Why Does My Scorpio Man Keep Coming Back, Refuse Him Politely

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When you dating a man and he then never let you go, there should be a question on why does my Scorpio man keep coming back. This could be happen even when you already looking on how to break up with someone without hurting them in the end or want to end the relationship with him. In one side, it is a compliment to have someone really interesting with you. But, in other side, it also quite annoying if you don't feel you want to keep your relationship with him. Therefore, to get to know on why does my Scorpio man keep coming back, it is suggested to check below reasons and get some nice tips too.


Reason Why Does My Scorpio Man Keep Coming Back

1. You Are Attractive

you are attractive

There is no other reason than why scorpio women are attractive for Scorpio man. Anything you've done with him and any of your act is make him interesting with you. Whether your gesture, your attitude, your talent, your hobby, anything. That is why he feel that you are perfect and suitable for him. Therefore, he wouldn't miss any chance to keep coming back to you until he win your heart.

2. Your Character Match His Wish

A man will absolutely fall in love with a good characters. Therefore, if he thinks your character is match with his wish, then he must be crush on you and wouldn't let you go. Since not many woman can have a good attitude and characters. Hence, finding a good one is such a treasure for him.

3. Looking For Affection

He might be looking for affection for so long and finally he get it from you. This will make him feeling close and want to have a more serious relationship with you. Therefore, if you think he is only friend to you, stop giving him attention he needs. But, if you like him to and want to have a better relationship in the future, then it will be perfect to try on how to get your crush's attention without being obvious at him and keep giving him the affection he needs.

4. Curiosity

Some man might only feel curious with you whether he can chase and get your heart or not. Therefore, if you facing this kind of man, just let the time run and wait for the result. If he is not serious, at some point he will stop to coming to you. Or if he find other woman more interesting, then he will slowly forget you and chase another woman. But, make sure that you don't have any intend to make relationship with him.

5. Feeling Intimate

If you hook up with Scorpio man, then he will absolutely feeling the intimacy of your relationship. This can be the reason why he feels close to you and then keep coming back to you again. Therefore, always thinking twice before doing something intimate with a man. Some man might will forget it and act usual or go without any feeling. But Scorpio man will feel sensitive about it and thinking to have you in a serious relationship with him.

Tips To Make Your Scorpio Man Stop Coming Back

tips to make your scorpio man stop coming back

There are several things to do if you think you want to over your relationship with a Scorpio man. Remember, that basically Scorpio man is a little moody and has sensitive feelings. Therefore, try not to make him feel offense by following below tips.

  • Have a chance, such as dining together, and tell him slowly that you need time to break up. Remember the things you should always do when you break up with someone. Ask him to leave you and tell that you don't want to get disturbed anymore.
  • Introduce him to a new girl that you think suitable for him. This might distract him and make him thinking twice before coming back again with you.
  • Get your new life if possible. If the man struggle enough to keep being with you, then moving to other place might will help you stay far from him. Refuse to meet him politely and tell that you want this all over.
  • Have a relationship with other man. This might will make him away from you slowly. Since, it will slowly remind him that you don't have that special feeling to him.

Those are some reasons and tips on why does my Scorpio man keep coming back. It is important to define exactly what you want and knows on how to tell if a guy wants a relationship or just hook up. Hanging the matter will never solve the problems. Therefore, the best is to convince your mate and talk to him if you want this to be over or still on. Otherwise, he might will taking chance to fix his mistake and hope that he can come back with you.

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