20 Signs Your Ex Still in Love with You but Has a New Girl

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Ending the relationship with your ex might have been the best choice. There could have been a lot of problems that were too much for the both of you to handle. For whatever reason, you and your ex are now no longer a couple.


Signs Your Ex Still in Love with You but Has a New Girl

Now you’re curious whether your ex is still in love with you or not. Though he may have a new girl by his side, there’s still a possibility that he still loves you right? Here are the signs that might let you know about his true feelings:

1. Looking at You from Afar

looking at you from afar

The eyes can tell one of the biggest signs your ex still in love with you but has a new girl. When the two of you meet, he might keep looking at you from afar. He’ll keep stealing glances every once in a while. It could be because he’s curious but it could also mean that he still has a lot of feelings for you.

Constantly looking at you could also be his way of catching your attention. He wants you to notice him too. If he’s alone, why not walk over to him and have a little chat? Say all the things you need to say to him. He might tell you some important things that he's been keeping to himself. The chat could serve as a closure for the both of you.

2. You Catch Him Paying Attention to You

Every time you meet your ex, you catch him paying an intense attention to you. He definitely is still in love with you. If he’s over you then he’d probably pay attention to something else other than you. But the thing is, he will keep his distance.

There are two reasons for this. First, he doesn’t want to hurt his new girl. Second, it’s obvious he still likes you. He might be scared of the outcome if the two of you get too close. Check out the Signs that Someone is In Love with You though they're not with you.

3. Still Keeps in Touch with You

Your ex will stay in touch with you in any way possible. He just wants to maintain a connection with the person that he’s still in love with. You would receive constant calls or text messages from him. He won’t say much or he won’t call you for too long. The most important thing is that he knows how you’re doing without him. He also don’t want to have arguments with his new girl in case she gets jealous of you.

4. He’s Acting Nice

Is it normal for your ex to act nice with you? It probably is. Maybe he’s just a nice guy but maybe there’s an ulterior motive to that. He might be acting nice with you but he’s pretty distant. It’s because he wants to be close and be a part of your life as he’s not over you yet. But now that he has a new girl, he has to be careful with the moves that he makes. Learn about the Ways to Breakup but Still be Friends.

5. Acts Awkward around You

Your ex could be acting weird around you as the signs your ex still in love with you but has a new girl. Maybe he’s not the nice type but he’s the kind of guy who is pretty confused about how he feels. He has feelings for you but doesn’t want to make it weird so he’s acting awkward. He also don’t want to make his new girl jealous or even know about the fact the he still loves you. Here are some Ways Not to Love Someone too much.

6. Avoids You When He Answers His Phone

avoids you when he answers his phone

When you’re with your ex and he gets a phone call, he’s going to walk away from you. He has to avoid you when that happens especially when it’s his new girl who’s calling him. Your ex doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by talking with his girlfriend on his phone directly in front of you. He also don’t want to cause arguments with his girl if she ever knows that he’s close with you.

7. Busy with His Phone Near You

Your ex might seem so busy with his phone while he’s near you. It must be because he’s having a text conversation with his girl. As he’s still in love with you, he must be feeling a relief whenever he’s near you. But his attention will always be divided between you and his new girl. 

8. He Becomes Withdrawn around You

Other signs your ex still in love with you but has a new girl is withdrawal. He might not be so open with you anymore. This withdrawal could be because he’s trying to stop the feelings that he still has for you.

Other than that, he wants you to know that he’s off limit. He has someone else now so you shouldn’t be close with him. The more you stay away from him the easier it will be for him to move forward without thinking too much about you.

Here are the Ways to Love Yourself and be Happy with the World to stop caring too much about your ex.

More Signs from Your Ex

Down below are more signs that you should be aware of.

  1. Wants to have a chat with you over lunch or coffee.
  2. Asks your friends about how you’re doing.
  3. Stays friends with you on all your social medias.
  4. Initiates conversations over social medias.
  5. Remembers your birthday and wishes you a happy birthday as well.
  6. Likes the pictures you post on the internet.
  7. Still keeps or wears some of your gifts.

You must know How to Get Over a Broken Heart When You Still Love Him to move on quickly.

Whether you’re still in love with him too, you should be careful around him. As he has a new girl, it’s better to respect that relationship and keep your distance. You don’t want to be accused of having an affair with your ex.

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