How to Know Your Ex Girlfriend Has Moved on Someone Else

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So you’ve been thinking a lot of your ex girlfriend lately. Out of curiosity, you want to know if she’s found someone else. But you’re not entirely sure how to do that. We got your back, here’s how to know your ex girlfriend has moved on someone else. Prepare yourself as you may feel some unexpected emotions once you find out.

1. Seems Happy

Happiness is the first sign on how to know your ex has moved on someone else. Does she look happier when she’s without you? If she is then she has probably found someone else in her life. People tend to be very happy once they’re in a new relationship. Especially during the honeymoon period. If this doesn't bother you then it's one of the signs you are ready for a new relationship as well.

2. Doesn’t Bother to Contact You

You and your ex keeps in contact every now and then. Things look normal but out of nowhere, she stops. She rarely responds to your texts or your calls. Even if she does, it’s hours or days later.

The thing is that she’s busy with something or someone else so she can’t really spend her time with you. Other than that, she probably doesn’t see any reason to contact you anymore.

3. Lets You Know She’s with Someone Else

This is a more direct way of knowing when your ex has truly moved on. She will flat out says it to you. There are numerous reasons on why she would choose to do it this way. But one of them would be not give you any hope that the of you can ever be together again. Another reason would be to indirectly ask you to limit your interaction with her and understand her situation.

4. You Friends Talk about It

How to know your ex girlfriend has moved on someone else? Sometimes the best way to know is through your friends. Ask them if they heard anything about your ex. Honest friends will tell you the truth. Maybe your friends know about it from someone else or they saw your ex out with her new boyfriend. Keep digging for the details if you want to know more. But you can also tell your friends to inform you whenever they have new information.

5. Uploads Pictures with Her New Beau

Living in the digital age has its upside like this one, it’s how you know your ex has moved on someone else. She will most likely uploads romantic pictures with her new beau in any of her social medias.

According to a study, couple pictures mean that you want to show the world how happy and loved you are at the moment. If it bothers you, here are the ways to get over a relationship break up that you can do to ease the hurt.

6. Doesn’t Flirt with You

It’s not rare when an ex flirts with you. It could be serious or it could just be a simple teasing. But when your ex girlfriend doesn’t do it at all then she has no interest in you at all. After all, she’s with someone else now and she can flirt with him all day if she wants to. 

7. Stays Friendly

Your ex girlfriend may choose to stay friendly with you. It could be a reflection of her friendly personality or she may also feel bad a little for you. Despite all that, her friendliness acts as a barrier. It’s her way to let you know that she has someone else in mind and you’re not that person.

8. Offers to Find You a Girlfriend

In some cases, an ex girlfriend doesn’t mind to help you find someone else. In fact, she may ask you if you’re interested in one of her friends. Having a new girl to date is how to move on from a relationship when you are still in love. If she acts very unbothered about this whole thing, then there’s a huge chance that she’s already involved with someone else herself.

9. Has a Ring on Her Finger

When you happen to meet your ex girlfriend, observe her fingers. Is she wearing a ring on her ring finger? Because if she is, then she’s probably engaged. You can ask her immediately about it if you have the guts to do so.

10. News of Her Getting Married

The last thing on how to know your ex has moved on someone else is related to marriage. Did you suddenly get the news about her getting married soon? Most of the times, this may come as a shock but this is how you know for sure that she’s with someone new and very much found her true love.

What to Do When Your Ex Has Moved On

Knowing that your ex girlfriend has moved on can be an unpleasant thing to experience. But here are some ways to deal with it: 

1. Accept It

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The sooner you accept the fact that she’s moved on, the sooner you can get over it. Can you fall in love again with the same person all over again? Maybe but you need to acknowledge that you might not be the one for her.

2. Occupy Yourself

Fill your time with lots of activities so you can move on easier. Travel to distant places, meet new people or try out new hobbies. You may find your soulmate this way.

3. Let Things Go

Don’t trap yourself thinking about the past with your ex. You need to let go of any mistakes and the what ifs. The relationship just didn’t work and nothing can change that. Try out these ways to forget your ex forever.

4. Wish Her Good Things

Wishing her good things can give you a sense of relief. When you can be happy for her for finding her true love then you can also find your own peace.

5. Surround Yourself with Love from Friends and Family

Nothing beats having a good time with your loved ones. Remember that you are not alone and there are still people who cares about you.

Remember even if your ex girlfriend has moved on with someone else, you are allowed to do the same thing. Don’t be so hard on yourself because life is so short.

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