26 Ways to Breakup But Still Be Friends with Your Ex

Last updated on April 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Everyone who is in a relationship wishing things to be going well for them and that their relationship could last long. But the longer you have been in a relationship, the more you know about each other. This could lead onto two things: you fall deeper in love each other or you find that you are no match at all. In the end, breakup is the best choice. But breakup itself is different one to another. Someone has a rough breakup, and another one has a smooth breakup that they could still be friends with their ex. If you prefer the latter, here are the useful ways to breakup but still be friends with your ex:

  1. Have a Reasonable Breakup. Don't make the breakup so sudden. You must have the Reasons Why You Should Break Up with Your Boyfriend and thinking about it thoroughly before saying it to them.
  2. Do It Right. The good Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend without Hurting Her Feeling is by meeting her and talk about it face to face, no matter how hard it seems.
  3. Take All the Blame. Don't ever put all the blame to your ex. Instead, tell them that you are the one to blame. This way they will be sympathetic to you and it's easier to stay friends.
  4. Be Honest. Tell them fair and square all the reasons why you want to breakup. They will demand a honest and logical reasons, so keeping them in the dark only lead to misunderstanding.
  5. Don't Say Bad Things. Left a good impression during the breakup process. Don't talk about bad things about them and how they are at fault upon the breakup.
  6. Don't Hurt Their Feeling. Avoid saying things like "I don't love you" or "I feel no longer comfortable around you". Instead, say things like, "We better off this way" or "I think we better be friends".
  7. Understand Their Position. They might be flustered when you do the Ways to Break Up with Your Boyfriend Over the Phone, so make sure they know you understand their feeling, and fairly accepting if they going to hate you.
  8. Get Ready for Their Wrath. As you are the one who initiate the breakup, they might be angry to you for good reasons. Respond them nicely and never get angry back at them no matter what.
  9. Don't Block Them. First thing everyone used to do after breakup is cutting all the contacts with their ex. As you want to remain friends with the, keep the communication open and welcome them anytime they call you.
  10. Don't Date Anyone So Fast. You know that there are no sincerity in you if you do that, right? Who in the world would believe your intention while in fact you find someone so fast right after the breakup.
  11. Let Them Cope Up with Their Emotion. There is no way they would be friends with you right after the breakup. They will need some time to heal themselves, and let tit be.
  12. Call Them Friends. Set up your mind and don't call them your ex anymore. Address them as friend in front of everyone.

Why You Should Stay as Friends with Your Ex

As there are many Reasons Why You Should Not Be Friends with Your Ex, doesn't mean you have to stay away form them. If you want to, here are the reasons why you should stay friends with them:

  1. They are still special for some reasons, and that is why you fell for them. Those things won't be easily disappear.
  2. You can't get over their humor. They might be lacking in some ways, but you can't forget the days you used to laugh together.
  3. Well, they hold your darkest secrets and it could be dangerous if they spill it over.
  4. You have fallen not only for them, but also their family. Their warmth and love is something you could never let go, and you wish them to stay the same.
  5. They could be your best friends, as they know you so well from the time you dated. If things work out, they can even be your best dating adviser.
  6. Even though you have now broke up, you still have the memories to be cherished. Imagine the day you laugh at those time together as friends.
  7. You used to care about each other, and it will be the same after you are not together anymore. They will always stand by you.
  8. You don't have to explain anything to your new lover, as the fact that you have become friends with you ex means you have gotten over them completely.
  9. There's no need to make your ex your enemies. Now that you have mature enough, it's better to settle everything in a good way.
  10. No need to feel the awkwardness when you meet your ex again. So that if you accidentally bump onto them, it's no big deal for you.
  11. Ending the relationship in a good way taught you a great experience for your future relationship. Now you know how to manage things well.
  12. No need to delete all of their picture on your Instagram. Maybe you should do it when you see someone again.
  13. You may have shared ups and downs together, and they are the one who become your life witness.
  14. You feel like you know them so well and you have no insecurities in trusting them.

So those are the ways to breakup but still be friends with your ex. Remember that you can only become friends if your ex want the same thing as well. But if they seem to be want to get completely over you, then you should also do the Ways to Get Over a Relationship After Break Up and move on.

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