Things You Need to Know Before You Go with Him for Travel

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While you date someone, the picture of traveling with him seems magnificent. Imagine witnessing all those beautiful scenery together would be an unforgettable moment for both of you. But do you know that someone's true color appear when they travel? It's not a presumption but it's a fact. Going together with your boyfriend somewhere would either makes your relationship stronger or fall it apart.

You will really know who he is within the few days of traveling. The same goes for you too. Your boyfriend will be able to see the true you when you go travel together. Traveling with boyfriend is nice, but you will find many obstacles in between. See also How to Make Him Miss You in Long Distance Relationship

Whether it's about the travel expenses, getting lost on the road, flight delays, or you're just too much of each other company all the time that straining the relationship. On the other side, going with your boyfriend to travel is necessary, especially when you're about to get married. You don't want to be surprised the halfway after making the vow. Chances are the more difficult the destination, the more his real self will appear.

Right after going with him, the honeymoon phase in your relationship will be over. What's next is reality after reality, that he might be not the one you imagine he was or he is way much better that you have ever known.

So here are the things you need to know before you go with him for traveling.

1. Study His Personality

Have you date for a while or just starting the relationship? Whatever it is, you should be thoroughly studying your boyfriend's personality (at least from what he's shown these whole time). Is the on the patient side or he always be rushy in everything? It gives you a big picture of how would he behave during the trip.

2. Get the Money Ready

This is really crucial. The money you have to travel sets a lot of other things: your destination, your lodging, your transportation, and your food. As you travel together, you can either joining the money or keeping it separately on your own. You can also split certain bills such as lodging and food, but you keep the rest separated simply because you have different travel style.

3. Set a Destination that Suits You Both

Two people going on a trip, each surely has different thing in mind. Let's say that you want to go to Europe but he wants to go to Japan instead. Set the destination where neither of you will be sulky the whole trip. Also, you should consider what kind of trip both of you want. If he wants to relax and chill, don't overbook him with tons of activities. You can go on your own instead. See also How to Make Your Boyfriend Not Take You for Granted

4. Be Tolerant During the Trip

There will be many unpredictable things happen during the trip when you go with boyfriend. Take turns in using the bathroom in the morning, set the same hours to go to sleep and wake up even when you have different sleep cycle. Compromise as much as you can to make sure both of your needs are meet. You can't bring your daily habit in traveling. If you use to stay late at night and wake up in the afternoon, you're going to miss many of the good things you can do early.

5. Get Lost on Your Own

Traveling together doesn't mean you have to stick with each other all the time. It's fun to do some activities that you enjoy together, but when one of you feel forced to go somewhere, it could be a disaster. If you want to see artwork at the museum while your boyfriend hates those kind of activities so much, let him do whatever he wants while you enjoy yourself on your own. When you see each other again at the end of the day, there will be many stories to be exchanged. See also Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World

6. You'll Soon Know Each Other's Trigger

Another things you need to know before you go with him for travel is soon you will know every little of his trigger. And it's the same for you too. He gets mad when he's hungry that he turns into the most annoying person in the world. He has to eat at least three times a day. While you can't walk more than a miles away and your childish side appears when you are tired.

7. Share Your Expectation

You don't want him or you to be disappointed during the trip because to something he didn't expect. So it's important to have a talk about expectation before you go. Discuss about what kind of activities he'd like, what kind of lodging he wants to stay in, and how much money he'd like to spend for the trip. If everything has been sets, it reduces the stress that might appear. Both of you will unknowingly holding yourself back since you have talk about everything in detail before. See also Things You Should Always Do When You Breakup with Someone

8. Prepare for the Worst Side of Each Other

When you go travel, the possibility of something going outside your expectation is higher than having everything goes as you planned. But this is a good way for you to know how he handle the stress (and you too). He will show his true color: whether he is impatient, flexible, or rude. One simple thing is when you arrive at the destination before the check in time at your lodging. Bringing heavy bag with him, he will either making a scene there or suggesting to go somewhere instead.

So those are all the things you need to know before you go with him for travel. When you are planning to go for a vacation or road trip together, don't just imagine about all the happy moments. Chances are, you will be experiencing a lot of bad moment as well, which you never expect. The good point is, you know whether he fake himself all these time or not.

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