Why Doesn’t My Ex-Girlfriend Seem to Care about The Way I Feel After She Broke Up with Me?

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Why doesn’t my ex-girlfriend seem to care about the way I feel after she broke up with me? Does this mean that you still care about her by having this kind of thoughts? Well, maybe you still do but she doesn't.

There are so many possible reasons that can cause her not to check up on you. Here are some.

  • She is completely done with you

She is simply done with you. She doesn't even think to approach you and the fact that you hear nothing from her is because she doesn't want to hear from you too. There are so many reasons why she is done with you, and maybe you are the only one who knows why.

The relationship that you had with her is over. And there must be a strong reason why she doesn't want to go back with you. So, maybe you need to throw away the thoughts of should I contact my ex girlfriend after she broke up with me.

  • She wants to help you to move on

Not every person will go back together with their ex after their relationship ended. And the reason is that they know that the relationship won't work in any way. You might be the one who is really stubborn compared to your ex, that's why she is trying to make a distance from you in order to help you to move on.

You might also want to know how to know your ex girlfriend has moved on someone else or as simple as moving on from you. There is nothing that you can expect once she already has shown the signs that he doesn't have any interest to you.

  • You are responsible for your own emotional state

To make sure that your thoughts of her not wanting you back, you will need to know how do you know your ex girlfriend doesn’t want you back. After you feel certain of it, think again about your own thoughts of thinking why she doesn't care about you or what you feel.

Whether she cares or not about you, she is not your girlfriend anymore. And your emotional state is your own responsibility. You shouldn't expect other people to keep you happy because it is very personal.

Best ways to move on from an ex

You are the one who knows the best possible reason, why doesn’t my ex-girlfriend seem to care about the way I feel after she broke up with me.

Aside from whatever you two had in the past when you both were in a relationship. It's time to move on. Especially when you know that it is impossible to be together again. Here are some tips to help.

  • Cut off any communication ways to her

You need to force yourself to make a distance to your ex-girlfriend. The more you have access to her the harder it is to let her go. Stop thinking how long should you wait to call your ex girlfriend. Start doing.

Cut off any communication ways to her permanently. You thought that she will look after you, turns out this only become an expectation and not a reality. You certainly don't understand her that much.

  • Do not fake your feelings

It is normal to find out how to know your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you. Especially if you are the one who still cares about her no matter what she feels about you. Yes, it does really hurt knowing that someone you love doesn't want to be together again.

You don't need to fake your feelings about what you feel to her. You can't fake it anyways. Feel the emotion, you are allowed to cry. But, you need to remember that you cannot force love.

  • Practice self-love

Lastly, you need to practice self-love. Start it with knowing how to cheer yourself up after a bad breakup with your lover. By focusing on yourself you will let go of the bad vibes that make you feel sad.

This will also allow you to grow better as a person. Practice self-love and you will attract someone who loves you as much as you love yourself. Win-win solution? It is, but it will take a lot of hard work during the process.

Why doesn’t my ex-girlfriend seem to care about the way I feel after she broke up with me? Stop thinking the thoughts of it and start practicing self-love.

The expectation that you put on other people will only hurt. But, by feeling complete and happy only by yourself, will make you the happiest person.

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