Reasons Not To Text Your Ex Right After A Breakup

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Nobody ever wish to breakup with their lover. But many people have to experience a painful breakup before they finally find the right one for them. Some people have it really hard that they are not sure they can get through the breakup safely. But there's always rainbow after the storm, so all that you have to do is being strong and move on.


Reasons Not To Text Your Ex Right After A Breakup

The most important thing to do is not reaching out to your ex after you breakup with the. But it also the hardest part, since it takes time for you to get a grip of reality that you are no longer an item. You have to remember all the reasons why you should never get back with your ex to prevent you from doing such a stupid thing.

Every time you are tempted to text or call them, some of these things may help you get back to your consciousness.

1. The Relationship Was Bad

Among the characteristic of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship surely you know where your relationship stood. The fact that you broke up with them means you had a bad relationship that make you want to break free from them at some point. Post breakup phase is hard but don't let it messing around with you made up mind. Once you reach out to him, you are voluntarily drown yourself into the same water.

2. Don't Give Them Any Satisfaction

don't give them any satisfaction

Imagine the smug, satisfy look on their face when they read your text. It makes the think you need them more than they do and they can take out a lot of advantage for it. Always remember the worst thing he's ever done to you and you don't want to give that kind a person a feeling of victory.

3. Wait For The Day You Get Over Them

It won't be long and before you know it, you have gotten over them. Thinking of the joyful moment when you finally win the fight and reborn as the new you. You'll be amazed and grateful that you're not trying to text them out of sadness. You can live your life the way you want since there are many reasons why you don't need boyfriend to be happy.

4. No Such Thing As Closure

Breakup is a closure itself. If you text your ex, saying that you look for closure only indicated that you are not getting over him. In fact, you wish that the breakup is only a dream and you are actually still together. It's over. Don't look for such official word as a green light for you to move one. You may suffer but it won't last forever.

5. Let Them Have His Illusion About You

You are not the only one going through a hard time, they too. Think about it like an fight between you two and whoever text first is the loser. Make them want you more by disappearing as soon as you breakup with them. They're dying thinking about what you're up to all the time and texting them totally destroy the grande illusion.

6. You Deserve So Much More

Hey, you are the best version of yourself and why you have to kneel down for someone who take you for granted? You shouldn't let yourself being treated like an option and even worse give them chance to treat you so. Once you notice the signs of a bad boyfriend material, you should really rethink about the relationship. Now that you have broken with them, you can find the genuine love in other places. You deserve it much more.

7. Avoid The Disappointment

You have to love yourself and treasure it. You don't have to go low and texting your ex only to get disappointment because their reply is not like how you want it to be. It's the reasons not to text your ex right after breakup. They may respond it in a bad way to you, which make you sadder and more desperate than before.

8. You Must Not Let Your Hope Gets High

Honestly, you have a high hope by texting your ex. Wishing that them, too, are still not getting over you. Imagine what will you get when turns out they have it really easy. Their life goes back to normal like the breakup was nothing. Keep this in mind all the time.

9. They Also Need Time To Recover

they also need time to recover

The first post breakup thing everyone should do is the same: cut off any contact with your ex. They probably in the middle of doing it and that's why he won't answer you your text no matter what. They even block your number to prevent such thing. Do the same.

10. You Only Make Yourself Their Safety Bumper

Texting your ex after breakup is much to your disadvantage. After that, they will be taking you for granted seeing how easy you are kneeling yourself down in front of them. They only take you as their safety bumper that always be there no matter what.

11. You Have To Move On

What else? You have to move on. Texting your ex as soon as you break up with them clearly not the best ways to forget your ex. Instead, you have to completely delete his trace in your life and pretend like he never exists. Nobody say it was easy but it really worth it. You never know what lies ahead.

Make all the reasons not to text your ex right after a break up as a constant reminder every time your fingers are itchy to send them one. Remember that it will do no good for you, especially when you had a bad relationship with them. There must be a good reason why you and him are separated. All you have to do is be patient and wait for the miracle to unveil itself.

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