he often to hides his phone and pick up his phone away from you.

Besides he always just talk about business and business. Let's check out below here what to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you and you live together.


1. Your Boyfriend Does Not Want To Grow

You have been dreamed of the future life, both you and he want to grow together to build the next future. These are some tips for you, what to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you via text.

2. You Want Him To Marry You

Marriage is a goal for the relationship, and you hope that he propose you as well and build your life together with him.

3. It Is About The Future Of Relationship

it is about the future of relationship

Besides the marriage goal, you want to have a baby from him. This is a piece of happiness of life. But, it seems he does not want any baby. He just wants to be your partner.

4. Both You Are Not Match

There are many different things both you and him. You are stubborn as well like him, no one of you wants to budge. There is more information for you these are some reasons why Taurus and Virgo are compatible.

5. There Is Always A Fight

This fight is because of small problems, it can lead to big fights. The example you caught him that he has lied behind you.

6. He Does Not Keep You Happy

The first and the second years, you are so happy being with him. However, since your relationship turns into third years, he becomes different. His behavior is also changed.

7. He Is Cheating Behind You

Are you ever caught him cheating with your best friends? So, what to do when your best friend says she loves your boyfriend? These tips will help you.

Signs That He Does Not Want To Live Together With You And Wants To Break Up

Well, how about some signs that he does not want to live together with you and wants to break up? 

1. The Connection Both Of You Is Not Right

The conversation connection is no longer the same as before, the way he shared information with you is not the same. He hid it more often than sharing information directly.

2. He Hesitates When You Make Future Plans

This year is your third years, so it is the right time for you to make some future plans for the wedding goals. However, it seems he hesitates about your plans. His face is so flat.

3. The Wedding Goals Are Not For Him 

the wedding goals are not for him

Well, in here he thinks that the wedding goals are not for him, it is for you. He thinks you just want to get it and also the assets that it has. If he thinks like this, so he wants to break up with you.

4. Rarely Spend Time With You

He just thinks about his business and talks about his business. Well, he is the best entrepreneur. So, he will choose his business first, then he spends his time with you. These are the things to know before you date a young entrepreneur.

5. More Often Criticize Than Compliments You

Well, his behavior is changed. At the first, he often to complaints you; you are so nice, beautiful and others. Now, he is more often to criticize about you, how do you cook, your bad taste food, even small things he criticizes it.

6. Consider Remembering Happy Memories

You tell him how you feel very happy about that happy memories. However, he just ignores you. He does not reply any word.

7. Just Let Him Go

You feel tired because in this relationship you often fight with him. Now, it is to give up, and no more argument or make any fight. 

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Breaks Up With You And You Live Together

So, below here are the tips on what to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you and you live together? Let's check these out.

1. Tell Your Boyfriend

How do you tell your boyfriend about his actions and how they relate to your feelings? Pick the right time to tell this to your boyfriend. Well, when both of you have a tea time or coffee time it's the right time to tell your feeling about this.

2. There Is No Time

What to do if there is no time both you and him? Set aside your time and tells him clearly with proper ways also. While you tell your problem but he still ignores you. Your boyfriend really wants to break up with you.

3. Going To New Places

going to new places

These three years, maybe you both found a lot of boredom in your life. Why not try something new? Learn a new hobby or go to a new place.

4. Find A Compromise

Try to compromise with your boyfriend, find something. If the result is zero, 100 percent he will break up with you. There are some tips on how to tell your boyfriend He is not treating you right.

5. Find Out More

Spend your time to little investigate, find out more about him. You can ask his friend or his relatives. With this, you can start to make a plan.

6. New Plan

However, if you feel that he has someone new. Start to make a plan, caught him in one time. Ask someone of your friend to be your temporary boyfriend. So, here are that you should do, what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you with your best friend?

Hopefully, the above on what to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you and you live together could be useful for you. With these, your problem will be fixed as well. Do not ever to give up to find out more about him. If the final decision he breaks up with you, just leave him alone and immediately wake up to make a new life with new people.

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