What to Do When Your Boyfriend Breaks Up with You Via Text

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What to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you via text? First, you must calm down. Take a deep breath and try to think positively. Then, see these following step here. It will help you out. Before we know about the tips, let's see these following reasons, why he breaks up with you via text.

1. It is different

How is your feeling about him? What is his feeling about you? Is there any difference when he looks at you? If his behavior is change, then he is no more loving you.

2. It is not a match

A small problem can cause a big fight and this fight does not only happen at once. Well, maybe he is not your right match. Check on these the reasons why Taurus and Virgo are compatible, it already matches.

3. Both of you are busy

Both you and he are busy, there is less of communication. There is no plan too to do some quality together. This can lead his feeling fade away.

4. No communication

Communication is the important things in the relationship; no calls, no texting, even there is no mails. So, where is your boyfriend, now? Why he is not showing himself?

5. He just wants to quit

Maybe, this is his way to quit. Now, you are now that all these times he is a chicken. Your boyfriend is coward.

6. Has someone new

Check on his social media, or try to ask his closest friends. Maybe he has someone new behind you. See the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship.

7. Lots of problems

It might he has lots of problems, and he keeps it himself. He will not let you know about this. So, he wants to break up with you via text.


Signs of your boyfriend that want to break up with you

Below here there are some signs of your boyfriend that want to break up with you. Beware, if you see any signs below here. You should prepare what to do after he shows these signs. 

1. Stop answering your text

when was the last time he sent a text? Several days, several weeks or even months? Well, he breaks his relationship with no manners. Just forget him.

2. No more promises

Does he often give sweet promises to you? However, none of his promises were realized?  So, please do not hear anything from him again. 

3. Breaks the plan

Next week both of you make a plan to going somewhere, but again and again, he breaks your plan. Well, how to tell when Virgo man is ready to commit with you? See it these signs.

4. Spends his time with his friends

Spending your times with his friends, it is okay. However, why he does not invite you to go together?

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5. His behavior already change

He doesn't friendly to you, he just let you go. There are no love words that he usually says. He likes to fight with you even it is just small problems. Well, he wants to break with you. No more match.

6. Hides something

He hides something, he likes to sneak out and go home late. You found some call lists from another woman. Well, he has already had someone new behind you.

7. He does not care anymore

How to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on Whatsapp? Late reply to your text on Whatsapp, he does not care about you anymore, he cares more his friends.

What to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you via text

These are the proper tips what to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you via text? A boyfriend breaks up you via text is an act of a coward. He does not want to see your face, and this is not the polite way. So, what to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you via text? Let's check these out. 

1. Ask him through via text

Calming your self, do not panic and try to ask him first via text. Some boys might reply or give the reasons via text. If he does not reply, please do the next step. Please check these tips too,what to say when your boyfriend is ignoring your texts for so long.

2. Call him

Make a call is another way how to ask him for the explanation, call him regularly even he rejects you. Sometimes he will pick up his phone. Try to make a call with other numbers.

3. Make some plans

Make other plans, if your A plan is not successful try to make the other plans. Make B, C, D or even Z's plan. You can go to his workplace, meet with his friends or even going to his house.

4. Talk with his closest friends

Meet with his closest friends are the right way to search for some information from him (your boyfriend). Maybe after you meet his closest friends you have new information about him.

5. Discussed with his family or relatives

You knowing him well even his family. Try to go to his house, maybe you can meet his mother even his sister. You can search some information by talking or discuss with them.

6. Keep in patience

Keep in patience, if you still love him just do and never give up to search for some information about him. Trust to your self that there is no problem that has no way out.

7. Just think positive

Think positive is a must, if you want to cry or you want to shout, please do it. It will make your stress out. Someday you will know that this incident can make you an important lesson in your life.

8. The better life

No need to rush to reopen your heart. Over time, your problems will disappear and you will get a new and far better life.

Hopefully, the above tips on what to do when your boyfriend breaks up you via text could use for you. We know it is not easy for you. But from this problem try to learn and reflect yourself, maybe he is not the right person to be your partner in life.

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