What To Do When Scorpio Man Goes Quiet Around You For No Particular Reasons?

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by Michelle Devani

People say that woman usually need to rant all the way, telling stories a lot that some men would then feel annoyed. While man, being the opposite, tend to say less words than a woman does. This is normal, and everyone understand this pretty much. Even if there are also guys who love talking, and girls who are very quiet.

However, even if a guy usually is quiet by nature, it's not usual for a man to goes very quiet when he's with the one he loves. What to do when Scorpio man goes quiet, then? Figuring out what to do when your boyfriend only talks about himself is quite hard already, but so does trying to deal with his quietness.

You need to know first, why is he being quiet to then know what should you do to him. Here are few things you could do when he's being quiet all of sudden:


1. Ask Him How's His Day Going

ask him how's his day going

When a Scorpio man goes quiet, you need to do this one thing, for the very least. Asking him how's his day. This is a very simple question, but you'll be amused by how much differences it makes.

If the reason why he's being quiet is because he has something in mind, then you'll help him to open up to you. At least if that's not the case, you'll get to know how’s his day going.

When he has problems that he wants to share, he will open up to you in the end. This is also the best answer to what to do when your boyfriend ignores you for 3 days. Saying how's your day going will be the most natural way to open up a conversation again, even after a fight, or even when you guys are wondering about how to keep a conversation going with a girl on Instagram.

2. Don't Push Him To The Edge

Sometimes as a girl, we tend to push him so that he would end up getting annoyed instead of opening up. A Scorpio man tends to take time for him to feel comfortable and trust someone.

When you’re blaming, accusing, pushing him then he wouldn't be very happy with that. It won’t solve anything, instead, everything might become worse. No matter how tired and frustrated you are when he's being quiet, you need to be patience. That's what to do when Scorpio man goes quiet.

3. Take Care Of Him

He might be quiet because he's tired, frustrated with life affairs, and even because of he's sick. When these are the reasons why he’s being quiet, then of course you should be taking a good care of him.

He'll love it when he knows you care enough to pamper and soothe him when he's not a good condition, both mentally and physically. Taking care of someone might be tiring at times, but when you do so he'll definitely appreciate that and will do the same to you.

Have no ideas about how could you take care of him properly? Try to figure out what to say when your boyfriend is tired from work would help a lot.

4. Do Things That He Loves

do things that he loves

When he's tired, depressed, or simply not in the mood, then you can take him to do his hobbies and passion. Do favorite things together and have a great time when you're with him.

He'll be having a good time and feel better even if sometimes  he didn't say it out loud. What should i do if i still have feelings for my ex and want them back? The thing is, this way could even work for this, not just for your Scorpio man.

5. Nothing, Just Be Who You Are

We know that there are also Scorpio man who are simply quiet by nature. When he's quiet, he might just simply being who he is. If this is the case, you need to worry about absolutely nothing. You just gotta be yourself and love him unconditionally like you always have.

As time goes by, he'll slowly become more talkative when he's around you. Even if it takes time, he'll still open up in the end if he really finds you trustworthy.

Dating a Scorpio man might seem complicated and different at times. He might tend to be reserved, quiet, and mysterious at first. This might confuse you, but as time goes by he'll grow more on you and when that time comes, he'll truly cherish and love you with passion.

No one can love like a Scorpion does, someone says that. So, what to do when scorpio man goes quiet? It will always depends on the reasons why he’s being like that.

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