How to Ask a Guy to Get Tested for STDs? (Useful Tips)

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Sex is included in the routine of modern dating. Even though some people are still conservative enough and refuse to have sex before marriage, most of them don’t mind. While it’s nice to have sex with your boyfriend or get hooked up with someone you just met, you have to consider the health issue. It’s not safe to have sex without making sure that the guy doesn’t have any STD.

It remains a sensitive issue as someone might get offended when you ask him whether he has ever done STDs test and asking him to take one. If you are about to have sex with your boyfriend and you’re hesitating because you don’t know if he’s “healthy” or not, you must want to know the ways how to ask a guy to get tested for STDs.

Don’t be afraid because sex involves two people and it shouldn’t be anything dangerous to both.

  1. Set the Boundaries on Sex

If you think condoms are safe, you’re wrong. There’s no guarantee that you won’t get infected by your sex partner’s disease just by using it. In fact, there are many virus such HPV that can be spread through skin to skin contact. Also read Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together Before Marriage

To make sure of your safety, hold yourself a bit to have sex. If you are someone who is deeply concern to sexual health, find a person who can keep up with your requirements. It’s okay to walk away from someone who doesn’t respect your will.

  1. Find the Best Time to Talk

Timing is everything. Before you ask him for real, make sure you are talking at the right time. Don’t talk about it during sex, definitely. Bring it on casual conversation like that time when you start open up about each other, getting to know better in dislikes, dreams, and fantasies. Topics about sexual health comes out naturally during that time.

  1. Frame the Question in a Good Way

The reason why you are hesitating to ask him for STDs test is because you don’t want to offend him. Pick your words carefully by saying that sexual health is important, by stating and showing the results of your test. Also read What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want to Sleep With You Anymore

Make sure that he knows it’s for the health of both of you and that you are on the same page of the relationship. If he is seriously committed to you, he would likely do as you wish. Use the word “we” rather than “you” and “I” to build the sense of togetherness.

  1. Stay Calm While You Talk

You’re not the one who is attempting your boyfriend to get tested. Millions people outside are having it, and a lot of them are in a relationship, too. As you’re not the one that deal with this, deal with a positive attitude. It has nothing to do with personality, it’s purely for health concern.

  1. Do Prior Research on STDs

People would likely feel offended upon hearing their partner wants them to take an STDs test. Which makes you find it hard how to ask a guy to get tested for STDs. Build up your knowledge before the confrontation so you can scientifically convince him to do the test. Also read How to Know When a Girl is Into You

  1. Tell Him It’s Hard for You Too

There both of you in a relationship. Everything that affect you two must be discussed together. Having sex is one of them. If your man really want to take you to the bed, it’s okay to talk about sexual health with him. Neither of you want to get affected by some serious diseases.

Tell him that it’s hard for you to ask him to take the test, but you want to make sure that sex is safe between both of you. Ensure him that everything is better once the test has taken.

  1. Make Sure You’re Not Judging Him

Be careful with your words when you talk to a guy about an STDs test. Don’t make it sounded like you’re judging his sexual history or accusing him like a sex maniac. Communicate your intention in the right way that the reason you want him to get tested is only for sexual health, not that you think he’s “dirty”. Also read Things to Consider Before Sleeping with a Virgin Girl

  1. It’s Better to Get Tested Together

To make him more assured to take the test, offer to do it together. Thus, he would believe that the STDs test is for the sake of both of you. If you’re talking about sexual health you will voluntarily offer yourself to take the test together with him.

  1. Don’t Take It Like a Joke

Sexual health is a sensitive issue so that you have to take it seriously. Never tell your partner that STDs test if for “fun” or out of curiosity. You have to put all your concern and thought in this since it strongly related to your own health. Many STDs cases even result in death. Also read Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You

  1. Get Ready for Whatever the Result

Asking him to get tested for STDs means you have to be ready for whatever the result. Early STD infection doesn’t show any significant symptoms, but it can be discovered through the test. It’s a big relief if the result is negative.

But what if it’s positive? Don’t be afraid or start to have negative thoughts filling your mind. Stay calm and tell your partner you will stay by his side through the medication process. After all, you’re committed in a relationship with him because of his personality. STDs can be cured if it’s detected early.

  1. Don’t Get Pressured If He Refuse

Once again, not everyone willing to take an STDs test no matter persuasive you are. If your boyfriend insisted on not taking it, don’t get angry or pressured to do sexual activity with him. You can either stay with him or walk away. End of story.

It’s normal if you don’t know how to ask a guy to get tested for STDs. It’s a sensitive issue that not everyone can talk about with a cold head.

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