28 Lovely Ways Scorpio Man Shows Love To You

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When a Scorpio loves someone, he would act like a little kid who has just getting his most favorite toy in the world. He set his eyes only for her and his determination is sometimes scary. Even in the middle of the crowd, he only has his eyes for you. His intensity in love is one of the Reasons Why You Need a Scorpio in Your Life.

Scorpio is quite hard to fall in love, because that is How Zodiac Signs Act in a Relationship for them. It make you curious, for sure, of what are the ways Scorpio man shows love, so that you won' misunderstood about his kindness to you all these times. Okay, so what are the sure ways Scorpio shows love to you? Let's check them out.


1. He Brings You To His Family

he brings you to his family

If you ask a Scorpio man, what is the most important thing in his life, he will said it is his family. So that if he brings you to meet his family, it's a sure Signs a Scorpio Wants a Relationship with you, and it's the serious one. Whether it's for casual dinner or that he takes you to attend a family's wedding, it's enough to prove he does love you.

2. He Shares His Deepest Concern To You

Given a very private mature, it;s not common for a Scorpio to share his secret with other. But then he feels like he can trust you so he doesn't mind to share some of his secret. It's very much like he has entrust his heart to you. If this happen, make sure you are trustworthy.

3. He Shows It Through Physical Contacts

A very, very passionate person Scorpio man is. He won't hold it back when he loves somebody. He will show it through the physical contacts. There will a lot of hugs and kisses everyday with a Scorpio. He said he is not romantic when he actually is.

4. He Is Jealous

Here comes the king of jealousy! If a Scorpio feel jealous to you, take it as a blessing because he won't be jealous unless he does love you. Even the smallest thing could make his jealous, for example when he sees you smiling or laughing with your male friend. He hates it.

5. He Spends His Money For You

he spends his money for you

Yes, he is extravagant. A Scorpio man always goes all out for everything. Since it takes time for him to give his love to you, once he did, other things follow. You have to be really grateful that he is willing to spend his money to you.

6. He Gives You All Of His Attention

Not only the material things, he will shower you with affection as well. You may have known all the Reasons Why Cancers are the Best Lover, but they don't make a Scorpio less than it. The ways a Scorpio shows love is by making you the center of his universe.

7. He Calls And Texts You A Lot

So this is the real act about what the attention all about. Even though he is a man, he is the type that like to call and text a girl many times a day. You don't need to wonder about his whereabouts, since he will tell you before you ask.

How To Love A Scorpio Man

When a Scorpio man loves you, he gives his all by loving you deeply and passionately. And in return, you have to know the best ways to love a Scorpio man, or else you will see the Signs a Scorpio Man is Not Interested in you anymore.

  1. Be sincere and passionate when you love him.
  2. Treat every single moment with him as the most special moment.
  3. Let him lead the relationship.
  4. Let him be the one who decide where to eat, since he is the boss.
  5. Be loyal to him because a Scorpio is the king of jealous.
  6. Show your determination in the relationship, so that he won't be doubting your loyalty to him.
  7. Be a little bit mysterious, but not being dishonest to him. You need to hide some things until the very end for him to find the out himself.
  8. Respond to all of his physical affection.
  9. As a man with many dreams, make sure you are supportive as a lover.
  10. Praise him for every little things that he has done. 

Scorpio Man Characteristic

scorpio man characteristic

Here are some of traits of a Scorpio you should really know:

  1. He has an extreme mood swings. Just keep up with this one.
  2. His emotion can change drastically every ten minutes, especially when he is vulnerable.
  3. He is not a multi tasker. He can only focus on one thing at one time.
  4. He won't rushing to make a new relationship. In fact, he takes time longer than anyone.
  5. He is careful when it comes to love. It's not easy to trust his love to other person.
  6. A Scorpio man in tough and strong on the outside, but he is really fragile in the inside. Handel him with care.

How To Be The Best Lover For A Scorpio

If you want your relationship with a Scorpio to last long, you need to know the best way to be his lover.

  1. Don't play with his feeling. Be sincere by showing you truly love him.
  2. Be honest all the time. It's what he values the most.
  3. Stand up for yourself and be confident .
  4. Don't play games with his feeling or emotion. It's not his thing.
  5. He will be possessive as a lover and you better not keep up with it all times. Be rebellious when it's necessary.

There are many ways a Scorpio shows love, right? If you find most of signs in a Scorpio man around you, well, you are the one of the luckiest girl alive.

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