Why Does Being in Love Makes You Sick? Here are the Explanations

Last updated on April 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Forget about all the bliss and happiness. Everyone who have ever been falling in love will agree that love is more than just those two. Love has bad sides too. Sometime it can makes us fall sick. Have you ever heard someone who is sick when they fall in love? Or maybe you have been there too? Probably you are wondering why does being in love makes you sick.

There are good explanations for it, because if you think that love will make you completely happy, you are wrong. Love changes your body, inside and outside. It reacts base on how you feel. Here’s the explanation why does being in love makes you sick.

  1. You Constantly Nervous

You will experience never ending nervousness when you fall in love. According to experts, it makes you have queasy stomach all the time, just like when you’re about to go up on stage or having job interview. Also read Signs You Are Falling in Love with Someone

You have too many butterflies in your stomach that never die. It usually happen in the early stage of falling in love or in a relationship. Being in love triggers your brain to release stress hormones, that’s why you feel like you want to throw up.

  1. You Face Too Many Uncertainty

This also happen when you’re newly fall in love. Too many uncertainty that suddenly appear in your mind. What if they don’t love me back? Are they a good person? Am I fall in love with the right one?

  1. You Become Sleepless at Night

It’s hard to feel sleepy when you’re in love, either for good or bad things. When you’re happy, you have so much energies that you can stay up all night just by looking at your partner’s eyes. You’re high all the time but it makes your body tired at the same time. Also read How to Make Your Boyfriend Deeply Fall in Love with You

If you’re having fight or things turn out the way you don’t expect it to be, you have another sleepless night to find. This is worse since it may causes you stress and depressed. Losing a good night’s sleep is bad for your body. You gain weight easily and your blood pressure will rise.

  1. You Have a Sudden Anxiety Attack

Yes, it’s true. Another point on why does being in love makes you sick is because you have a sudden anxiety attack. This has been proved by researchers from Rutgers University, that people who fall in love has an area in their brain to lit up like crazy. And it linked to fear.

Being in love put you in a manic state which makes you anxious naturally and you tend to make impulsive decisions in this situation.

  1. You Become Sick When They Don’t Love You Back

Do you know the worst part of being in love? When that person doesn’t reciprocate your feeling. One-sided love hurts more than anything. You become crazy when you have to accept the reality and deal with the situation all alone. Also read Ways to Forget One Sided Love

  1. You are Suffering from Lovesick

When you’re trying to recover from your one-sided love, you will experienced lovesick. You’re longing to be with them. Even though you have tried your best not to, it’s something that won’t happen overnight. You have to get through the roughest way to find peace.

  1. Too Much Fantasying Makes You Sick

There are many kinds of lovesick that make sense why does being in love makes you sick. If you have imaginations of you and them being together and madly in love, then you’re having a lovesick. It creates an illusion to your own brain about something impossible that could be probable. It may be a positive optimism, but it still makes you sick all the way.

  1. All the Bad Things Affect Your Body

Your mental state affected your body. If you’re happy, you become healthy. If you’re stressed, your body will get sick. Say that you’re madly in love and your relationship is going well. But at times where conflict arise and fights are unavoidable, your body develop certain disorder due what you feel. Anger, pain, and sadness make your body sick too. Also read Signs of A Bad Relationship with Your Boyfriend

  1. You Fall in a Bad Love

Love is good, people are bad. When you have love the bad way, it is because you are falling in love with the wrong person. The way they behave and treat you badly cause your body to suffer as well. You become less happy, you lose appetite because you’re not happy, and the domino effects goes on.

  1. You are Addicted to Them, in a Bad Way

Love is addictive. Even if you’re in a bad relationship, all the conflicts are addicting you. When you’re trying to recover from a breakup, you’re being addicted too. You feel endless grief, longing, shame, anger, and guilt that appear in the aftermath of a blissful relationship. Also read How to Make Him Go Crazy in Love with You

  1. You are Neglected by the One You Love

Infidelity is the next big cause to make you sick when you’re in love. The warmth you feel when you’re with them has gone somewhere because they apparently find peace in other’s arms. This is a red sign for everyone, either you are dating or married.

Although the blame is on them for being a bad partner, you can’t help but thinking what’s wrong with you? They neglect you and you fall into unfamiliar situation. Your body and mind trying to adjust to the situation.

Now that you’ve got explanations on why does being in love makes you sick, you have to love yourself even more. Remember that you’re the one in disadvantage, you’re the one who feel the pain, and you’re the one who struggle. You always deserve better person.

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