If He Takes Hours to Text Back Should I Do the Same? Think Wisely

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It has become some natural laws that girls love to text so much and guys don’t think so. When us girls starting up the morning by sending good morning text to him, apparently he is not in his full sense yet, let alone texting you back. For some couple, this different behavior in texting may cause them to fight.

Girls take the text exchanging habit as a form of care and attention while guys think it’s bothersome to always reply whatever we sent, and we demand it right away. Girls will stay uneasy and, in some extent, panic before their message got replied. A lot of things must be occupying girls’ mind whenever their guys doesn’t text back right away. And most of them are not the positive ones.

His text arrived hours after, and sometimes it’s disappointing. Rather than giving respon to what we sent earlier, it’s kind of notification and apologize that we received, explaining what takes him so long. This incident often makes girls think to do the same, delaying the answer to his text on purpose.

But does it really necessary? I mean, if he takes hours to text back should I do the same? Before putting on such act, a lot of things must be considered.

If He Takes Hours to Text Back Should I Do the Same?

You might need these tips to answer you question and doubt, if he takes hours to text back should I do the same? They will be very helpful.

  1. See Whether It’s Urgent or Not

For once or twice, surely you want to do the same simply because you want him to know how it feels. But know the situation. If it’s not that urgent, such as good morning or good night text, you can take as long as you want to text back. But the text said he needs your help, it will be inapproapriate.

  1. He Probably Didn’t Do It On Purpose

Well, he is not a jobless person who always on his phone all the time. So you shouldn’t wish him to give you a quick response all the time. One of the good reasons Why Don’t Guys Text Back Right Away is that he is in the middle of doing something important: work, appointment, meeting, or finishing assignments.

  1. It Will be an Endless Cycle

If you always delaying to text him back and so does he, then when all of this gonna stop? You will never get to have a proper conversation and waste the time to know each other better.

  1. What Will He Think About You?

If you always purposely text him back after hours, he may think you are not reliable and makes him think twice to date you. One of the Signs She is a Girlfriend Material for a guy is that he can always count on her, especially during the bad times.

  1. Do Not Complain About It

You may complain if replying late is his habit, but if he rarely do it, you shouldn’t. It can cause a fight between you to and could be a big turnoff for him. it’s a simple matter actually.

  1. Don’t Write About It On Social Media

There are always good Reasons Why You Should Quit Social Media, it’s a avoid sharing about sensitive things like how you upset to someone who takes hours to reply messages. Be more understanding, maybe he’s too busy so that he can’t always stand by on his phone. In fact, it’s not something proper to be shared publicly.

  1. Don’t Bother Him Any Further

It’s a bad habit to bombards anyone with tons of messages. If he doesn’t text you back for like, one hour two, don’t keep sending him messages since it’s very burdensome. If you were him, you’ll be annoyed too right?

Why You Shouldn’t Complain Over How Long He Text You Back

Complaining to him and take revenge because he takes hours to text you back is unnecessary. Instead of goodness, it makes you relationship with him become worse. And here are why…

  1. It’s a Childish Act

Yes, it’s childish to be upset and complaining just because he doesn’t text you back right away. As a gorwn-ups, you must understand that someone won’t bother to check their phone, let alone texting back, when they’re too busy. They will do when they’re on a break or less busy. So does he.

  1. You Have Your Own Business Too

Instead to waiting him to text back, do your own business. It’s ridiculous if what you’ve done all day is texting with him and get upset when he doesn’t ext back immediately. Don’t you want to live your life too? Don’t make him the center of your like. Ever.

  1. Focus on What Makes You Happy

Indeed, you get upset when he takes hours to text back. But, you know, don’t let it set the mood for the day. You need to be happy for your own sake. So if texting him makes you upset, stop doing it. Let him trext you first. Instead, focus on finding the ways How to Lead a Happy and Peaceful Life in a Simple Way.

  1. Try to be More Independent

Don’t be too clingy and needy to a man. It would make them think you’re an easy woman. Be independent and make an achievement in your life. Your happiness shouldn’t have to be defined by anything.

  1. Nobody Should Define Your Mood

Who is him that he is capable of driving your mood? Don’t let him be. Take control of yourself because there are actually many Reasons Why You Don’t Need Boyfriend to be Happy. Since happiness lies inside you and you can take it out anytime. Just don’t it overshadowed by someone else’s presence.