26 Hurtful Signs a Scorpio Man is Not Interested Anymore

by Michelle Devani

Are you worried that a Scorpio man is not interested in you as he used to be?

Do you fear that your relationship with him is coming to a close?

This is the guide for you, if so.

It features 26 signs that a Scorpio man has lost interest in you. More importantly, it features proven formulas for winning him back. 

Before we explore this advice though, it’s important for you to read the following sentences with great care.

The key to saving a relationship with a disinterested man is to figure out why he’s not interested any more. 

Has he met someone else? Is he overwhelmed with work? Is something else stressing him out?

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Read on for the clearest signs that he has lost interest in you.

Love is something we need to fight for to make it work. You have to give all of your sincerity and honesty, so that your partner would do the same for you. Just like how you feel with your Scorpio man. You love him so much and wish that things can work well with him. However, there comes time when you see see some signs that your Scorpio man is not interested anymore. It's not impossible in a relationship for a party to lose their interest to another. Take a deeper look at the real signs below:

1. He is showing rude behavior

Scorpio is gentle to his lover. He treats her in a most romantic and tender way possible. But when he has lost his interest, just like a venomous Scorpion, he stings. Beware of the rude behavior like speaking in a high tone and the use of harsh words.

2. He became cold towards you

As if things can't be any worse, he become very, very cold towards you to the point you don't think you're exist for him. His behavior toward you is colder than ice, answering your question in one short word and nothing more. Things are going to get worse as he lose his interest towards you more and more.

3. He is no longer passionate to you

He is no longer passionate to you

As he is not interested in you anymore, all the passions he used to have has also gone. Maybe he thinks he slowly seeing the Signs I'm Wasting My Time with Her. At this point, you should reflect on yourself, too.

4. Your gut feeling sense his lie

Woman has always this feeling whenever her man is lying to her. Not once or twice, you sensed that somehow he's lying to you. Probably from his body language, or he making excuse of something impossible for him to do.

5. He takes time to reply your text

He takes longer and even longer to reply for your text. We all know men doesn't bother to reply text directly, but, is it normal to always take that long time every time you text him? Something smells fishy right here.

6. He rejects your calls

What can be worse than him ignoring your text for hours? Rejecting your calls. Yup, even if it's not you, rejecting calls considered something rude. But he doesn't seem to hesitate to do it. He does it all the time instead.

7. In the end, they cut all the contacts with you

If he has been taking forever to reply your text and missing your calls like for one million times, it's only about time until he cuts all the communication with you. When it comes to love, Scorpion is rather coward. But it's undoubtedly the Signs He is Falling Out of Love with You.

8. He takes revenge on you

Does Scorpio man hold grudges? Yes, he is. If on the past you have done a mistake such as cheating or flirting with other guys, he would likely take revenge on you. He may say he forgive you but he definitely won't forget about it.

9. He distances himself from you

He distances himself from you

When he doesn't feel comfortable around you anymore, he will look for comfort somewhere else. Which makes him more and more distant from you. He never runs out of excuses to avoid you, like hanging out with his friends or spending the night working overtime. Excuses are excuses.

More Signs He is No Longer Interested

Just like any other man, a Scorpion also shows some of these general signs a Scorpio man is not interested anymore.

  1. He always making excuse for his late reply and all the calls he missed all these time.
  2. He doesn't take you to meet his family, and if you have, he no longer involve you in his family affair anymore.
  3. He is more interested in spending his time with his friends instead of you.
  4. There is no you in his future plans. Either it's wedding, children, or vacation for the next weekend.
  5. He hesitates in all kind of things. He can make sure or define his own decision. It's the Reasons Why Scorpios are Hard to Understand.
  6. This particular woman's name keep popping out between his talks recently. Very much showing the Characteristics of a Scorpio in Love.
  7. He prepares many reasons as to why he needs to end things with you. Whether it's his career, educations, or life has been very exhausted for him.
  8. Your relationship become less passionate as there are no more physcial contacts.
  9. You start to feel the changes in him.
  10. No longer romantic romantic dates just the two of you.

How to Have Him Back

So you don't want to lose him just like that and you decide that you will find Ways to Get a Scorpio Man Back. Just take it easy, here are what you can do to steal his heart back:

  1. Enjoy your life like nothing has happened, and make sure he notice that.
  2. Improve yourself and be someone smarter and more intelligent. That's the most interesting part in a woman, for a Scorpio.
  3. Do some change in your look.
  4. Don't make it too obvious for him. You really have to play smart.
  5. Don't bother him for the time being. Just let him live his own life.
  6. Hang out with your mutual friends. Show them how much you have changed and let the news spread on him.
  7. Show him what he's missing. Be prettier, be more mature, bring out the best of you.

Nobody want to see all the hurtful signs a Scorpio man is not interested anymore. However, if you really think that Scorpion is the best lover you ever have, do some effort to win him back. You have to fight what you think you deserve, but make sure that he is worth it.

Michelle Devani
My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.