28 Ultimate Reasons Why Cancers Are The Best Lovers

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Dreaming of getting someone like a prince charming? Cancers the lovers, they will do it for you. These are the 28 reasons why Cancers are the best lovers. Let's check these and finds it out.

1. A good listener

Whatever complaints you say, Cancer will always be faithful to hear your confide. Yup, he is a good listener and he will always lock your every secret.

2. Loving

Mother is the person that he loves the most. This Cancer loving attitude may have existed from birth. If he loves his mother, what about you?

3. Commitment

If Cancer has said yes and promised he will always keep it. His commitment can be justified. Really he's a real man.

4. A supporter of you

Is your mood again down? Do you give up because you've lost something? Cancer will definitely support you. There is no longer the best supporter than him.

5. Romantic

His attention and affection made he is being a romantic figure. Cancer is a prince charming in the real world. Get ready, you will get surprising attention from him.

6. The person you that you deserve to believe

No matter how secret you are, Cancer will always take good care of it. They are also like Scorpio who has always been a trusted person among family, friends, and lover.

7. His feeling is very sensitive

A loving person must have a sensitive heart. This sensitivity is what makes him the lovers among the other zodiacs.


The signs of Cancers begin to have a crush on you

The positive aura of a Cancer indeed makes other zodiacs feel interested. Their goodness and affections are the things that make some zodiacs fall in love with him. Below here are the signs of Cancers start to have a crush on you.

1. Jealousy

If you see him angry because you get a message from another man, it's a sign he is jealous. With his jealousy, sometimes Cancer can become a stalker without you knowing it.

2. Help with as they please

"Can you help me?" With a sprightly Cancer will surely reach out if you need a help. Cancer, he is a person that always handy.

3. Always take care of you whenever you go

Do you need a bodyguard? Cancer can take care of you wherever you go. He will always be faithful to accompany you wherever you want to go. 

4. He is a romantic guy

Does he often send sweet words through messages? This is a sign that he is starting to have a crush on you. The sweet words that come out of Cancer will make your heart melting.

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5. Treat you very well

Once Cancer starts having a crush on you, he will treat you as well like a princess and keep you all day with the loyalty. Wow, really Cancer is the truth man.

6. Whatever you do he will always support you

Your true fan, Cancer will always support you whatever you want to do. Look at it, surely he will be at always the forefront to support you. Also read: Ways to Know If Girl Likes You

7. Close to your family or sister

The last sign, if he starts to approach your parents or even your sister means he wants more than just friends to you. Maybe with this intention, he will propose you as quick as possible. Just wait. 

The Zodiac that will match with the Cancers

What are zodiacs that match to the Cancers? Cancer is a zodiac that has a very sensitive heart like Scorpio. Just a little you hurt him, he will feel disappointed and will turn away forever. Below here are some zodiacs that match with Cancer.

1. Cancer

Cancer fellow Cancer you two are very harmonious. Despite the same sensitivity, you are more appreciative of each other.

2. Pisces

Pisces and Cancer both share the same dream. If one falls one of you will save it. Wow, it's really romantic. Also read: How Zodiac Signs Act in a Relationship

3. Scorpio

Perhaps this is what is called true love. Cancer, when paired with Scorpio, the will admire each other. They also easily understand each other's feelings. Advice, avoid conflict if you want to continue this relationship.

4. Virgo

One word for this both pairs is balanced. Virgo can balance the sensitive side of Cancer and help Cancer to feel secure. Mutual trust in a partner is the key to success in this relationship.

Love Tips to appeal the heart of Cancers

Cancer, they will always coddle her lover. However, because Cancer has a sensitive heart you must know how is the right way to appeal his heart before you are dating with him.

1. Pay attention to your words when talking to him

Make sure you talk to Cancer with a stable emotion. If you speak with high emotion, he will turn away from you because it's hurting him.

2. Respect him

The reasons why cancers are the best lovers - Respect for his every opinion, do not cut off the conversation with him. If there is a problem with him please discuss it carefully. Also read: Ways to Make a Cancer Man Fall in LoveYou

3. Be as attractive as possible

In his eyes, Cancer really liked the look of a clean and attractive. Wear a dress, his eyes will always upon right at you.

4. Do not act like a baby

Cancer is very fond of independent women, it's worth the character, a hard worker. So, if you continue to behave like a baby who usually just demands it. Cancer will never glance at you.

5. Approach his family, especially the mother

Would you mind stealing Cancers attention? Simply, approach her mom and talk to her or you can go shopping with her. This is the most powerful tip for getting cancer, which is sensitive.

6. They like motherly women

An independent, loving and patient woman are hopes of Cancer. He really craves the mother figure in her lover. Cancer is very fond of his mother. 

7. Say a little humor

Is not there an interesting topic of conversation? Just tell him a little humor. Besides he is the best lovers, he also has a good sense of humor. This is very helpful to raise the Cancer mood that is down.

8. Give him an attention

It would not be fair if he keeps paying attention to us. We should also do the same to balanced it.

9. Calm his heart during his bad mood

Now, Cancer in a bad mood, what should we do? Calm and encourage his heart. In here, you should try to be a role like a mother figure here.

10. Be gentle

This last tip is the most important, as long as you are near Cancer. You should behave gently, like a mother to his child.

Hopefully, with the 28 reasons why cancers are the best lovers can inspire all buddies who want to get and face these Cancers the lovers. Good Luck.

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