Read These 7 Steps to Breakup Through Text

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Break up is the last way you have to try if you find out that your relationship is impossible to be kept. Usually, people proposing break up if they feel do not have the same vision anymore.

It does not mean that that person if not loyal or wants to change into another heart but sometimes, as an adult, we have to know the time to give up. Not all relationship included a marriage end up in a good way, some relationships may have a bad ending.

Break up is even better rather than feel Regret Marrying Your Partner The point is are they can end their relationship in a good way or not?

There are a lot of factors why people can not tell want to break up nicely such as the vibes that are not that good, the mood between them, the problem that happened before, and so on.

Especially for an easy-to-nervous person or easy-to-angry person, proposing break up directly maybe is not that good. As the alternative, if you are included those kinds of people you can try to proposing break up through text. Proposing break up through text has its benefit and weakness.

As we said before, proposing to break up through text is suitable for you who is irritable and nervous because it gives you time to think before act. On the other side, it can cause miscommunication and even worse.

If you are not sure about proposing break up, try to read 6 Reasons Why Break Up is Actually Good for You and here is 7 step how to propose break up through text, Whatsapp, and other messenger application :

  • Make sure you have a stable connection

The difference between proposing break up directly and through text is the media. If you decide to break up through text, you have to make sure your internet connection is stable enough. You do not want when you are trying to propose to break up the connection is shut down and it will be suspended right?

It is really uncomfortable when you have something to do left uncertainty. Recharge your internet connection first or try to get WiFi in the nearest place. Also, make sure that the WiFi place is comfortable enough for you.

  • Set the time so nothing can disturb you, or your partner

Find the time when you have everything on your own and no one can interrupt. Usually, Saturday night is the best time to finish every business because there you have nothing to do and have no business in the next day.

You can focus on preparing yourself to say goodbye and proposing break up. After you make sure that no one can interrupt you, make sure that no one can not interrupt your partner. You all have to focus on it because proposing is not only a propose. Sometimes it is followed by arguing, anger, and many bad things.

  • Choose a private messenger application

There is a lot of messenger application on Google Play and Apple Store but not all of them is encrypted by a secure connection. If you want no one can see what you discussing about, especially something private like proposing a break up then try to choose a private messenger application.

Usually, a private messenger application will be written with an 'encrypted private message'. By choosing a private messenger application will help your privacy.

  • Arrange the words that you will use

Prepare yourself with the best words you can use. Try to choose polite and soft words so you will not hurt your partner. Make some reserve plan so you are totally ready for everything might be happening. This is will help you handle your nervousness and anger because you have anything on your hand.

You can try to google how to propose a break up nicely and practice it before you do. All the thing that you have to remember is everything have no definite formula so prepare is better. If you are a man, try to avoid 100 Bad Words that Hurt a Girl Casually.

  • Text nicely

This is not advice only for proposing break up through text, but also when you do it directly. You have to talk to her or him nicely so you will not hurt your partner. Tell the reason why you all have to break up without a lie.

Also, explain that you have tried another way before proposing to break up but everything seems does not work as well. Try to explain everything if your partner demands it because it will help you to break up easier. Even though, we suggest you to not call your partner with bae or baby because it will make you harder to say goodbye.

  • Do not easily provoked

This is a special problem for everyone who has emotional issues. The reason why you have to propose through text is to help you control your emotion, not the reverse. Try to be more patient no matter how suck is your partner. Try to be the wise one and handle everything as mature as possible.  

  • Talk everything until no one of your businesses left

Another weakness of proposing break up through text is usually it left some business that you have to handle even in fact you try to not meet your ex anymore. That is why you have to talk about everything clearly until no one left. Tell her or him what you want and make sure your ex has nothing to say anymore. 

That is all the step about how to propose to break up through text such as messenger, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. Even though we give you some tips to do it, we still suggest you propose it directly because it will make it more clear about everything. Or if you trying to go away on your date, you can try 6 Ways on How To End Date in the First Date in a Proper Way.

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