How to Deal with A Scorpio Man When He Becomes Distant?

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Having a relationship with a Scorpio man can be quite tremulous. Scorpio men, the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, screams trouble. They are what you seek if you’re keen on a drama-filled relationship. Scorpio men are notorious for being passionate and at the same time, painful to deal with.

You have to know the signs when a Scorpio likes you.

It takes a special and strong woman to tame a Scorpio. If your love interest is born with this sign, there’s no better way than up your game, when it comes to navigate the relationship. Scorpion will shower you with passion, but you also have the ability to stand the pain. You gotta know hoe to keep them in line.

Becoming distant is one of his trademark behavior. You’ll once again ask yourself, what is going on in his mind? No worries, this guide will help you on how to deal with a Scorpio man when he becomes distant.

Give them the much-needed space

Scorpio is mysterious and reserved. They don’t like being around people at all times, even if it’s you, his romantic interest.

Once in a while, he needs to go away and spend time alone with nothing but himself. When this happens, it’s better to leave him alone. He needs that space, you give it. If nothing, it will make him more attracted to you, since you respect his needs.

After a while, giving him space will make him miss you more. You know when a Scorpio man miss you when he does this.

Make sure they’re not jealous

The drama-bound relationship with a Scorpio will have a jealousy problem at one point. There’s this new guy at your company, and your Scorpio boyfriend begins asking questions about him.

He asks you when will you go home for work. He sulks and gives you the silent treatment. Scorpio tends to distrust and suspicion. When this happens, explain to him that there’s no guy in your life currently but him.

Understand that he might be busy

The good thing about Scorpio is that they are ambitious and focused. When it comes to working, there’s a chance that he gets carried away and temporarily forgets you.

No worries though, as long as is for another girl, it’s actually admirable to see a guy being hard-working. All you need to do is understand and support him.

Approach first

If your Scorpio man is still a crush and he’s been silent whenever you guys being in the same room, he might be shy. It’s one of the reasons why a Scorpio is not calling you first.

Yes, Scorpio is shy. If you’re not patient enough waiting for him to make a move, you can approach it first. Shy guys often appreciate it if the girl makes the first move.

Be patient

A Scorpio takes his time to open up to you. So be patient and try to get to know him at a slower pace. Don’t pester him about things he’s not quite ready to share with you.

If you’ve been nagging him for the sake of getting to know him deeper, he will likely be distant. Deep down, they’re scared if you’re being too eager.

Be the opposite of dumb

Scorpio can’t stand stupid people. No matter how pretty you are, if you can’t handle conversation more than celebrity gossips, he will consider you unattractive. Scorpio is smart people.

And they like insightful, meaningful, and thought-provoking conversations. Be the kind of girl with whom he’s going to spend hours talking about various topics.

Do not try to control their life

Scorpio is independent and self-reliant. It’s important to respect his individuality. One of the things they hate the most is being told what to do. If you’re a nagging girlfriend, reconsider your attitude. He’ll sick of it and becomes distant.

You need to trust your Scorpio man. When he needs your input, he’ll ask for advice. Until then, better let him he has his own way of doing things.

Stick to your word

Scorpio doesn’t like it when you don’t do what you said you will do. So, be honest, be on time on a date, and do not be a hypocrite. If he senses that you are not trustworthy, he will run away from you.

Don’t fall into their drama

Some Scorpio wear drama up to his sleeve. A Scorpio will try to make you jealous, for example.  He wants to have a conflict because otherwise, the relationship is boring.

He gave you the silent treatment, ignore you, and become distant for no particular reason.

That’s why the last bit of advice here is simply calling him out of this behavior.

Tell him you’re not falling for it. And he’s not willing to change his attitude, tell him there are a lot of guys out there that’s worth more of your time. For more details, read how to stop a Scorpio from playing games with you.