How To Deal With A Scorpio Man When He Becomes Distant (13 Tested Ways)

Last updated on June 4, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Has the special Scorpio in your life become distant? 

Are you worried that he’s slipping away from you? 

Are you looking for ideas to win his attention back? 

If you are, this is absolutely the best article you could be reading. 

It features nine expert ideas for what to do in this situation. 

But before we get into those, I need you to read the following sentences very carefully. 

When a man pulls away from a woman he was once interested in, there’s always a reason. Scorpios are particularly unlikely to engage in mood swings without explanation.

It’s perfectly reasonable to fear that there’s another woman on the scene.

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With that said, here are nine tried-and-tested ideas for what to do when a Scorpio man is acting distant.


About Scorpio Men

Scorpio men are tough cookies to crack open, so learning how to deal with a Scorpio man when he becomes distant can be very difficult

You first need to understand what Scorpio men are like. Next, you need to determine how the average Scorpio male acts in a relationship. After that, you can take a look at why your Scorpio guy is acting so distant from you. 

With a Scorpio man, you want to make sure you aren’t rushing judgment because they hate that! In fact, that’s one of the worst things you can do, so be certain that he’s actually behaving in a “distant” manner before accusing him of something! 

We’ll go over all of that in this article so that you can be best prepared when and if your man is backing off for some crazy reason!

What Is A Scorpio Man Like?

Scorpio men are born between October 23 and November 21. They are passionate creatures who love to communicate. When they get into something, they really go for it. 

For example, if a Scorpio starts loving art, that may very easily become his new passion in life. They are very loyal, dedicated to what they love, and stuck in their ways; they can be quite stubborn!

What is a Scorpio Man Like?

Also, Scorpio men are quite adventurous; they enjoy getting into trouble every now and then, but if you have one as your boyfriend, you don’t have to worry about him straying. 

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Scorpios are loyal and committed to the girls they love. Since they are protectors, they wouldn’t dream of hurting you on purpose - at least that’s what the signs tell us! A distant one is quite odd!

What Is A Scorpio Man Like In A Relationship?

In a relationship, you have chosen a winner if you have a Scorpio on your arm. It’s important to understand what he’s like in a relationship if you are to solve any problems you may be having.

The best thing about a Scorpio man is that he is loyal and dedicated when in a relationship. He wants to commit to you completely unless he’s ready to move on to the next person. 

One great thing about Scorpios is that they will protect you at all costs. Since he is big on commitment, he’ll either completely commit to you, or he’s just done. He’s an all-or-nothing guy. 

Being a water sign, Scorpios are intense, secretive, sensual, emotional, deep, and can be vengeful at times. That’s quite a mix of characteristics! They almost contradict each other!

Since he’s intense and intimate, you need to know that your Scorpio man wants to get to know the real you, not the fake you that you put forth in front of others. He can be a bit insecure, meaning he doesn’t let people in easily because he’s fearful of judgment. Because of this, you should be very careful when judging his thoughts, opinions, or interests. He’s a little sensitive.

How To Deal With A Distant Scorpio Man

How To Deal With A Distant Scorpio Man

1. Ask him what’s wrong

Sometimes, you need to just be honest with a Scorpio man, asking him if there is something that is bothering him. Be straightforward and try to get to the bottom of the issue. It may have to do with work or his family; you won’t know until you ask him! Just tell him you’ve noticed something has changed and are wondering what you can do!

2. Talk about your feelings for him

Scorpio men like talking and expressing themselves because they are intimate creatures. If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, you probably already know that. It’s time for you to express your feelings for him. Tell him how much you love, care, and miss him when you aren’t together. Express yourself; show your humanity a little bit. Open up.

3. Ask him what he needs

If you already know your man well enough, you can just make sure his needs are being met. If he stops communicating and you don’t know why tell him you have sensed something is off and want to know what’s going on. Let him know that you don’t like this side of him and would like to understand how you can help because you see he’s upset.

4. Be sensitive to his feelings

If you are able to get your man to talk, be sure to let him tell you what’s going on without mocking, being sarcastic, or joking around while he talks. No one wants to be made fun of when they are telling another person their feelings. Don’t judge him for what he has to say; just be there, and let him do all the talking.

5. Be empathetic

The best thing you can do is to recognize his feelings and try to put yourself in his shoes. How can you best relate to what he’s going through? What do you think he’s feeling? Be very understanding of his feelings and needs - without judgment! Think about how you would want to be treated if you were in his shoes.

6. Have a one-on-one feelings session with him

Since Scorpio men love intimacy, having a feelings tournament may be the best thing for the two of you. Just open up and explain how this distance is making you feel. Tell secrets and get closer to each other again. Tell him a story from your childhood. 

7. Take him on a romantic vacation

Take him on a romantic vacation

This is kind of a wild idea, but since Scorpios love to go all-in, it might just work wonders! Plan an awesome get-a-way where you can both enjoy the time you spend together. This could work miracles in your relationship. 

8. Find ways to get closer to him

You need to get him back in your corner if he isn’t already there. To do this, you may have to get creative. Ask him to play a good old-fashioned game of truth or dare. Have a crazy make-out session where your bodies practically unite. Plan a very romantic date or cook him a candlelit dinner so that the two of you can spend quality time together.

9. Make love to him

I think you should make love to him like it’s your first time. Really bare your soul to him, and I bet that he will feel such a connection with you, he’ll forget the reasons that were making him distant. He’ll remember all the reasons he fell in love with you in the first place.

10. Give him time to chill out

Sometimes, guys just need time to sort their things out. However, don’t give him too much time! If he quits talking to you completely and you know he’s okay (he’s on social media or you’ve checked in with a friend or family member), you might want to go ahead and end things because he’s not acting fair to you by acting like this.

11. Don’t be paranoid

On the other side of things, make certain you aren’t acting needy and paranoid. Is he actually working late, or does he have family commitments that you know about but are choosing to ignore? Is he going through some personal issues that you forgot about? Don’t be controlling with your demands for attention.

12. Remind him why he fell in love with you

This is a great way to get things back on track. Why did he tell you he fell for you in the first place? Remind him of that by doing what he loves so much! If he loves your baby voice, bring it back out and be super cute with him! Get creative as you get to the bottom of this issue.

13. Give him the space he needs

Does he maybe just need a little breathing room? Certainly, give it to him if he needs it. If you are his girlfriend, he’s probably shared something with you, so you know what’s going on. 

On the other hand, if you feel completely ignored and know he’s doing fine (social media or a family member told you), you may want to talk to him about this!

When You Should End The Relationship

When You Should End The Relationship

There is a time when enough is enough with distance. If he’s dropped off the face of the planet and quit coming around or communicating with you, you may want to call it quits after about three days of this behavior. You don’t deserve to be completely ignored, especially if you know he’s okay. Be sure to check with someone to see if he’s alright; then, end it over voicemail.

After all, you can’t get him to pick up the phone and be honest with you as to why he’s behaving like this. What choice do you really have? 

If he decides to come crawling back, you can decide if he’s worth the trouble after that behavior or not. However, if he’s quit taking your calls, emails, social media requests, texts, and so on, and you know he’s there, you can do better!


How does a Scorpio man react when you ignore him?

Since a Scorpio man is big into intimacy and commitment, ignoring this guy in a relationship will not go over well. You need to decide if you are ready to stay in the relationship or not. If you aren’t, go ahead and take a bow and leave! Don’t play games!

How do you know when a Scorpio man is no longer interested in you?

Typically, a Scorpio man will tell you if he is no longer interested in you or if he’s found someone else. Since he is committed to relationships, he isn’t likely to hurt you on purpose. He’s more likely to dump you and then start dating other people rather than cheating.

Why do Scorpios pull away?

A Scorpio man might pull away if he thinks you are no longer interested in him. Since they are all-or-nothing creatures, they tend to pull away fast if they aren’t into you anymore. They wouldn’t want to purposefully lead you on if they’ve lost interest.

What are Scorpio men attracted to?

Since Scorpios are intimate creatures, they want people who enjoy communicating their feelings and expressing their emotions in a real and honest way. They also want someone who is just as committed to relationships as they are, someone who values loyalty.

How do I get my Scorpio man's attention back?

If you’ve lost your Scorpio man, you may not be able to get him to come back. Since they are all-or-nothing creatures, they tend to really commit to the person they are passionate about. You should be honest about your feelings for him and that you want him back.

To Sum Things Up…

Have things gone downhill with your Scorpio? Has he become distant? Which of the above suggestions are you going to try, or what will you do next?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Please comment, and don’t forget to share this post with someone!

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  1. I am married going throught divorce and my scorpio date has a girlfriend. We both aware of our situation. We were going out for two months and we had the greatest time together...!
    As I went to my most vulberable divorce moment, though that the best decision was to turn the page with everything including my scorpio man. Just to find out two weeks later that really missed him.
    Contacted him and explained my situation and even that he came around, nothing is the same. He is distance, not as lovely, he used to texted me and call me during the day, invite me out... everything has changed. Will he ever come around? I do not like this man that he is now, I loved his old version. If he cannot be the same, not sure I want this

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